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  1. It's a legacy Perpetual license... Note that at one time it was IPS hosted and the last upgrade the same issue occurred. Do you still want to look at it though it's not converted?
  2. This is certainly not working for me. I've installed several apps and they do not appear in the menu. The only items that appear is Calendar and Gallery. I upgraded this site from 3.1.2 > 3.4.2 and everything went fine. However, like I said the others app menu does not show my addons and I'm unable to access them. Any suggestions on fixing this?
  3. Mod says installed but no link found for it in admin cp/other apps.
  4. In fact, I think all albums should be viewed from profile page tbh... And public gallery would not include any albums if that makes sense. I rather view a members profiles and see his pics there instead of weeding through pics in neverland. :)
  5. Just "Make it like FaceBook" and call it a day ha ha ha! But all seriousness, I do like facebook method but a more neutral solution could be modeled after Flickr. I love the streams, sets and galleries as well the different size resolutions that pics are available for view and download. But for sure I agree with the masses that I am worn out on all the page refreshes to view next pic and etc... That's faecess old.
  6. My version of "Working as Designed"
  7. I think the screenshots in the download section really did get smaller lol

  8. It happens when you are idle, I know for sure. Every time I get a email alert of a new message, i then view the tab of my site still open and click messages... I get the popup right over the message list blocking my view of new messages. For example, I "CaptainNumNuts" pm''d me last but I do know that Becky has sent me a important message too... Well I have to close the popup from the person I wish not to respond to yet just to see the list of new pms. This is happening in the latest version of IPB and even happens on this site too.
  9. I would be happy with just the sidebar block that lets you mark them off the list by clicking the "X" (auto update) versus a tix box that you have to update via submit...The same thing applies when viewing the drop list. I don't think a whole new page is necessary and it's time consuming. Notifications are just that and to have a whole pagination setup just really makes me delete them all without even bothering to see what they are.
  10. I just hate really clicking on messages link to be presented with a notification popup. I'm already in the messages and can see what's new. I think when entering the messages area that no popups are presented. When I'm in a rush, they get in the way when trying to view the message list right away. They should only appear in all other sections and not the message section. Also, it would be nice to see the name of the person we are replying to on messages. Unless you are quoting them is the only indication. I and my members have complained of accidentally messaging the wrong persons when replying to messages. Just some kind of confirm above the post box like the last post by them sorta like the forums when you reply you can see other posts previous... I don't think all that's necessary but in the least something like "You are replying to CaptainNumNuts" I don't know if this is possible as I haven't fully explored it yet, but is it possible to combine "My Conversations" with the "New Messages" ? My newbies are driving me nuts cause they click on "messages" from the menu and don't see the old convo so they click compose a new. Logic to me suggests that link should show all convos considering there is already a popup bubble that displays the count of new messages if any existing that will filter them when clicked on, so why have both links act the same?The one in the drop menu imo would be more productive to display and act as the "My conversations" link. That way you can view all new and old. If you want to see new then just click on that tooltip alert that displays the count of new ones.
  11. I'm just replying in general but only admins can see the link thus guests or bots can't validate whether the link is formatted correctly. So that means the intent of that link falls back on to IPS and their reasons for not opening in new window. Most likely some customers, not us in the forums - You know the one's that call in may have complained about the link opening in new tab *cough* lol :P
  12. How do you set this up as I can't seem to locate this anywhere for a client of mine?
  13. THis mod is not working correctly... It hides from guests but not from groups.
  14. Can the lightbox preview of thumbnails get any smaller in the downloads system?

    1. glorify
    2. AndyF


      I'm sure I could play with the js to make them smaller :)

  15. What I like to see is the ability to disable mouse wheel from zooming in and out. The reason I say this is I typically scroll a page using mouse wheel but when I hit the map page to scroll down the map just zooms out so I cant see anything. Using the map slider does not positions the map back to its original point. I then have to refresh the page to reset the map and then carefully maneuver around it to my browser scroll bar to see full map. The only other solution I can suggest for this if not possible is to add a sidebar so that one can have room on side of map to scroll the page without it affecting the map zoom. Good job so far... Thanks.
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