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  1. This is added in .15 but it isn't working properly. As you're ordering it by record_time DESC, I have to upload them in reverse order if I want to keep them in a specific order. All the files have the same record_time (1704826851) so it doesn't make any sense to order by time. record_id ASC would be more appropriate.
  2. You should add in the Changes affecting third-party developers and designers the new parameter in the \IPS\Node\Model::setLastComment(). This is breaking/locking the apps and crashing the whole board install and requires the immediate attention of the developer.
  3. The way to fix this is display the lang bit key and compare it with the English. You’ll see your translation isn’t right.
  4. You may have missed it but Brandon left IPS a year ago or so.
  5. You need to add a hook to \IPS\core\modules\front\system\register::buildRegistrationForm(), make your validation and then you can "save" the data via the memberSync extension. public static function buildRegistrationForm( $postBeforeRegister = NULL ) { $form = parent::buildRegistrationForm( $postBeforeRegister ); //add your fields return $form; }
  6. There's a topic somewhere here on IPS with a manual query. I tried to find but I couldn't... try it. Keyword: view_sigs.
  7. Nope, you'll have to run a query in your database or hire someone to make a quick app to loop through your member's table and change the value. Let me know if you want me to make it for you.
  8. Add the group or members as Moderators in the ACP.
  9. Not sure what you mean with header but this is an example: {{if member.member_id}}I'm a user{{else}}I'm a guest{{endif}}
  10. Oh, he is CiC; I didn't pay attention to that. Good to know it can be handled by a constant. 👍
  11. Not tested but you can change it in your install if you're self-hosted by editing the init.php file: $guestTimeout = 900;
  12. … and if you also want to new members follow specific forums/topics, you can use this: https://www.sosinvision.com.br/index.php?/file/50-auto-follow-content/
  13. The profile is visible and accessible to anyone. You’ll have to edit their profile to remove the information you judge spam.
  14. Having mine right now so I’m still a bit lucid.
  15. New topics and replies are disabled in Marketplace forum for a while now.
  16. Call it Marketplace seems out of place now too: It should revert the languages bit. Also 1: Sell on the Marketplace on https://invisioncommunity.com/developers 2: Marketplace Submission Guidelines still available: https://invisioncommunity.com/developers/submission-guidelines/
  17. Disable Post Before Registering. Permit guests to reply in the forum. Make sure replies are moderated in the forum. The guest will see: When approved:
  18. If you want to see its content, you should use print or echo instead of return. Return will work on a method/function.
  19. <?php return \IPS\Theme::i()->settings['my_theme_setting_enabled_or_not']; Do not attribute the value.
  20. I don't think so: New topic: The user has to click in ADD TAGS and then select the tag. I think the user meant that the tag should already be "selected" when creating a new topic, like this:
  21. That's what I said here: You can restrict 99,9% of your ACP to a specific group or member and leave only the permission you need:
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