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  1. Does this app can replace keywords with links? For instance every time it finds a keyword, let's say Digital Ocean or Digital Ocean, replace it with a link like <a href="https://digitalocean.com/ref/myusername">Digital Ocean</a> ?
  2. Got it..Then I will add transparency through custom CSS code however would be awesome to be added through settings 🙂 Thanks for taking a look anyway.
  3. Can you please change the validation settings so I would be able to add hex code including transparency? For instance I would like to add this background color: #068a9185
    Awesome plugin. The dev put a lot of work into it and created a nice app that works exactly as advertised. It help us blocking the members that join our communities only to post spam.
  4. Fixed the logging but not the reindex.
  5. I get errors on when I try to reindex members or log actions: SELECT count(*) FROM `x_utf_ibf_indisposable_logs` AS `indisposable_logs` IPS\Db\Exception: Table 'USER.x_utf_ibf_indisposable_logs' doesn't exist (1146) #0 /PATH/public/system/Db/Select.php(373): IPS\_Db->preparedQuery('/*IPS\\Helpers\\T...', Array, true) #1 //PATH//public/system/Db/Select.php(436): IPS\Db\_Select->runQuery() #2 //PATH//public/system/Db/Select.php(355): IPS\Db\_Select->rewind() #3 //PATH/public/system/Helpers/Table/Db.php(308): IPS\Db\_Select->first() #4 //PATH//public/system/Helpers/Table/Table.php(484): IPS\Helpers\Table\_Db->getRows(Array) #5 //PATH//public/applications/indisposable/modules/admin/indisposable/logs.php(101): IPS\Helpers\Table\_Table->__toString() #6 /PATH//public/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php(96): IPS\indisposable\modules\admin\indisposable\_logs->manage() #7 //PATH//public/applications/indisposable/modules/admin/indisposable/logs.php(26): IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute() #8 //PATH//public/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(152): IPS\indisposable\modules\admin\indisposable\_logs->execute() #9 //PATH//public/admin/index.php(14): IPS\_Dispatcher->run() #10 {main}
  6. Awesome app. Going to purchase it right now as will help us get our communities cleaner. Just wondering..does have the functionality to move the members that already use a disposable email to a new group or at least remove them from receiving our newsletters? Would help
  7. I just purchased this plugin. Hope it will impulsionate the dev @Nathan Explosion to add a links limitation. 🙂I tried to add it myself however coding of this plugin is out of my current knowledge.
  8. Can't wait for the new version which will limit links. We see a huge increase of users that signup just to drop a link and then never come back or posting anything useful. So if you can add a limitation of links in the message I would set up a members group for members that just signed up and till they make 5-10 useful posts without links they will not be promoted to regular member group where they can posts links.
    Great app and the new feature Time day is a nice addition. It would be great if we could add multiple welcome messages so we can send one after 1st hour, second after a new day, third after a week etc.
    I think that's the fastest purchase I've done in my entire life. Saw it, paid for it, downloaded, installed. work as expected 😉 Congrats to the developer.
  9. Any chance to add an option to moderate content with links for a specified group of members only? Would be great and I could use it on my forum
  10. I found this app useful for almost all communities as I started to see an increased number of users that register only to leave links and never return. As @NeedCoffee suggested Number of posts till someone is able to post a link is useful because most of the spammers will not make 5 or 10 posts before blasting a link and they will leave while legitimate users will take time to build their profile and post number before placing any links.
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