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  1. I’m sure everyone understands, you have a lot of resources and other things on your hands - I’m happy to wait. Its just nice to know that it will be added.
  2. You're a star Michael, thank you for the consideration.
    I've recently upgraded from version 13 to the latest release (19). I'm very impressed, especially with the additional benefits the app brings. I no longer use the 'clear cache' plugin found via the marketplace, simply due to it being included in the settings of this application. My ACP is much more tidy now with this installed. I love the ability to customise the ACP login page, combine this switching out the theme resource files of the IPS branding and you can really make it yours. Excellent support too.
  3. I wouldn’t have asked otherwise, but judging by the comments posted it sounded plausible and I would have bought it as I no longer use the inbuilt method. Thanks for taking the time to answer. PS. I realise this was built for the fields that ship with IPS, but, I wasn’t sure if you had added support.
  4. I've added the recommended code to my .htaccess file, does it take some time to work? Reason I ask, is so far nothing has changed. I don't know if it requires time to resolve or something mind.
  5. @newbie LAC is this compatible with Adriano's 'Contact Us' application? I read the marketplace reviews topic pinned in the forum, I couldn't really tell if the person purchased it incorrectly or because it is compatible.
  6. I've upgraded to the 1.5.0, I was previously using a very old version but I have ran into an error which only goes away if I disable the app. @Fosters: Would you be able to fix this for me please? PS. It happens with the default theme.
  7. Is this how the icon appear? I've tried to change it to a different icon using CSS in my ACP themes custom.css file but it always looks like a square.
  8. I've managed to join now Michael, my username is joeym Merry Christmas!
  9. @Fosters: Would you be able/willing to consider adding one more widget for IP.Commerce please? A plugin to show select categories/products. Settings * Choose categories/products to show * Insert URL's of pages where no to show the widget.
  10. Another request from me, yet I have recently started using Stripe with IP.Commerce. Please, please will you add it so we can accept card donations.
  11. @Mike John: Can we also choose a custom font awesome icon? Would it also be possible to add a CKEditor button, so that we can use the message to embed into content? To date, I use a different plugin but I have to manually add the messages. I'm also experiencing issues due it being old now. However, your application is better suited to what I seek. I can save various templates and customise the messages further. Allowing team members to choose what message is shown, without me having to provide them the code as I do now. Plus, it cuts the hassle of explaining what people need to do each time someone new does something. This feature would be awesome. PS. If we could organise the message into categories that would also be such an awesome addition!
  12. @CodingJungle: This isn't very important, I'm happy to help when possible but just to let you know. I tried to register yesterday, and today - I keep getting a message about my password being weak despite choosing different ones (including Caps, numbers and other symbols).
  13. I thought that was to delete cards. 🤣 This is brilliant, thanks for explaining it to me. That would be awesome Michael. 👍
    Wonderfully simple! Use this application to hide product categories, Do you have product pages listed but without any items for sale? this is the solution. I often sell out of items that my site sells, this means I can simply hide the categories whilst I re-stock. It also helps me hide them for new areas which haven't yet been populated. Awesome plugin! I'd love to see another plugin the future tackle hidden products! Thank you for this useful release @Mike John.
  14. @CodingJungle: Is it possible to archive a card without starting a new column? I'm not sure if there's a pre-build method, however, I think it would be nice to have somewhere you can store old cards for future reference without cluttering your projects main area. Almost like a recycle bin, click the cards options, select 'achieve' and the card would then be placed in a safe area where completed cards of importance can go. It would be useful when rehashing ideas, or project which come around often. PS. I have seen the beta on your site, it looks great! Very much looking forward to using it.
  15. I think there's a plugin for the CKEditor that does this.
  16. That works perfectly, thank you @TAMAN.
  17. Hello Newbie, Would you be able to remind me how I can disable the hover/link within the league widget? I don't want the team names to be able to be clicked on.
  18. @TAMAN I've managed to sort most of the things I asked about recently, I don't know how to disable the 'read more' option. I see you change it 0 but that doesn't show anything, I though adding -0 might disable it but it's not allowed. Can you please explain how I can do this, so that the widget space is always the full amount of space required to show the text etc.
  19. It actually looks very elegant in my opinion. The style reminds me of the early days of IPS before everything became dark and somewhat moody. It's a great look in my opinion
  20. Please Michael, I apologise for seeming awkward. I tried the manual fix, it's what I had to do with a music app which I use for my podcast (yet I couldn't get it to work). PS. In the breadcrumb, once you click away from the index page. The FURL doesn't seem to work for the landing page, it shows the full address. https://codingjungle.com/index.php?app=stratagem&module=view&controller=projects Not https://codingjungle.com/stratagem/ Nothing major, yet I thought I would pass it on. 👍 Thank you for everything, your helps truly amazing.
    I have tried various ways to project manage my site, however, I have found them all to be lacking features. One popular IPS Market Place third-party app is more suited towards bug testing than actual management of a sites content. Stratagem comes with everything that can get people started. Assigning projects is very easy, the system is designed very straight forward but is actually very powerful. The design is nice, having cards makes it easier to manage the flow of ideas and, of course the actual projects. This even works nicely with handheld devices, as I can easily add items via my phone which is awesome. Some may want every feature that some mainstream project management tools have, however, these things have been in the work for years and have a lot of people working on them. This said, it shouldn't take anything anyway from the application. It features everything you would need to project manage your IPS site, with improvements coming. I have suggested various things, such as a calendar to overview everything and I found @CodingJungle to be very responsive. This type of hands on comes beyond any expectations, which should encourage others to see this as a project itself and that the application will improve greatly with time. Why does anyone need this application? The better organised you are, the more time you can spend doing the important things. Sites, even seen as a hobby should encourage team members to be hands on with the running of the site. It spreads care and appreciation, lightens the load and allows you to be hands on with the running of content. I'm buzzing about the future updates. Seriously, take the plunge and organise your site/team members to be spot on with the running of your own community.
  21. Michael, I tried this but it didn't work. I also tried to change /stratagem/ to /projects/ but the furls seem to be very awkward. This has little to do with your application, I have issues with others and devs have suggested making amendments to the FURL.jsn file. I tried this with the application, yet I couldn't figure out how to make it work. Any chance you could help me make the base URL /projects/ and then anything after /project-title/. So.... /media/ /content/ /whatever/ If you could, I'd be very grateful. Thank you for considering my suggestions, and all your help so far.
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