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  1. Applications have all files inside their /application folder. For plugins, instead, part of the data is used only when installing and is not saved anywhere. That's the problem. While it's possible to re-create the plugin from the files left on the server, it's not possible to simply re-install them. You'd need to hire someone to redo the plugin for you from the files.
  2. That's something you should bring up with your hosting. It's related to MySQL rather than Invision Community itself.
  3. That's a lot of files. Fixing all of them manually would be hard, indeed. The best option would be to somehow recover those files, but I assume that's not an option. The only other option I can think of is a tool to go through them and remove the links to missing files. There is no such tool in Invision Community, though. You'll have to write it yourself or hire someone to do it for you.
  4. I don't recall anything being changed in that class recently. 🤔 The best option is to ask the developer who made it for assistance. Since you're posting here I assume they're no longer available?
  5. Based on the error, it can't find the member or group data. Check that the database was imported correctly.
  6. Yeah, based on your reply I agree with Randy that most likely MySQL and/or something else on the server is not configured correctly.
  7. The site being "slow" doesn't tell us much. What exactly is slow? Posting a new topic/reply? Uploading files? Open specific pages? Loading all pages in general?
  8. Yeah, if the backup contains only the database, you'll have to first upgrade that database to the last version. In case you already have a forum up and running with data, you'll need to use the converters app to import the data from the old backup into your current forum.
  9. Ah, yes. I encountered that same issue recently on a client's site using my Moods application. Adding backticks solved it. I didn't think of that because without backticks the query threw a specific error about having a wrong LIMIT value, and you didn't mention anything like that. 😅
  10. Have you double-checked the old task isn't present anymore in the tasks.json file? I had the same issue once, and the problem was that the code kept re-adding it because it was still in the file.
  11. Read this topic: https://invisiondevs.com/topic/27-how-to-downloadpurchase-files/ However, ignore the first part about the deposit and look at the last line: I guess @Kirill Gromov will update your group once he sees your reply(?).
  12. @Marc Stridgen The site being unable to reach the license server shouldn't generate those multiple warnings in ACP, though. It's something that should be looked into. 😋
  13. It's not listed in the new Marketplace's site. You can find it directly on the developer's site: https://invisiondevs.com/files/file/2-robokassa-payment-gateway/
  14. No, there is no option to moderate blog entries. I assume that's because blogs are technically "owned" by the users who create them. You'll need some kind of custom modification to add blog entries to the approval queue like other content. Unless one already exists, but I don't remember seeing one.
  15. The template core > front > profile > allFollowers was updated in 4.7.14 to include type casting for the page value in the bottom pagination: {template="pagination" group="global" app="core" location="global" params="$url, ceil( $followersCount / 50 ), (int) \IPS\Request::i()->page ?: 1, 50"} However, the top pagination in the same template is still missing the (int) type casting: {template="pagination" group="global" app="core" location="global" params="$url, ceil( $followersCount / 50 ), \IPS\Request::i()->page ?: 1, 50"}
  16. The articles page is the default one when you install the application. You simply need to select the new page you made as the default one. You can do so from the menu on the right of the page's row. Open it and click on Make default page for this folder.
  17. Do you have the Pages application? If you do, you can set it up as the default application and create your homepage there. With that, the forum URL will become https://www.scalewings.org/forums/ without needing to use a "swoc" subfolder.
  18. Their site has been having more and more issues lately. I'd suggest to your members to use another hosting image service.
  19. Small trick: Compress all the files you have to upload into a single ZIP file, upload it to the server, and then uncompress it through SSH. It saves a lot of time. 🙂
  20. https://invisioncommunity.com/clientarea/free-trial
  21. Yes. But remember that together with the files, you also need the correct PHP version, though. You're likely using PHP 7.4 or an earlier version because 4.5 doesn't support PHP 8. (Support for PHP 8.0 was added in 4.6 if I remember correctly.)
  22. A few points: Until you upload the new 4.7.14 files in the correct location, the upgrade script will tell you there's nothing to upgrade. After uploading the new files you get a 500 error because the last 4.7.14 version requires PHP 8 and you still need to run the upgrader from /admin/upgrade. If you want to be sure the upgrade works correctly, you could try a test upgrade on a copy of the forum on another folder/server first.
  23. There's a plugin by @Adriano Faria to remove the Pages option from the quick search menu. That would make it default to Everywhere in your situation. However, after the move from the IPS Marketplace, the plugin is missing from his site. I've already let him know. You can keep an eye on his site for when it's re-added: https://www.sosinvision.com.br/ Another option would be to convert the pins database to a custom application or a database in the Pages application. That would take quite a lot of time to get things set up, though. 😋
  24. For Application.php you can use: /** * Cleanup after saving * * @param bool $skipMember Skip clearing member cache clearing * @return void * @note This is abstracted so it can be called externally, i.e. by the support tool */ public static function postToggleEnable( $skipMember=FALSE ) { # Parent call parent:postToggleEnable( $skipMember ); # Your code here # [...] } Or you can also extend set_enabled(): /** * [Node] Set whether or not this node is enabled * * @param bool|int $enabled Whether to set it enabled or disabled * @return void */ protected function set__enabled( $enabled ) { # Parent call parent:set__enabled( $enabled ); # Your code here # [...] } They actually use set_enabled() to switch the application's tasks (which is what you want to do with the login handler): /* Update other app specific task statuses */ \IPS\Db::i()->update( 'core_tasks', array( 'enabled' => (int) $this->enabled ), array( 'app=?', $this->directory ) );
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