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  1. With 4.6.x it still seems to work. Is it officically compatible? If yes, please update it so the marketplace correctly shows it
  2. Any planned update for 4.6.x ? It says incompatbible
  3. Hi @Pete T What are the plans for 4.5 ? Would the mod still workl?
  4. @Pete T, See comment above, Please kindly check to assisting in fixing the bug. Thanks,
  5. Topic solved. Found it. Thanks for helping
  6. Hi All Not sure if this is the right spot, but we have some places where we have the following error. When inspection the urls: it shown the domain double shown: The page does not exist Error: 1S160/2 examples: Online users - filters to show logged in users: https://www.pc-helpforum.be/online/://www.pc-helpforum.be/online/?filter=filter_loggedin User Profile activity https://www.pc-helpforum.be/www.pc-helpforum.be/profile/42603-pietvis1962/content/ or admin user searches: https://www.pc-helpforum.be/admincp/://www.pc-helpforum.be/adminpchcontrol/?adsess=15e9f2d2e8f0742e6bf4b9a74343fc0c&app=core&module=members&controller=members&sortby=joined&sortdirection=desc&quicksearch=user Also, when pressing Edit a post, instead of showing the edition, it show the forum index into that area: Regular topic, forums show no issues, Already disabled all plugins and set default theme. Any advise? Thanks Karel
  7. For now Ezoic is doing great for us. We See about almost the double of income. We are also using Ezoic Premium since last month.
  8. Hi @Unlucky Also using Ezoic for a month now. However we are getting Origin errors sometimes. Proxy is enabled in the board settings. Any idea?
  9. Hi @newbie LAC I'm expirimenting with Google Automatic advertisement placing. For this i just would need 1 location inside the <head>tag I prefer not to edit my Theme directly. Can i create it with a custom location set by your mod?
  10. Thanks Newbie ! so can mark the mod as compatible ? have a great day !
  11. Goodmorning Newbie_Lac Any idea if this is working on 4.3.x ?
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