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  1. Just a personal preference would sooner manually apply the patch files, same way I upgrade when needed. more control and I know what's been applied and what files have been changed.
  2. For future reference, how do I get the patches/files without running the support tool in the AdminCP ? I don't want to download the full set of files and replace my current ones each time there's a patch released. Thank you
  3. When content is reported by a member moderators/admin get a notification or email depending on there setup, these are not always seen. could the reported content icon show that there is an active report to be actioned, may be something similar to the notification icon or pulses or something to indicate there is a report waiting to be actioned.
  4. just disabled Emoji some of my members are complaining of slow load times and increased CPU on there desktop PC
  5. Hi The deleted content in the moderator cp is causing more work for our moderators due to it being so basic as it only shows the date when deleted and the moderator who deleted the post, let me explain further. When a post is deleted and it needs to be restored, viewing the deleted content section in moderator cp is very basic and shows no information on who the post author was and content information. The only way to find the post is by clicking on each heading that then takes you to the topic and scrolling through to find the post. Its not always found this way though as not all deleted posts are shown. Is there an option or a way to show more information like the old 3.4 version? who posted the comment (author), posts content. see my example of what we have to look through to find a certain post, as you can see from the example there is no indication on who posted the comment or what was in the post? i have removed the mods name. Thank you
  6. just came across this error on some of my members albums, ran the sql query and all sorted now thank you
  7. I am just thinking ahead due to my users starting to post a lot of Facebook videos and can see them being a issue slowing the loading of the forum, would be a good addition to a useful plugin. thank you for your reply
  8. could Facebook videos be included in this plugin ? thankyou
  9. php 7.2 not in cloud, don't worry I am away on holiday from tomorrow and will take another look when back uninstalled and reinstalled with new one, all options work and show correct except for the one I am trying to use "joined month year", if I switch to regular option the date is correct. switch back it goes to January 1970 thanks for your time
  10. installed on 4.3.1 but shows the incorrect join date most are January 1970 I have it set joined month year example post From admin
  11. just purchased, slight issue with when clicking the anonymous tab to change from anonymous to normal, the tab still stays on browse anonymously? Tried it on my demo and got it working on there but cannot get it working on my main forum. I read you are in the process of a new update, any idea when the new upgrade will be available?
    I have upgraded to 4.3.1 and its causing high MySQL cpu load, I have had to disable/remove the plugin. I am showing in admin an update available, is this for 4.3.1 and when will it be available thank you
  12. I must be honest I over looked the application permissions, just noticed the rise in guests viewing the forum and they were reading the content through "all activity" I will cast an eye over admin again just to make sure Thanks for your reply
  13. Guests can view the content of my forum through all activity on the top menu. Could someone point me in the right direction to disable guests from viewing the content of the forum. I cannot seem to find that one. There appears to be a lot of permission settings that I was not aware of, application permissions is one I missed Thank you sorry found it just as I posted, content discovery
  14. Sorry only going by what support told me, I was asking support why the system did not convert the embedded video to the new size and if theres a way to convert previously posted video. I have requested a solution for the video issue but no reply from them so far, I will ask again and see what they come up with. Thank you for your time
  15. I have been using this software since 2005 so well used to changes over the past years. Yes that video setting I am aware of but that only changes it for new content and not for old past content, if I could convert it I would not be stuck with this issue I have. may be responsive but when you have many sub forums, all you see is an endless list and lots of scrolling to view any thing. yes it does run good now but does need a lot of work to get it ticking over right. both from the admin cp and adjustments to the server it runs on. Thanks for your reply
  16. Hi The v4 is starting to be a real pain, as I said in a previous comment mobile use is extremely poor. Now on to my next main issue Converting the forum from 3.4 to v4 has converted all the embedded videos which were set at a reasonable size to huge video dimensions. One thing they look ridiculous being so big and another they are slowing/slugging the forum and in some cases freezing the browser while they load when opening topics that contain many videos. This issue did not happen on v3.4 due to the content width being adjusted correctly. I have contacted support and I appreciate there was no way of converting existing embedded videos over to v4, but that's no help for my situation. I need some sort of solution for the embedded video being full size, there must be a way, script of through the database? this is really effecting my forum when opening a topic with many videos posted. Newly posted videos are of cause the correct size its just the old ones. What with the issue of browsing the forum on a mobile phone being a nightmare and the video size. My daily member visits are dropped. V4 is a vast improvement with some good features but spoilt for me personally and my members by a few issues Cheers
  17. Hi just updated from v3.4 to v4.28 and most issues can be sorted but one main issue I and my users are having is using the forum on mobile phone or small devices. This just does not work and looks a mess to be quite honest, the old mobile theme was compact and basic but easy to use and navigate through the forum. The new responsive theme just does not work there is just to much scrolling trying to browse though the forum, for example when you have lots of sub forums as with my forum there's just an endless list of forums. you wear your finger out scrolling through them. its not good to say the least!!! V4 seams to use a lot more resources but a great improvement from when I tested it when it first came out, but you still have to do a lot of work to get it running right. Has topic title edit been removed from moderator options?
  18. I thought it was responsive but was not sure as I have two default themes for some reason on 4.28 and on my old setup had one desktop and one mobile. Looks a bit cluttered when using my mobile, especially when you have whos online and recent topic plugin enabled. Thanks for your replies
  19. Hi sure there must be a mobile skin/theme? just updated from 3.4 to 4.28 were is the mobile skin is there one with this version. Browsed with my mobile and it loads a full forum theme, if there is a mobile skin how do I get it to load when browsing through a mobile phone. thank you
  20. photobucket sometime back started charging for hot linking images, I have quite a few images on my forum and don't want to loose them. has anyone found a way of fixing this issue, or downloading them and updating the links on the forum, could do it manually but with 15000 images it would take to long. Tank you in advance for any help or advice
  21. I for one am getting fed-up with seeing these off topic notifications in my admin cp (news and updates), come on now start taking notice. if I was to start posting off topic comments and discussions in the wrong forum sections I would soon get pulled up about it
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