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  1. sorry to ask again i know your busy is members age going to be updated to 4.5, thank you
  2. Sounds like same issue i reported with both 4.4.10 and 4.5.4
  3. did you get a chance to look at this issue as its happening on both 4.4.10 and 4.5.4, i remember the issue appearing a few versions back and reporting it. a fix was applied to fix the issue but now its back again. 😞 Thank you
  4. I feel the gallery needs to be more appealing to users, not sure how though. The gallery on my forum always used to get used but unfortunately not been used for some time now.
  5. ahh yes you are correct, thought it changed both only changes avatar
  6. Hi sorry to bother you again but the issue i reported with my forum on 4.4.10, after testing on my demo forum running version 4.5.4 has the same issue. i will PM you a login to my demo forum.
  7. i can only download one version for 4.4.10 but will try again. going to upgrade soon so no worries
  8. was rebuilding my site and had to re-installed plugins, i clicked on the 4.4 version and download a fresh ban from topics download.file My plugin details info are (10008) Did it give me the wrong one ?
  9. Hi This issue is back again, using 4.4.10 and your latest version for 4.4 thank you
  10. Just a follow on from the original topic by DamonT On a forum i manage, my picks page is used and also promoted to the main index using the widget that's set to display three picks only. Due to the images being loaded full size on the forum index it really slows the loading of the forum, could there be some improvement to these features as i feel these have been over looked. On the main index block could images be reduced to thumbnails and on the My Picks Page an option to load fewer topics and thumbnails, both will help with page loading. Thank you
  11. @All AstronautsJust enquiring how KS update or remake is going? thank you for you time
  12. In your opinion Sorry Matt but i have to disagree, Once again a feature has been removed because you thought it wasn't useful or seams to read tat way. My members like to see the number of views on a topics and so do sponsors, its getting a little tiresome where i have to find a why of putting feature back or hope a developers has the time to create a plugin.
  13. How's the updates going to 4.5.3? When is this theme going to be updated ? no one can get any support or answers to there questions from Sherri over at ibtheme.com.
  14. Sorry to read you are having issues as it cannot be easy for you guys but thank you for your time and on going work, its all very much appreciated. Just one point i would like to pickup on is about not promoting resources on your site. This comment from Lindy seams to suggest you can although it can be interpreted in a few different ways
  15. bearback

    Post Number

    if this does not get updated, this one works ok, manual install though
  16. Thank you for this topic I was just looking how to remove "Large time gaps between posts" and "Moderation events between post" The options are not needed and take up more space, just trying to condense the theme down a bit
  17. got to admit even with all available options showing and enabled there is still a lot of white space and does not look good. needs reducing or options moving to reduce the space. Apart from that the theme seems a lot brighter than the previous one.
  18. did members age get approved for 4.5.2 ? thank you
  19. bearback

    Post Number

    not working for me on 4.5.2 tried default theme and still does not show
  20. cannot install through ACP marketplace as says not compatible, guess its not been approved yet for 4.5? Has it been summited yet for approval?
  21. Any update for CJ Duplicate Member Logger? thank you
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