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  1. How can I set a user back to validating using IPB 4.4.3 at the moment, used to be easy back in V3 if there is not an option can it be done by the database as I don't want any more plugins Thank you
  2. all good now Thank you for prompt action 😀
  3. That was quick, thank you...……….but just tried the new release but the joined date now does not show on any member, tried updating, tried uninstall and re-install but does not show with version 8. gone back to version 7 as this on works, except for the guest issue
  4. Hi I am using IPB 4.3.6 with the latest version of this plugin. just noticed on members accounts that have been removed and there comments/topics have been left on the forum. They now appear as guest but the join date is todays date? can the join date be removed for deleted or guest accounts? Some of these accounts where created back in 2005 but still show join date as today ? example below...…….. Thank you
  5. I am about to disable my contact us due to the amount of spam it gets. tried all the captures and other option but nothing seems to cure the issue
  6. Hi I know you can disable remote images forum wide but is there a way to either disable remote images on just one forum or by member or member group. I don't want remote images posted on one particular forum, only want images posted by attachment upload only Thank you for you help/advise
  7. Sorry to bump up an old topic, I am using IPB 4.3.6 and elasticsearch installed on my server, checking my ipb-forum-deprecation log in elasticsearch I have loads of these entry's. [2019-05-17T10:06:01,802][WARN ][o.e.d.c.ParseField ] Deprecated field [inline] used, expected [source] instead is there a fix for this issue ? Thank you
  8. Hi Since changing from HTTP to HTTPS uploads on slow connections (mobile devices) are failing with the usual -200 error. The uploads are small images of only 2-3 MB. (forum limit 5MB) When the forum was set to HTTP all image uploads never failed even on the slowest of connections they would complete, HTTPS does seem slightly slower. Is there any thing I need to adjust either to speed up uploads or to stop them failing, I have the usual php setting set that I have always used without an issue. upload_max_filesize = 50M max_execution_time = 340 memory_limit = 512M max_input_time = 340 post_max_size = 100M
  9. Think I found the issue I was experiencing, go to settings and change Conversations per page from default 10 to 40, first couple of pages show conversations but further pages shows Nothing to show. Change Conversations per page back to default (10) and all conversation show again? When I re-installed it reset to default 10 that's why I thought I had fixed the issue, not a problem though as I will use it at default
  10. sorted after removing all files and re-installing, third time lucky Love the search option and thank you for a prompt response
  11. when going to conversations, they show back to the beginning of 2019 but don't show any conversations prior to 2019.??? I know I have conversations going back many years. Search shows them but using the conversation tab to show conversations beyond 2019 shows Nothing to show
  12. I must admit I forgot all about this plugin, just reinstalled and is showing correct joined date using month and year. I am using v4.3.6 PHP 7.2 Uk if that's any help. The addition of the shortened month is a great new feature, Thank you
  13. something I just noticed when using my laptop or ipad when Display Author Photo is enabled the author photos go out of line ? When disabled and only showing just the right hand author photo it looks correct.
  14. Checked my edits a few times used this code and is now showing correctly thank you for your help
  15. just notice when adding the ipsResponsive_showDesktop On the forum it looses the space between Recent Topics Block and the forums?
  16. That Sorted it, Thank you again
  17. sorry to ask but How do I stop recent topics from showing in mobile devices? I used custom.css for IPS default topic feed but cannot figure it out. Thank you
  18. Thank you for adding those extra options Just one small issue, when setting from the ACP number of topics to show to 3, recent topics on the forum still shows as 5. Tried clearing cache etc I want to set topics to show for every one to 3 and then they can adjust to what they want, setting from members account works ok though.
  19. shame it hasn't thanks for the reply
  20. I can remember your old 3.4 recent topics, used it for many years Does this one have the option for members to choose how many topics to show and also what forums to show?
  21. just use the basic facebook login, no need for other functions. using the basic facebook login there is no review process to go through. Your members can then still login using Facebook https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/how-to-use-ips-community-suite/social-sign-in/43-and-above/facebook-r300/
  22. Quite a few of my members like to align text and youtube videos to the centre of the screen but in 4.3 you can no longer align the video as it always sets itself to the left. You end up with text set to the centre and the video set to the left which looks odd. On ipb 3.4 this was not an issue, videos could be aligned where ever you wanted them. I don't want the video permanently aligned to the centre as other members just leave it aligned to the left, is there a way to be able to control where the video is positioned? Thank you
  23. good idea, thank you for your reply
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