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  1. Please feel free to post up within the feedback area what you would like to see in that area
  2. Do you have anything showing up within the support area of your ACP as needing addressing? I would advise on checking this first of all.
  3. You would want to use profile completion, and set a profile completion section up as required instead. So instead of forcing it on registration, you would instead be forcing it on login if its not populated. They cant do anything else at all without filling in that field
  4. There isnt really enough information for me to advise on this. I would need to know who they are being sent to, and an example of what has been notified for example.
  5. There isnt anything to do this specifically, but you could do some creative use of commerce as mentioned. There isnt really any way around it without some form of manual intervention though. In all honesty, I would enforce the management of this on the owners of the organisation to remove people from there, in the same manner as they would remove them from anything else within their organisation
  6. Please could you clarify what you mean here? I ask as search itself would not look at items since last visit, but would actually look for things on your site as a whole. Are you referring to a stream perhaps?
  7. You can actually log in as any member, so technically you could. You would just need to log in as them, and then change their followed items accordingly on the front end, as you would if you were logged in yourself
  8. A live topic, is just the live topic itself. The video is from a feed of your choosing, and the 'live topic' elements surround it. That may be a YouTube link, or indeed something like Zoom. In fact we use Zoom ourselves when we do out own live topics. In terms of cloud, we can transfer your site in its entirety, and we can indeed transfer over your brand removal if you have purchased that. The self-hosted license itself you wouldn't actually need on cloud, so it would just been your branding removal. If moving to cloud is something you are interested in getting started with, let us know and I can create you a ticket to get you on your way with that.
  9. There isnt a way in which to change this action. Search will always be by what the system deems to be the most relevant to the search criteria entered
  10. The account on file does not have full unrestricted admin access. Please ensure this is set up. We cannot assist without this
  11. This is a suggestion for change you are making. "If" this is added in a future release, you would see this within the release notes. There is no guarantee suggestions will be added of course.
  12. It is however an addition regardless of how its seen. It currently doesnt exist, and could do with adding 🙂 I completely understand why you want it, Im just adding it in the correct place for it to be seen 🙂
  13. I have moved this to our feedback area for you, as it's not a bug as such, but more something you would like to have added.
  14. An announcement would probably be the way to go, as mentioned. If you set an area not to have permission to see the category, they indeed wont be able to see anything at all in the category
  15. We have a bug report open for this to take a look at
  16. It would certainly suggest so. I can only say to let us know if you see it happen again at this point
  17. We will show more on pages once we are in a position to do this. But of course we believe the design has been improved on. After all, why would we develop it otherwise 🙂 Im not sure what you mean here. We have never supported 3rd party items. If you mean can 3rd party developers develop for the platform still, then yes. In fact we have had blogs out showing how to do so. And you will 🙂
  18. You would need to look again. You have a 3rd party application named "Components" which is showing as having an update
  19. I would need an example so we can take a look at this for you
  20. This was fixed back in 4.7.7. So if you are having issues and below that version, you would need to upgrade.
  21. You would have been better to upgrade your site, than downgrade your connection
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