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  1. What have you been up to?  

  2. Congrats on the new position.  I was going to send in a support ticket that asked for help on Waffle Time and Roo Boxing, but it would have only made sense if you got the ticket :tongue:

    1. JarredB


      Bahahaha yes!

      Thank you very much :)

  3. ​Excuse me, there is no need to be rude. I have read the notes, many times, I'm required to be acquainted with changes in order to continue developing. What you have quoted simply says that at a very minimum a new version may only have a security fix. 4.0.2 has far more than security improvements which is clearly written in the release notes. None of these are security fixes.... Performance improvementsPages can now be run under your install directorySupport Tools enhancements: You can optionally create an admin account and send that as a hidden field to our support staff.When a new version of IPS Community Suite 4 is available you will now see release notes. This feature is added in 4.0.2 but will not show until 4.0.3 is available.You can now set a maximum image dimension size. If a user uploads an image larger than that setting it will be resized down and the smaller size saved.Setting to limit the length of content item titles Suite-wideAdded new notification setting for Members you Follow. On install and upgrade, this setting is off by default to prevent your users from getting bombarded with notifications for members they follow until they are able to decide their preference.You can now specify the default view option for the Commerce store front: grid or list.Queue tasks should run fasterYou can now select multiple locations for an advertisement rather than just one in Advertisement settings.Emoticon sets can now be reordered. You can also now delete entire sets.Bulk email system can now filter based on Commerce packages and information.
  4. ​Just a security update? You mustn't have read the release notes yet: http://community.invisionpower.com/4releasenotes/ Also keep in mind you aren't being forced to update, you can skip versions as you please. You can also just upload the changed files and run the upgrader like you mentioned, so I'm not sure why you think otherwise.
  5. I'm not sure why you think it "feels" right. For profit companies are also made up of actual human beings. These people are effected by how they are treated regardless of if the business is non-profit or for-profit. You cannot expect them to "deal with it" just because they want to make a living to survive in this world. Getting commendations boost morale, which can improve their performance. You may feel it's entertaining for you, to see commendation stomped on, but having been on the receiving end of this stuff I can tell you it wears thin real fast. There's nothing in this topic I'd view has "dissing" them, but in general its not a nice thing to do. P.S: IPS supports charities, namely Autism Speaks.
  6. Admit it, you liked my likes.  

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    2. Joel R

      Joel R

      It's the thought that counts though.  

      You should make a mod to like or dislike the likes.  That would be so mind-warping!  

    3. JarredB


      It could be fun.... If a like got disliked and the dislike got disliked and the dislike of the dislike was liked, how many likes did the person get? :P

    4. Joel R

      Joel R

      Just the original like.  Duh.  

  7. #IAteChickenForBreakfastAndItWasGreat #GoGetSome #Now #Also #ILoveHashtags #JustCuz #MakingWholePostsInHashTags #yeah #addicted #forl1fe I don't envision this being a useful way of finding related information for forums, and I believe you will certainly end up with a huge amount of useless tags simply because many people use them for the fad factor and not because they want to link other useful information. Sure, if you have an open tagging system you can have a similar problem, however the current tag system encourages useful tags..
  8. BlistDev, are you liking all of my posts?  They're amazing posts, I know, I know

    1. JarredB


      I could always go back and unlike them ;)

    2. Joel R

      Joel R

      Hush.  You need to go back and like them even more. 

  9. If it's going to be easier for you, you can delete all the emoticons by going to your database finding the table "core_emoticons" and deleting all the rows in that table. Make sure you go to System > Files and click the "Remove Orphaned Files" button to delete the emoticon images since they will no longer be linked to any database entries. You will also need to delete store file for the emoticons which you can find in the "Datastore" folder named "emoticons.xxxx.ipstore". If you had additional custom groups, you may also need to delete the addition language keys for those groups if you really want to clear it all out. Good luck
  10. ​All your forum are belong to Lindy. His expression is perfect.... too perfect...
  11. ​IPS does not use labels like "gold" or "final", they didn't use it for 3.0 and as far as I'm aware they never have prior to that either. Those labels were made up by this community. They did not forget to add "RC" in the client panel. The software application versions themselves are internally labelled as 4.0.0. All the RC releases and prior were labeled as 4.0.0 RCx internally. They would not make the mistake of mislabeling the version of the software itself. For absolute confidence:
  12. ​This is called a soft-release, it's common. If it was a naming mistake it would have been corrected relatively quickly. A soft release is what it sounds like. Instead of making an announcement and getting hammered by people trying it, getting hit with support issues and complaints, they don't announce it and people take it up slowly and they make a official announcement later, sometimes even after a patch or two to the final has been released. The benefit here is that if there is an major issues found they can pull the plug easily. It also gives relief to support and make the whole transition smoother and less chaotic. Lindy was in chat today, at no point did he say it was not a final release or that it was a naming mistake.
  13. Popularity is not reason enough to have a feature included. The software needs to remain a neutral platform and a lot of popular features are niche. What if a developer has a add-on that sells well and he/her enjoys developing it? People are now calling for integration... what choice does the developer now have but to except to accept whatever compensation IPS comes up with and leave? ​You cannot buy an idea. A lot of these "idea's" have been made in the past and made by developers for other software. The only thing they can buy is the rights to the code, which as I said earlier, is not beneficial to them. This system puts strain on IPS. You've taken away their ability to evaluate what features they want in their software. IPS will never be able to rid itself of "crowdfunded" features because from the moment they are purchased, customers will expect them to be in all future releases as they were bought by the community. Removing them will result in backlash (and they already get that whenever they remove one of their own features). As Marcher said, 4 was about getting back to basics, questioning everything and building a new platform to build from.
  14. Realistically, the unique "buy-out" costs for an add-on will be in the thousands for anything decent. IPS will not be able to use the code from the add-on "as-is", it will need to be re-written to their in-house specifications. Code written in all various ways will introduce many, many problems and it would not benefit IPS in any way. From a business perspective, this is a waste of money and time. It would be better for IPS to just create it themselves throwing the original developer to the curb.... which would surely do damage to the developer community. Additionally, how much stuff do you intend to add before it's called bloatware? This sounds like you want anything and everything added that people want..... and since nearly everyone wants something different based on their use-case of the software you're going to end up with votes for almost everything. IPS will need to look at the "most wanted" add-ons and ignore the rest... and if you're going to do that, I see no difference between this and how IPS gathers feedback to decide what people want.
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