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  1. Sorry 😇 It's ok 👍
  2. Hi 🙂 Could I receive the fix too? I use version 4.6 and nothing works anymore : [[Template tutorials/front/browse/rows is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] Thank you
    Merci beaucoup pour la mise à jour des fichiers langues ! 🥰
  3. ok, maybe for a future update? 😋 Thanks for the quick response ! 👍
  4. hi ! I just installed this app and it looks really promising 🤩 I have a question to ask you to which I have not found an answer: is it possible to add an RSS feed below the link description to have the latest news from the registered link?
  5. Hello, Is it possible to add images when the message is posted on Discord? here : This discord message comes from here :
  6. Hello @opentype, I no longer have the option to download the plugin. He offers to buy it at $ 25 yet in May I was able to download version 3.1 Isn't there an update package? Translated by google (French -> English) sorry if it is not very clear 🤔
  7. the ACP : when i click save i get this error Edit : I installed the application again. I still have the error but I see the information. It seems to be working properly
  8. hello, I installed the app and I had no errors. However when I click on the settings button and validate the content I get this error: 2S100 / 1 This page does not exist. I have access to the Social Info button and I can enter the information in it but I don't see it anywhere on the forum or profile Thank you for your help and sorry for this bad English
  9. hello, i am installing the application on the website. will the app create a discord account for existing website members or just for new ones? We have 35,000 members, it scares us a little
  10. Hi, I am interested for this application. Do you have an url where this application is installed? I would like to see it in real conditions (sorry for my English, I am French and I have a very low level) Thank you 😉
  11. Hello, Sorry if I post in the wrong place, I'm French and do not speak English very well, so the search is difficult 😕 I also thank google translate of all this translation My question ? there she is : I would like to hide the number of views of articles to visitors (or to everyone at worst) how can I do? Thank you for your help 😚
  12. bouckie


    Here is the answer from the support. I admit to being completely lost and I reply : https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/414937-videobox/?do=findComment&comment=2753585 what should I do ? and He reply
  13. bouckie


    hello, I bought your plugin some time ago, I have already renewed but today I do not have the option to renew the $ 15 license again how can I proceed? The plugin is installed on the website https://luniversims.com/video/ Thank you for your help
  14. bouckie


    Good evening, Can we post a video in the videobox and create an associated topic on the forum at the same time?
  15. bouckie


    It's the special characters in collection's name that causes this issue. It's all rights ! Thanks Edit : These are not the accents the problem but the apostrophe
  16. bouckie


    I cleaned the cache twice, I've disabled the plugins, themes and advertisements but the problem still persists
  17. bouckie


    Hello, I encountered a bug when creating or editing a form: I can no longer put Thumbnail, Featured images and Description This bug happened between two editions without making any changes. The first time I reinstalled the application because I had not yet informed data, but this time I would like to avoid deleting everything Thank you in advance for your assistance
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