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    @-RAW- little issue is on the pane I have it selected to show 6 but it doesnt show it correctly and shows an unlimited amount. May need to fix this Also why not be able to set it up so the member can sort which ones he wants to show first not default the latest ones? Or maybe the default is the latest ones but they can MANUALLY sort it? Also there should be a total amount showing correctly, this was working in the last version fine but it is not anymore. Quite bothersome really. But I know bugs can happen.
  2. @Mike John yes of course, this is why I am waiting so patiently for the authorize.net. Is there anyway to create an invoice for me, ill pay for the customization at this point. I have a lot of people that want to donate but payza is very buggy and the hold they put on funds is ridiculous. Check attached screenshot.
  3. would love to get some support on this....
  4. ok @Mike John here's a brain picker for you. So I got an email from Payza that a donation went thru for 5 bucks, but when I look at the donation log and donators on the back end it shows nothing and I have it all configured like it says. They charge huge fees, $1 for a $5 donation. Wow
  5. @Mike John the SQL error are pretty bad when you go to fix errors and hit fixing errors doesnt fix them. The next issue you have is the payza which isnt you but its a bad option. You try to type any credit card number in it has to begin with 3 or 4 otherwise it clears the form. So this is bad on their account. Authorize.net would be ideal at this point, I know you said future update will have that in it
  6. @Mike John is it possible to use authorize.net AS a gateway? This would be really nice as payza is a VERY long process, been waiting a month back off and on with the company. PayPal I just dont ilke and paymentwall is just the same. Authorize.net I think is a huge gateway that others have requested. Instead of using donations in commerce (yours is more robust) I would like to use yours but I need the same gateway for the both of them.
  7. I cant see a way to put a script in a post, I have tried source, I have tried to put it in the description of the forum but I cant. I know I can edit the template files but I want a code to unlock when they open a topic that has a certain script attached to this. Where EXACTLY does this make it possible?
  8. issues im having its not showing the prefixes on the main page
  9. also in the latest version its not showing on the main page in next to the title but it does show next to the topic in the forum
  10. In every previous version this was an option. How do you remove old orphaned attachments, old emoticon shortcuts that are reused. Recount peoples posts when they were deleted or the threads. Or just about any other feature that was in every previous version, I mean even in 2.0 it was there. I dont understand why such a key detrimental thing like recount and rebuild has been removed. Please bring this back as it helps keep boards free of OLD images, old avatars, and just about everything else
    Great app, just no support at all for authorize.net
  11. @Mike John how come we cant use the payment gateway authorize.net that comes with commerce/nexus? I have tried to upload the folder to it since thats where all the other folders and gateway settings are but no good
  12. How come paymentwall is grayed out? The instructions are out of date and I cant seem to edit anything to link it to my account. No such api's or secret keys unless im leaving something out. Authorize.net would be ncie as someone else request this as well
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