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  1. This is not something built into the platform, no. You would be best to ask them what they are using for this purpose
  2. As mentioned, please provide an example user who is atempting this, and example topic. Feel fee to PM them if needed, and I can add hidden here for other colleagues looking
  3. Of course if the above doesnt correct the issue, please update details as mentioned by my colleague
  4. This is simply something that hasnt come up since its inception, and I feel is a little mischaracterised there. If you follow an item, then it will indeed show you have followed an item and when. This has always been a feature of the platform. However when anonymous posting was introduced, this has of course led to people working out who 'may' be the person who posted, by seeing who followed. I have to say though, Im not sure why you believe we would incorporate another authors code into ours? The issue reported has been added to our bug tracker, as we are of course aware that could be an issue for some, but leaping to "Please add someone elses code" is quite a leap.
  5. You dont appear to be letting us know what you mean by "The processes" here
  6. THat would indeed be the link. What issue are you having when its visited?
  7. One is for innodb tables, so its likely just the line you added that would help you if you have all innodb tables (you should have)
  8. The user however is managing to do so, and we are struggling to replicate. We are therefore getting as much information as possible to see if we can get some replication steps to fix said bug.
  9. Go to the license section of your admin CP and refresh the license data. This is due to the issue I mentioned in your message to me
  10. Have you run any patches showing within the support area of your admin CP? Also, when you say "some processes are just hanging" please could you clarify what exactly you are seeing?
  11. The issue you are having there is because of that bottom item (not using UTF8MB4). Correct that, and it will correct your issue. It being default will not change what tables and columns are already using You would use the "Fix this" button provided in your screenshot above for the UTF8MB4 item. It then will give you the tools for this. The INNODB item does indeed need to be addressed on the tables manually by you or your host
  12. Of course, ensure you do a full backup of your existing site, and do this offline. So if you have any issues you can always roll it back
  13. As mentioned in the other topic you responded to, please visit the support area of your admin CP and see if there are any patches waiting to be applied there
  14. This was already patched on the release itself. Please go to your support area in the admin CP and check if its showing optional patches in that area. If so, please apply those.
  15. There are a few reasons we don't allow this. One of course, as you pointed out, is because it's a paid function of the platform (creating a topic), however we also have people responding who are simply outdated in knowledge as their software is not up to date, people trying to respond to others tickets to point out they have the same issue as another person and trying to gain support that way etc. So realistically, while I can certainly see your point there, its unlikely we would change that as this point.
  16. That would actually switch it off everywhere I believe. Have you tested this on a default unaltered theme? Also, have you cleared cache once switched off to test this?
  17. Check what ipad they are using. My suspicion here is that they are using quite an old device which simply isnt compatible with the platform
  18. Please update all access details on file, and we can take a look to see if we can see what is going on to point you in the right direction. However this can only really be something on the server end, as it's the only thing changed
  19. Ive tagged our developers on this to see if anything has changed here
  20. Sorry for the delay on this one. I wanted to ensure we got to the bottom of exactly what does and should happen on these. We have taken a look at this, and this is indeed working as intended at present. If there is a window open in which has you site on it, then it will use that window to show the item from the notification when clicked. So you would be best to post a suggestion within our feedback area if you wish to see this change
  21. Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention! I can confirm this should be further reviewed and I have logged an internal bug report for our development team to investigate and address as necessary, in a future maintenance release.
  22. They are always saved, so you would not be able to change the functionality to suit that specific need. As mentioned above, the originals are used when you change the parameters in some manner of how you want to show them on the front end, as a source in which to rebuild from.
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