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  1. (NB41) Social Count Fans

    It's working now, I just went to the page to send it and saw its there now. Thanks
  2. (NB41) Social Count Fans

    I can't seem to figure out why Instagram won't work. I followed the steps outlined in the document, I have added the information to the plugin but it doesn't seem to work.
  3. (NB41) Social Count Fans

    Could you apply the temporary fix to FM when you have time spare please? Facebook disappears but via the ACP I can't add any default services (no input method) etc. I have two copies
  4. (NB41) My Football

    Will this be able to be disabled or to funnel into IP.Pages? I mostly use the table myself but I aim to properly get this all set up.
  5. I think we might have to wait for more purchases. I've also suggested to @opentype that other platforms would be good such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I'd love to see my social media come in-house and without using poor generated sidebar codes. I think @Adriano Faria has something for Instagram tho, at least I think.
  6. Can IPS please increase the character limit from 140 to 280? It's very restraining and I hope to move off what I currently use to schedule my sites social posts.
  7. 4.3: Express yourself with Emoji

    It looks like IPS have some very creative meetings! This looks like an awesome addition to the software. Keep up the good work!
  8. Staff Applications System

    There's no rush, I just feel it would benefit people - not just myself. The Q/A addition would be a welcomed feature. I have to say, I think the system is awesome. I wasn't going to purchase it, yet I liked how neat it makes things and I feel it gives a professional feel to my site. Top work!
  9. Staff Applications System

    Can applicants send attachments when applying for a position @Adriano? If not, please would you add it? This would be an awesome addition, as I wrote before purchasing I am looking for graphic designers and writers - assessing their skills will be paramount to who myself and my partner accept.
  10. Spacious ACP/Widgets

    Sorry, I guess it could be my custom CSS. there's a huge gap beneath my sites logo (which replaces the IPS logo). If so it's unrelated to this.
  11. Spacious ACP/Widgets

    One suggestions.... Can the IPS envelope be replaced with a custom icon? I'd love to use a larger version of my favicon. Regarding the ACP: For some reason when you login, it leaves a massive white space beneath the logo (this is in the default design) - I realise it shows a message when you fail to login etc. Yet can't this expand as the message shows? Rather than always showing huge white space. The logo has resolved itself. Thanks!
  12. I really like this, yet I find it odd that you can't choose the title of the block and the position of the subscribe button is just weird. How about placing the sub button at the very top right? (before the first row of videos) - it really does seem wasted at the bottom of the display. Also can we please have the ability to choose the title?
  13. Anyone managed to get this to work? I've never been so frustrated in my life, very poor installation instructions I have to say. I've managed to get the service to publish, yet for some reason it fails ' Plugin Status: Failed'. So why is it failing Tapatalk? I've followed the crappy guide. If anyone has managed to get this working, please try to help others such as myself as I am sure I'm not the only one.
  14. Members Teams (Support Topic)

    Thanks Michael. I'm hopeful that the interest in this will grow enough to warrant the app conversion you mentioned awhile back. I love the plugin, but the potential of this step is huge and probably a lot easier to manage/update. There's about 4/5 new badge updates this season and it's daunting to replace the whole lot in order to fix this. Of course then, I'd have to patch the selected teams by manually adding people's choices back.
  15. (NB41) Social Count Fans

    How did you fix this issue Newbie?
  16. Members Teams (Support Topic)

    Yes Michael.
  17. Staff Applications System

    No worries, details have been sent.
  18. Staff Applications System

    I have the same issue @Adriano Faria
  19. Spacious ACP/Widgets

    I've finally purchased this! I really like it, it's cleaned things up and my ACP appear a lot smarter. I love the dashboard changes and it's something I never used before as I didn't really see any point in it. Any chance we can remove some of the white space from the ACP login page? Also, it would be nice if the logo automatically resized for handheld devices. My logo cuts off with this, however when I used CSS to control the ACP login page - I was able to add different sizes per resolution. Perhaps if this can happen, maybe a middle point would be to add a responsive logo?
  20. Members Teams (Support Topic)

    @Mike John would you please add the ability to see who fans have selected as supporting via the ACP please? (just noticed you can't via the front end when using the edit profile tool). I'd also love to see this converted into an app so that there's more control over it. I am fearing what happens if a team ends up being relegated since currently I only focus on the English pro leagues.
  21. Staff Applications System

    I would be aiming to find media related team positions, such as writers and video creators. Perhaps a toggle setting? *Allow guests to apply?
  22. Staff Applications System

    Sorry to ask such a basic question but I wasn't able to tell from the screenshots. Can guests apply? I seem to recall this application on a previous version of IPS, and if I recall correctly it didn't but I seem to recall you said you'd look into it. This would be a great addition to my site, however I have very few members currently and 95% of my traffic is that of guests.
  23. Interesting podcast, excellent interview.
  24. [HQ] MotM - Member of the month

    Any news on multi awards? It's something which I feel would be highly beneficial to the list of features. Hopefully other IPS clients and users of this application will agree.
  25. Mobile app?

    IPS have rejected the idea based on the fact it will take devolopers away from the community products, whilst believing they're not the right people to build such a service. I've always felt IPS should hire programmers designed to handle this task, as it would generate them money eventually and make their product stronger.