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  1. photobucket sometime back started charging for hot linking images, I have quite a few images on my forum and don't want to loose them. has anyone found a way of fixing this issue, or downloading them and updating the links on the forum, could do it manually but with 15000 images it would take to long. Tank you in advance for any help or advice
  2. I for one am getting fed-up with seeing these off topic notifications in my admin cp (news and updates), come on now start taking notice. if I was to start posting off topic comments and discussions in the wrong forum sections I would soon get pulled up about it
  3. ok, thank you for the info might be a good idea not to post these type of off topic discussions in news/updates and keep it for important news/updates,
  4. Why am I seeing non updates and news in my admin cp?, I don't really want to see articles or staff discussions in my admin - news and updates. its not an update or news. thank you
  5. Hi started looking at converting my 3.4.9 forum to the latest V4 but thought I would test first, didn't get very far as stuck on the database converter. tried upping globel wait time and max allowed packet in my.cnf but made no difference, cannot get the converter to complete. tried it from web based and command line. the error I get is as follows, any ideas ??? or another way to convert them. thanks ---------------------------------------------------- Welcome to the IPS UTF8 Conversion utility (v1.1.20) ---------------------------------------------------- The database is set to UTF-8 and all tables are UTF-8 but 204 table(s) have incorrect collations and need fixing. [f] Enter 'f' to fix table and field collations (RECOMMENDED) [y] Enter 'y' to perform a full conversion [x] Enter 'x' to exit the conversion f Running now. This can take a while to complete... Error: Error while sending QUERY packet. PID=13991 File: /system/Db/Db.php Line: 196
  6. I have been waiting to up grade but all I keep reading is bugs in most versions, is there ever a stable bug free version !!!
  7. getting that error also, come on get it sorted
  8. same here Fatal error: Call to undefined method IPS\Content\Search\Mysql\Query::excludeDisabledApps() in /var/app/current/applications/core/modules/front/search/search.php on line 454
  9. still a bit cheeky to have it displayed on the forum, even though admins are the only ones who see it in my opinion it needs to be kept in the ACP just another thing to code out
  10. a notice appears at the top of your forum if you have not paid !!!!! that's really out of order the software was already paid for, on going fees are for support and updates. I presume this is on v4 ?
  11. would be useful to have some tools available, re-cache and post rebuild to start with. could save support a lot of time dealing with tickets, if people could try and fix issues then self's might be an idea to put v4 back to beta and fix all the bugs and issues, you only have to look through these forums and see what a disaster it is with all the issues its causing.
  12. the point is here, you should not have "to get used to it" just another issue that's going to get skipped over and yet another code edit or a plugin to sort
  13. permanently remove the gap between lines of text when starting a new line my members don't wont to keep having to do SHIFT+ENTER all the time or keep explaining the issue thanks
  14. looks like I have found the problem, another bug is there a script available to correct this issue or a way to rebuild the content again ??
  15. where do I adjust the image thumbnail size for forum posted images, I cannot find the option thank you
  16. where do I adjust the image thumbnail size, I cannot find the option thank you
  17. I have many youtube videos on my forum, after the upgrade the embedded video dimensions changed and are now to large/oversize. changing the maximum video width only changes future/new posted videos, an option to rebuild or auto change all videos on the forum to the new maximum video width setting would be helpful on ipb 3 I used to change the setting and re-cache and all the videos changed to the new size, so what's changed now I am stuck with oversize video !!
  18. that's not good as I have thousands of oversize embedded videos, I will check with support thanks again
  19. I changed youtube video size and image thumbnails, usually just re-cache content and it updates the new size in all posted content tried support tools and didn't make any difference thank you for your reply though
  20. need to re-cache my forum content but cannot find re-cache and rebuild tools options ? where are they as I have searched acp ? thank you
  21. Hi just updated from 3.4.8 to the latest but when I click on a thumbnail image, its acting like a download link and asking if I want to save or open the thumbnail is not opening a full size image ? any ideas, have I missed an option somewhere also why is it when I type a post comment and start a new sentence it puts a space between each line of text, cannot seam to close the gap/space thank you
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