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  1. I would love to chat about your concerns there. Feel free to PM me 😀
  2. I am not sure I agree there. Even hobby communities can take advantage of new features. You have to move forward if you don't want to get left behind 🙂
  3. Totally understand many do. It's why we will continue to offer the Classic edition in v5 🙂 Always open to hear from people on what is holding them back though even if we cannot change your mind it's good to chat and learn. Always open for PMs 🙂
  4. We may bring Courses to Classic in the future. For the moment, Courses is a value addition to those on our cloud platform. The statistics improvements are mostly available for both cloud and classic editions other than a few extras that are cloud only. Feel free to PM me or we can do a Zoom call to discuss options about switching to cloud to take advantage of new technologies.
  5. We may bring Courses to Classic in the future. For the moment, Courses is a value addition to those on our cloud platform.
  6. It will not for the first version but we do plan on Clubs integration.
  7. We are focusing on things that will impact the widest varieties of communities. I know it can be confusing when something you use is not available and something you do not use is made available. We simply have to look at the widest impact we can make with our resources and client needs 😀
  8. Live Topics can create Events so sounds like we just need to integrate Events with Courses.
  9. An issue was fixed today impacting communities in the EU region using video transcoding services. The transcoding services were not properly recognizing requests for transcoding a video as US vs EU and therefore failing.
  10. Actually I said I agreed with you 🙂 I was just wanting to clarify if you literally could not use it or if you just did not like it.
  11. We are experimenting with auto-publishing blog posts to the forum and using that for comments. We will see if it works 😀
  12. This is a pretty old topic. Which part were you wondering about?
  13. I am curious to understand why you say you “can’t use gallery” in this situation. I understand you have a clearly strong preference for the page to not reload (and I agree with you) but, while perhaps not a perfect solution, it does not stop you from browsing images.
  14. Our team will look at your import request tomorrow. That team is not 24/7 so does not work weekends 😀
  15. Just a friendly reminder that we offer free transfers from Classic to Cloud and a credit for your existing license. Feel free to contact me with questions or to schedule a Zoom call to discuss 😀
  16. You posted in the “my site is broken and it’s my server’s fault” section 😀 I moved it to general help area.
  17. Yes, just email accounts@invisionpower.com and they can take care of that for you.
  18. Thanks for confirming everything is working!
  19. Update on Live Topics: Live Topics will be available as an open beta in the April release. It will be available to all package types during the beta stage without limits.
  20. It sounds like something outside of Invision Community is doing… something.
  21. That does sound kind of odd. Almost like something is being cached somewhere.
  22. When you say integrate with Events how would you see that working?
  23. Just teasing new Courses feature in production but I mean it DOES support "required" Courses so maybe I could make you 😉
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