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  1. Hi in the old ipb 3.4 there used to be a hook made by a third party that you could archive and save all your private messages and send them to an email address. does anyone know of a plugin for 4.3 ? that's you can archive and save private messages and email them to your mail address or download them thank you
  2. I currently use Lazy Load Videos plugin from the market place and works very well, will your solution work in a similar way for imbedded video. ? Thank you
  3. Looks like that's sorted the full view issue, thank you
  4. Any further with applying the patch? Thank you
  5. apologies for my comment, replied to your message over at devfuse
  6. I give up, seems impossible to get support
  7. Mike John Had to disable as to many complains from my members using mobile devices, any chance of an update/fix for this issue thank you
  8. Hi Mike John finally purchased this for my forum but I no longer have the option of full sizing the youtube video, when clicking on full screen it says full screen unavailable. if I disable lazy load video plugin, full screen is available again, using v 4.3.6 Thank you
  9. yes all messages, be able to select individual members and delete all there messages. would be handy to be able to select a group and delete the members of this group private messages. would not need to delete all members messages on the forum I remember the inactive members tool, use to work well there used to be an option in the acp to delete sent messages that used to trim them down a bit, looks like another option removed from v4 I have banned members who still have a lot of messages and would also like a way to remove the private messages. thanks for your reply
  10. Hi There used to be an option in 3,4 to remove all private messages or an individual members private messages but cannot find it in v4 can any one tell me were the delete members private messages option is in the ACP, using 4.3.5 Thank you
  11. could it be possible to add the ability to hide posts from selected members. I have members who want to stop other members from reading there posts. Thank you
  12. yes I tried that option, does not seem to take into account deleted content or when you change the Reactions award reputation points.
  13. I have changed some of the Reactions award reputation points, some from plus 1 to zero, when the member reputation level recount option in the ACP is used. shouldn't it recalculate the members score using the new reputation points I have set. The member reputation level score does not reduce and stays the same. Is this right ? I am sure it should correct the award score ?
  14. When a post or topic is deleted or hidden and the members have Reputation points on that post or topic, is it possible to automatically remove the Reputation points received and reduce the members Reputation overall score. Thank you
  15. just checked mine and its utf8mb4_unicode_ci
  16. It's now in the adminCP support option Go to adminCP Support option and use the option "something not working correctly " that will check your install for errors and clear your cache
  17. With respect I am sure you know full well the point people are trying to make, although this topic started pointing out one issue with MariaDB and fixed with a patch that's only shown when running the support tool. The topic has gone off topic slightly to discuss clearer notification of other available patches. If your read the comments no one was asking for a full-fledged update to fix minor issues, just let people know these patches are available. Why hide them away? How many times have I read a support topic with a response/reply "there's a patch for that, run the support tool" thanks for listening ?
  18. Not saying it's KS issue was just enquiring if the description could go under category title. My example is showing part of my forum index page, with the description added using KS. Adds description below sub forums. for example above I have banger hobbies title and description is hobbies and pastimes with Subforum between thank you for your reply
  19. Hi Enabling this option: Include category descriptions along with category titles? is it possible to have the description go right under the category title, at present if you have subforums the description goes under/after the subforums and it does not look quite right. Would look neater if description went under title. Thank you
  20. sorry not clear enough, using the ACP support tool to clear the cache.
  21. That's what I said to my members but reports show its still the same even after cached, the main reason for disabling them is causing cpu load on there pc. Emoji are pretty rubbish anyway, they don't look that great. That's what I have done, back using just emoticon only with no issues
  22. I had that issue when I first upgraded to 4.3.4, was showing about 12 anonymous members online and that group of members have the anonymous option disabled. After clearing my cache and refreshing my browser all returned to normal.
  23. Just enabled notification, thank you for your reply
  24. Thank you for a detailed and informative reply, I didn't take into account any HTML/CSS changes when applying patches. Fully appreciate that we don't want another new release straight after the current one as that would be quite annoying (to some) and as you state only effects some customers. Instead of hiding future patches away in the ACP support as there only shown when running the support tool, it might be useful to show the available patches in the dashboard and if a customer has an issue with there install they can clearly see a patch needs to be applied to fix there issue. Thanks again
  25. Why are we not notified that patches are available in the AdminCP to fix various issues? the only way to know there's a patch available is to run the support tool or read about it on these forums when there's an issue. It would save people posting on these forums with issues or creating a support ticket
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