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  1. Check you havent got anything else rewriting below that level which is not IPS related that may be interfering with it on those 2 sites.
  2. Have a read of what Matt wrote just above your post there. As mentioned, they are not the same and not really updates at the same time. The last visited is updated when the session times out or someone logs in, which in this case was 1 hour ago
  3. Its not something we are likely to add within version 4, as the editor itself is changing in version 5, and you can do this already in that version 😉
  4. You would need to contact the author of that application. Classifieds is a 3rd party application
  5. There are various 3rd party sites around such as invisioneer and invision essentials. You might be best to take a look in the provider directory here https://invisioncommunity.com/third-party/providers-directory/
  6. There is no live chat function within the platform at the present time. It may be worth reaching out to the 3rd party community, as I believe there are some 3rd party solutions around for this purpose
  7. You would need to contact paypal to find out whey this is the case, as the error is what is being returned from the API
  8. You'd be best to contact your hosting company to ask why its not supporting the headers in the first instance
  9. Im not sure what exactly it is you are requesting here. Why wouldnt you just add these to disallowed links?
  10. Are you using any 3rd party modifications there? If so, please disable these and try again. If you are then still having issues, please could you PM me a zip with some files you are trying and let me know where I can upload those to. It may be worth setting up a category for testing so Im not messing with your main gallery
  11. You appear to have something stopping admin access. Please remove that temporarily while we take a look
  12. I have tagged our developers on this in case any further comment is needed. But generally unless you are developing for the product yourself, these arent things you would worry about. We update things during upgrades all the time that are outdated or changed on other environments 🙂
  13. Check your storage methods to see if those are being stored in the same location as other uploads
  14. Open the stream, click on stream options in the top right, select 'remove stream' 🙂
  15. You cant see the similar content block, because the similar content block is already on that page in the top right. Its not showing anyhing, because there is nothing it deems to be similar
  16. Please disable 2 factor authentication, or add question & answers, adding these to your client area, so we can log in temporarly
  17. I would need to know which site, so I can take a look for you. If its not already on the page then it should be available.
  18. If its only happening to yourself, I would suggest contacting your email host on this, as its very likely they are blocking your emails
  19. That sounds simply like its cache that you are seeing, nothing more really. I would need to know the user
  20. Courses are really build around members doing the course and being marked as having completed it, so they havent really been built for use by guests
  21. I would need more information on this in order to take a look
  22. Looks like there was an issue on one of the nodes somewhere, which has been resolved and we're monitoring
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