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  1. Hi, Contabo recently launched its own s3, but there's a problem here. The documentation shows that it is based on the Ceph and using it is a bit different. Someone tried to connect it to the forum and knows how to do it? There is an error all the time connecting to the S3 server ;/ https://docs.contabo.com/docs/products/Object-Storage/technical-description
  2. Is it possible to add temporary urls for the backblaze?
  3. Thanks for mentioning this. Yes, the problem is with a different language in ACP and another language in the forum.
  4. Hi, I encountered a small error while copying the forums, copied forums have the title "Copy" instead of "title - Copy". (Only ACP bug) 2021-08-08 03-16-27.mp4 Is it an intentional trick or an error in displaying the title?
  5. works for me, maybe you have too much caching time
  6. I downloaded the latest version again and the problem is solved.
  7. Hi, after updating to the WhosOnline widget has stopped working, it shows the number of guests but no longer users - it also doesn't add us to the list. Changes in new version - https://www.diffchecker.com/h8DBM9Ck Data storage -> File system / Caching -> None Only Redis works ;/ $users = empty array
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