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    Developer Docs Question

    Hi there. I used to use the cloud hosting back when IPB 3.x was still supported and currently still work on a 3.x board. We're looking to upgrade sometime this year (hopefully within the next month or 2), and I had a few questions about the developer docs. I should state that I've lurked around the docs before (one of the last times I did, they were pretty barren and scattered, which is mostly no longer the case). I believe that was around 1-2 years ago. What I saw back then is exactly what I see now (this). That means that it's been at least 1-2 years since that Getting Started guide has been faded out with an "Available Soon" badge over it. My question is: when is "soon"? I understand that these things are long and sometimes tedious to type out, but 1-2 years is a ridiculous amount of time to get such a thing completed. I asked a co-worker of mine who uses IPS 4 on his site if he's been able to create an application based off of his knowledge on the documentation. He replied saying yes, but added that it took quite a while to figure out, and even had to refer to source code from other IPS apps in order to figure out things missing from the docs! That's definitely not the ideal situation I want to deal with, so please let me know if that missing key of the dev docs will be completed any time soon.