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  1. Anyone managed to get this to work? I've never been so frustrated in my life, very poor installation instructions I have to say. I've managed to get the service to publish, yet for some reason it fails ' Plugin Status: Failed'. So why is it failing Tapatalk? I've followed the crappy guide. If anyone has managed to get this working, please try to help others such as myself as I am sure I'm not the only one.
  2. Tapatalk and Invision Community 4.2

    They've fixed my issue, which I give them credit for doing promptly. @Damian seijas and @Philip Carson - Try uninstalling the application and then reinstalling the latest version. Hopefully they have fixed the issue, as mines now working well, aside from one issue. Does anyone have issues starting new topics? Others can, just not my account. I've replied to support, but if its more common I can inform them as this seems to be the way to get things fixed.
  3. Tapatalk and Invision Community 4.2

    I'm hoping to drop it for a simple webview app with notifications, but my members are requesting Tapatalk - I have to say I agree with you. I did get a response quite promptly, yet the support pretty much told me to read the install instructions and then went on to tell me via e-mail. Its a free service for me, yet this is exactly why I have never put money into Tapatalk - its poor when its bad.
  4. Contact Us

    @Adriano Faria: Would you be able to provide me with a fix to this please? I'm expecting several important e-mails and for some reason, the descriptions don't permit detailed writing due to it breaking the box - please see my screenshot.
  5. Who needs a Crowdfunding app?

    So if PayPal is used - it still won't allow guest donations? It's okay, I like the idea of this for my main site. I get more support currently from social media as it's only 1 year old but our social media spans over 25k now.
  6. Who needs a Crowdfunding app?

    Could a payment gateway be added to this? It's no big deal, but would most likely attract my purchase. Your making great apps bud, pleased to see this!
  7. Who needs a Crowdfunding app?

    I use Michael John's donation app to crowdfund, that allows guests to donate. I do like the look of this though.
  8. (NB41) Enhanced Advertisements

    Brilliant application! Newbie has added a feature which will protect your sites from clickbombing incidents which offers you safety and piece of mind when it comes to the loss of income. I have suffered from this in the past, yet with this I worry no more. The application is packed with enhancements to the in-built advertisement features and easily allows you to add ads to areas which are by default very difficult. This makes ads managing very easy to do, along with top notch support!
  9. (NB41) Social Count Fans

    This plugin is a very useful addition to my site. I had been requesting the feature for sometime, as I use two other various plugins to promote my social channels - yet neither have the ability to show the count of followers of my sites wider community. Now thanks Newbie I can show exactly that. The counter is useful to show that your site is out there social media, it links to your accounts but the fact it shows the amount of other people already following it does encourage more people to get engaged and switched on. I use social media hand-in-hand with my site, I offer content fresh to social media and unique material to my site. This plugin allows me to show off my social media, allows me to grow even further and it's a nifty way to show people who visit just how wisely accepted we are as a site.
  10. (NB41) Social Count Fans

    Requests: Can we see the ability to use a gradient for the background added please? Maybe even have a way of storing the default settings so we can quickly add the widget into other areas? Question: Would it be possible to display the count in IP.Pages, like an article or page? Like this? Great plugin Newbie.
  11. Just polls

    @BomAle was developing an awesome app for polls, yet I'm not sure if he's still producing it.
  12. Donations Support

    The View counter doesn't seem to be working @Mike John. I've had 2 donations, whilst I've easily loaded the page 30 or so times and the counter still says 0.
  13. Mobile Applications (Apk)

    It would be awesome to see a mobile app, there's talk of two being created by third-party devs but I'm quite keen to see something that just uses the responsive side of my theme, accompanied with push notifications.
  14. Videos Support

    Latest version I see is v3.1.14 @Mike John. I'll PM you the error.
  15. Videos Support

    @Mike John: I am now experiencing an error which prevents me from seeing my notifications, even if I disable the video app - I still experience it. IPS have recommend speaking you about it as I found it a bit strange as to why it would persist. Looking forward to the 4.2 update, thanks.
  16. Clear Cache

    Lubbly jubbly.
  17. Topic Viewed by Users

    I'm hoping that this is upgraded to 4.2, yet for now I will disable it.
  18. Clear Cache

    Can this be upgraded to work with 4.2? I found it very convenient to have it there on the ACP.
  19. Daily Posts Goal

    I have asked @superj707 if they would be interested in going halves with me on this, otherwise I'll have to accept the plugin as it is.
  20. New: Promoting Content

    My template must not have updated, I don't even see the option inside blog entries.
  21. New: Promoting Content

    I can't promote articles, blogs or anything other than a forum topic. This can't be right?
  22. Cookie Notice

    Thank you, uninstalling it has made it reappear.
  23. Cookie Notice

    @-FP this doesn't work on one of @ehren.'s themes, the 4.1 version is fine and I can confirm it works with the default skin on 4.2 but no others. Can you advice me please?
  24. Who We Are - IP.Board 4.x

    I understand, do you know roughly when we might see the issues resolved?
  25. Who We Are - IP.Board 4.x

    @Adriano Faria: Did the problems ever get fixed between the three months since I last posted? I know your taking care of the plugin for RAW but would you please try to find time to release a fix please?