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1 hour ago, meade916 said:

thank you very much! I've got it to work!

One more issue is the "featured videos" block that you drag onto the forum page is not showing anything. Any clue on that?

Did you config the block? Please give me acp access if it still doesn't work.

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6 minutes ago, joshuaj said:

Hi, I have recently updated my site and videobox. The Twitch video's are no longer showing. I'm not sure why this is happening as it worked prior to the upgrade without a problem.

Twitch changed their embed url. I will update it in the next version asap.

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On 7/14/2018 at 8:10 AM, joshuaj said:

hi @onlyME thanks for the last update. The twitch streams are working now. I did notice that they aren't pulling a random thumbnail pic anymore .

I can not reproduce this problem, it works fine for me


Please check the videoboxUpdateStreams task and make sure it wasn't locked.

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1.  Group setting > Maximum videos does not save


2.  Post New Video button > "Description" langstring


3.  Any way to disable hover?  (Ignore: I found the setting)

4.  Any way to show video on Info page?  (Ignore: I found the setting)

5.  Can you add 'social media promotion'?

6.  Featured still shows on index even though disabled.



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@Joel R 

1. It can not save 0 because of it knows 0 is unlimited. You should use permissions to disallow a group to post video.

2. The lang is catetory_desc and come from Links Directory

5. Do you mean the 'Promote' button? It's next to the Follow button

6. It's a bug, I will fix it in next version.

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1 minute ago, bouckie said:

hello, I bought your plugin some time ago, I have already renewed but today I do not have the option to renew the $ 15 license again
how can I proceed?
The plugin is installed on the website https://luniversims.com/video/

Thank you for your help :wink:

Hi, try to open support ticket to ips so they will generate new Renew-Invoice for you.

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Here is the answer from the support. I admit to being completely lost


Hello,  You would need to contact the author of this item for support in this case, if you renewed it today, you shouldn't need to renew it again though, renewals are normally every 6 months or a year though.


and I reply :


The author say :


Hi, try to open support ticket to ips so they will generate new Renew-Invoice for you.


what should I do ?

and He reply



If they are having issues, they would need to contact us directly.


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On 5/16/2018 at 11:46 PM, boboss78 said:

@onlyME i have a request

i use your "youtube importer" to upload many videos in my website, but with this, i have nothing in settings "collections" and when i use your block "video collection"  all my videos importer by youtube do not show in this block, can you add the possibility to add a "empty" collection ?



On 5/17/2018 at 1:41 AM, onlyME said:

Ok, I will update it in next version.

any news about this request ?



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VideoBox works great. Simple question - is there a way to hide the "Videos" tab from Guests (anyone not logged in)? I know I can limit their ability to play, but would like to hide the entire tab and thumbnail gallery from view if they are not registered users.

Disregard. Found answer...

Thanks, Derek

Edited by derekg
Answer not needed.
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