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  1. Hej Claus

    Der opstår en mærkelig fejl i ACP når jeg bruger oversættelsen. Når jeg prøver at lave en kategori i databaser kan den ikke gemmes, og Forum-fanen er helt hen i vejret og viser "Overblik" (Dashboard).

    Fejlen forsvinder igen, når jeg deaktiverer dansk som sprog.

    VH Mads

  2. Weather One

    Stopped working recently, or more correctly the rest of the site stopped working correctly due to unsafe scripts in this app. After shutting down Weather on my site everything works again. Hoping for an update, as I really like this app and would like to use it again. Other from (fatal) script error a nice app :-)
  3. Links Directory

  4. Links Directory

    Hi, upgraded from older version, getting this error on front end when trying to view it Fatal error: Class 'IPS\downloads\Category' not found in /home/vildmed1/public_html/system/Theme/Theme.php(718) : eval()'d code on line 1296 Link is http://www.vildmedgolf.dk/links/
  5. (SD) Sales Portal Pro

    Is it possible to upgrade license, or do i have to buy again?
  6. (SD) Sales Portal Pro

    Nice :-) Looking forward to it :-)
  7. (R41) AdBlock Detector

    This is not compatible with Dimension // ipsfocus 4.1.8 Theme, the top images do not show when this is enabled Would like to see a feature to block access to the site completely with AdBlock enabled :-)
  8. (SD) Sales Portal Pro

    Really looking forward to this :-)
  9. Forms Support

    Is the data saved in databases that can be used from pages app? I need the data submitted in the forms to be displayed on custom pages :-)
  10. Tournaments

    Any ETA on this?
  11. (SD) Sales Portal Pro

    Sad - but thanks for the update :-)
  12. (SD) Sales Portal Pro

    Any news? :-)
  13. Collections Support Topic

    Reset when pressing 'edit...' and viewing
  14. Tournaments

    I could use the following functionality, don't know if it's already available? : - Form field for game date - Form field (text) for game place (adress, or in my case, which golf course) - Form field for marker name (text) - Form field for actual score (text or number) In other words, just the ability to add a number of form fields to gather info about each game..
  15. (SD) Sales Portal Pro

    Looking forward to it :-)