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  1. From what I've read it makes a lot of sense, the positives could see a large improvement for those that utilizes it - especially if .webp is used in conjunction. Most people don't have overcomplicated graphics or logos.
  2. @Adriano Faria: I've had this disabled since learning that the fix TheJackal added actually duplicated new members that join. I also now have to renew but the price is set at $25 instead of $15. Is this due to the hand over? Could you please look into the duplicated member issue.
  3. Joey_M

    Videos Support

    Sorry, @Michael.J - I have just edited one of the topics hat appeared as a 'guest' and yes, if I edit the topic as an admin it does correct itself. Hope this helps.
  4. Joey_M

    Videos Support

    Sorry, I'll check a bit later. I haven't been on as much since I noticed this issue.
  5. COVID is really kicking my sites, I started gaining ways to fund my communities from within and even some third-party work. Last month, I lost an incredibly kind donator who chipped £10 for the last 2+ a few months. I've been ever do grateful for the support, donation drives go well but you can't always repeatedly ask for hand outs or hand ups - people soon become tired of it. However, there's still people out there willing to lend support. Unfortunately, this concern has impacted my enjoyment of what I do and I've taken time away from my main site. It's a community within the real world, without those live interactions there's little I can do. I'm trying to move into other avenues such as merch and emails (the latter I've neglected) but on those past occasions where the community got together I often had donations given to me in person. I've never known a feature to be requested so much, by many different people. As a long-standing user of IPS, Michael is someone who's shaped our communities through his apps (plus custom work). I value his time, effort and dedication highly. I'm just hopeful that Stripe might be added soon, with 4.6 it could be longer and I do understand. It's not easy to balance time with life and more important demands (I mean this with the utmost respect). It feels like the last roll of the dice for me, without the issues caused by COVID - I'd be just fine but everyone is in some form of Limbo. I would hate to be unable to keep something I care so much about. This application has helped me several times when I've really needed it, so I'm not complaining. I know Stripe will be handed at some stage. Take me back to the early 00s when things didn't cost so much. 👍🏻
  6. @breatheheavy: I am trying to find a dev that will create a widget/plugin that works with SendGrid mailing lists, this would allow members to unsubscribe directly from e-mails. I have previously used a script called Sendy which is very good, but I have moved to use SendGrid since my emails started to bounce. Hopefully, other IPS community users that use SendGrid would find this plugin/widget to be useful.
  7. This has recently started for me too, why? Emails sent out fine but all of a sudden its becoming unreliable.
  8. Joey_M

    Videos Support

    Automated videos are now showing as they're posted by a guest on the 'who replied last' and inside the topic. It does show the right username on the forum index page but across to the right it does not with the who replied last.
  9. I couldn't say, but I am hoping that with new releases from @Michael.J that this feature might be closer to being included. It's one of those things we just need to wait for, as it's a part of the application which would need to be developed by the same person in order to have smooth upgrades. PS. it's worth noting you can now send out invoices to people via stripe, just like PayPal does and if you have people who would support you - this works out just as well. Though it's not the best solution as it being all in-house and handled in one place.
  10. Still experiencing this issue @Fosters, I am using the latest release in the marketplace. Please check your PM's....
  11. There already was a podcast management tool for an earlier version, yet it's author seems to have removed it. I had been using the MusicBox system but I now need something a bit more bespoke to podcasting itself. The rule of the thumb is if you seek something, try to find a developer willing to take it on which is what I've done. 👍🏻
  12. I have asked @Adriano Faria to make a podcast manager, there's a lot of room for communities to deliver a podcast straight to their audience and it's a very popular feature for sites to have. I think once things get into a position whereby there's an app for this, it will fit the needs of quite a few on here.
  13. @TheJackal84 I have had a number of duplicated registrations since updating to the latest release version, where you have fixed the registration issue. I have disabled the application and, the issue has stopped. I plan to turn it on again just to know for sure, as I have upgraded IPS (which the issue could've been) but it does seem connected to this application from what I have seen/experienced. I am still unsure why the stream box is incredible small and, won't resize.
  14. Yes, it's not worked when there's been people named on the leadboard.
  15. I've tried this, nothing new added. If you would like to take a look when you have some spare time, feel free to use the user information that I have provided in the past (if this would help).
  16. Very useful, I'll look into this as it can become quite a chore. 👍🏻
  17. Everywhere seems to be using .webp files these days, except Facebook. It makes using images (which I have permission for) a little difficult when they're downloaded as .webp files and, I then need to convert them to usable images.
  18. Joey_M

    Videos Support

    Yes, please. Apologise for being a pain whilst you're busy, but I would appreciate this edit as I can manually add videos I want to discuss. 🙂
  19. I looked in the error logs via the ACP, I don't see anything listed. Likewise, I have looked at the system logs and I can't see anything in relation to this plugin. Sorry. Michael.
  20. I respect this, as it's only fair to those waiting for the updates for 4.5. Will be happy to offer this once you've finished, as it would make a huge difference for me. It's a struggle dealing with people who want to donate and help [which I am incredibly thankful for] but have no means or simply don't want to use PayPal. Thanks, Michael.
  21. Suggestions for future update: Table widget. Mini table focusing on x teams. Option settings: Amount of teams to show Ability to focus on x team [show x above, x below based on the 'amount of teams to show setting'] i.e the widget would focus on x team - ideal for fan sites that want to highlight their team Option to show link to full table [toggle on/off] Fixtures widget: I know I've suggested a re-design already, but I do think something like this would make use of the space better. Something to consider: When adding the results via the ACP, could an option be added to have links displayed? Beneath the team notes, maybe a couple of options to add title(s) and URL(s) to display alongside the final results. This could be ideal to add 'Match Reports', 'Match Discussions' etc Something like this... Team Widget: Can these be displayed like cards per positions? So, Goalkeepers, Defenders, Midfielders, Attackers. Something like this, which would show basic information and a picture of said player. If possible could the main profile show as a popup? I'm not sure how this would work or effect the responsive side, but if it can work - for my case use it would be more ideal than linking straight to the actual players page. The widget could even give options on what data it shows in the full profile popup. These would be awesome. 👍🏻
  22. I just removed the numbers via the ACP, so there's no team positions in there now and it seems fine.
  23. @Michael.J: This originally worked well with 4.5, however, it seems to broken now.
  24. @newbie LAC: I have just updated the fixtures so that all the games results that have been played are sorted. I had edited the CSS previously to show the correct positioning. However, since updating the markers added by CSS have moved. I need to change the 1_x part again. Should I be using a different method now in order to keep the markers/dashes permanently in place?
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