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(NB40) Ads After X Posts

newbie LAC

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Does it support user groups ? 

Want an annoying bar shown every 10 posts to guests who are not logged in. (If yes, this is perfect :-)

BTW, An idea; instead of defining the positions (10,20,30,40,50...) it would be nice if it was possible to just define: "Every XX posts"

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On 23.10.2015, 21:17:43, Kjell Iver Johansen said:

I really like this simple plugin. Works like a charm. :)

I would like the same functionality as "Ads after X Topics" - in forum view. Wouldn't that be nice? Maybe as a standalone -plugin?


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6 hours ago, Joey_M said:

Actually, I seem to be having issues with the pagination - If I click to view the next page, it sometimes just constantly spins 'loading'. I didn't experience this whilst I was at home but I haven't really had time to fully test things.


Give me the link on problem page

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Would you please add the ability to have separate ads per the amount you show after x.

I'd appreciate if you could add this ability also to the 'after x topics'. Basically if you enable 3 - the hook provides us the option to select either the same ad unit code or to choose which ad unit it pulls. If someone pays to have a banner placed or a different contextual ads company - having the ability to choose grants us more power however what we show. If some use adsense and another company, it will allow it to be possible.

If people have it setup to enable private 'insite' ads via banners it would be possible to avoid the same one showing.

I hope this makes sense. This would be a life saver for me :)

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