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  1. @TheJackal84 I have had a number of duplicated registrations since updating to the latest release version, where you have fixed the registration issue. I have disabled the application and, the issue has stopped. I plan to turn it on again just to know for sure, as I have upgraded IPS (which the issue could've been) but it does seem connected to this application from what I have seen/experienced. I am still unsure why the stream box is incredible small and, won't resize.
  2. Yes, it's not worked when there's been people named on the leadboard.
  3. I've tried this, nothing new added. If you would like to take a look when you have some spare time, feel free to use the user information that I have provided in the past (if this would help).
  4. Very useful, I'll look into this as it can become quite a chore. 👍🏻
  5. Everywhere seems to be using .webp files these days, except Facebook. It makes using images (which I have permission for) a little difficult when they're downloaded as .webp files and, I then need to convert them to usable images.
  6. Yes, please. Apologise for being a pain whilst you're busy, but I would appreciate this edit as I can manually add videos I want to discuss. 🙂
  7. I looked in the error logs via the ACP, I don't see anything listed. Likewise, I have looked at the system logs and I can't see anything in relation to this plugin. Sorry. Michael.
  8. I respect this, as it's only fair to those waiting for the updates for 4.5. Will be happy to offer this once you've finished, as it would make a huge difference for me. It's a struggle dealing with people who want to donate and help [which I am incredibly thankful for] but have no means or simply don't want to use PayPal. Thanks, Michael.
  9. Suggestions for future update: Table widget. Mini table focusing on x teams. Option settings: Amount of teams to show Ability to focus on x team [show x above, x below based on the 'amount of teams to show setting'] i.e the widget would focus on x team - ideal for fan sites that want to highlight their team Option to show link to full table [toggle on/off] Fixtures widget: I know I've suggested a re-design already, but I do think something like this would make use of the space better. Something to consider: When adding the results via the ACP, co
  10. I just removed the numbers via the ACP, so there's no team positions in there now and it seems fine.
  11. @Michael.J: This originally worked well with 4.5, however, it seems to broken now.
  12. @newbie LAC: I have just updated the fixtures so that all the games results that have been played are sorted. I had edited the CSS previously to show the correct positioning. However, since updating the markers added by CSS have moved. I need to change the 1_x part again. Should I be using a different method now in order to keep the markers/dashes permanently in place?
  13. Can the zero positions be automatically corrected when the tables updated? Would changing the position numbers effect the widget's table? I'm trying to figure out what would be the best way forward. If I can change the teams position without effects the widget's table that would fine. Thanks Newbie.
  14. I can't get it to work, I thought the custom.css might be missing a "}" but it seems fine. What is odd, since the most upgrade - other css parts don't seem to be working that did prior. I have no clue what's going on. https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/433472-nb41-my-football/?do=findComment&comment=2715606 https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/433472-nb41-my-football/?do=findComment&comment=2715611 https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/433472-nb41-my-football/?do=findComment&comment=2715641 Are these in the languag
  15. @newbie LAC: For the table widget, is this still the correct CSS? .nbtabletr_1_3 { border-bottom: 1px dashed; } It doesn't seem to work for me anymore. In the table widget, where the form is shown. What does the "G, P, N" mean? I'm not familiar with this. When I scroll over It says "Win" for green (G), "Lost" for red (P) and "Drawn" for grey (N)... Should it be W, L, D.
  16. Still experiencing some issues with the duplicated text. @TheJackal84 I haven't changed this either - yet. Can you please take a look ASAP.
  17. I've been wondering this myself, I think it's both the creator and the moderation team. I am considering using the feature 'solved' as the best reply within a topic once it's wounding down.
  18. No, bud. I mean the icon for the app itself, the one which uses the Font Awesome or whatever it is.
  19. Have you had chance to take a look @Fosters?
  20. Would you not consider allowing me to pay to have the features added? I'd be open to paying for the stripe integration and, some video app changes - especially if you could fit them into your time. I know it's not about money with you, but the stripe addition would help me a lot during this pandemic as people pledge to support my site but aren't willing to use PayPal. I had them handing donations to me when I saw them but now, that's not happening and, it's just harder.
  21. @Michael.J: Can you please add a way for imports to bypass the topic creation, meaning that we can disable them from being created. If a topic hasn't been generated, via the video page - could it be generated by someone with moderation powers? I plan to import videos from the community and, it would mean loads of discussions are automatically generated. Some will be pointless, so disabling it would be wise but at least I can click to generate a discussion from the front if I so wish.
  22. @All Astronauts I will be purchasing this for another site I am in the process of setting up, I will of course still send a donation as I really like this application. PS. I had to re-install the application and, I've lost the icon in the ACP again. 🤣
  23. Are you getting the 500 page error issue? If so, try using the latest release in the marketplace as I don't have any issues with that. I had to manually toggle onto it though via the forum index button.
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