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  1. Based on the description, this modification does what you want:
  2. Yup. The problem is that the from value is an integer, but the to value is an array instead and he's passing it as an integer: to array One or more user IDs conversation is sent to
  3. As Nathan said, the htaccess files are different: The htaccess file for friendly/rewrite URLs goes into the root folder (where the conf_global.php file is located). The htaccess file for the API goes into the /api folder.
  4. You can use the DB class to run queries, there is no need to use a separate dbconnect.php file:
  5. Are the vBulletin files available on the server where Invision Community is installed? Unless they are on the same server, and in a folder the converter application can access, it won't work.
  6. Indeed. Based on your screenshot, there is no API KEY being passed as a parameter. Your developer can read more about it on this page: https://invisioncommunity.com/developers/rest-api
  7. The second setting Rewrite URLs? in your screenshot is disabled. When that setting is disabled all your URLs will contain the index.php?/ part I added above for the API URL. Enabling the setting and uploading the required .htaccess file will get rid of that part. And the original API URL in the documentation will work without having to use the updated URL I provided in my previous reply.
  8. Since you have Friendly URLs disabled, your developer needs to use this URL instead: https://forum.pinpics.com/api/index.php?/core/messages I suggest enabling FURLs on the server, though. The URLs will look cleaner and will be easier to read. Also, Friendly URLs will be a requirement in v5: It would be best to enable them now and also have the links indexed by search engines with that format from the start.
  9. The unique hash for the RSS is generated in this order: If the user is a guest, it generates a random string. If the user is logged in and has a password hash, it generates a unique key based on it. (People who login with a 3rd party account, like FB or X, might not have it.) If the user is logged in but has no password hash, a random unique hash is generated for their account, and there is no way to edit it. (It would require a modification, or you can edit it directly in the database.) So, to make a quick summary, as long as you change the account's password, the unique hash is regenerated and the old URL won't work anymore for them.
  10. Add the Custom Blocks widget from the Pages app in the sidebar, then edit its settings and select the trending topics block.
  11. Check that mod_rewrite is available and enabled. You can disable FURLs as a workaround, but it would be better to get mod_rewrite working.
  12. Unless you share the "XXX Latest Topics" feed link, nobody can access it. It contains your member ID and a unique key for your account. Since it's a private club, people without access to it will never even see the link.
  13. Have you checked that the webhook in Stripe is setup properly? I know someone who had the same issue recently, and their webhook was missing several events. Because of this, the site was not receiving the correct data and left the payment marked as pending.
  14. He can use the REST API to create a new personal conversation: https://invisioncommunity.com/developers/rest-api?endpoint=core/messages/POSTindex There are also 2 other APIs to add replies to an existing personal conversation or to delete it entirely.
  15. No, the only way to roll back is to restore a backup made before the upgrade.
  16. The timeframe is available in the Deprecation Tracker: 2025/2026
  17. If you need help with the upgrade have a look at the Providers Directory, specifically the profiles with the Upgrade Services badge: https://invisioncommunity.com/third-party/providers-directory/ 🙃
  18. This one probably works with 4.4 too, but you should double-check with the developer just in case: https://v0rt3x.dev/files/file/8-back-2-top/ Since the file is available from the developer's site, you'll be able to download it without being restricted by the 4.7 version check of the marketplace.
  19. It's a big upgrade for sure. You'll need to update the server to PHP 8, and if you use modifications, you'll need to find new ones for 4.x because the old ones aren't compatible. The theme also needs to be updated/changed. If you're unsure or want help to be sure you're doing everything correctly, hiring a Provider that offers Upgrade Services will help a lot: https://invisioncommunity.com/third-party/providers-directory/ I've done plenty of upgrades from 3.4 myself. Your 3.3 version is slightly older, but it shouldn't be too much trouble.
  20. This guide is for 4.x, so the location to the clear cache option is different for 3.x, other than that the process is the same:
  21. The new version with the fix for the "Tell a friend" widget is up on my site: https://invisionbyte.net/files/file/283-tb-qr-code-share-service/
  22. I have quite a few clients that use this app. I might be interested in taking it over, but I need more details about v5 first. Until I take a look at its code, I'm not sure.
  23. What plugin did you install? It's possible that it's not compatible with PHP 8, or maybe you're on an older Invision Community version and the plugin requires a newer version to work.
  24. Yes, change that part to HTTPS and then clear the cache in ACP > Support:
  25. As mentioned above, mentioning a group is not supported by default. There is a modification available for it though: With the marketplace closing you can't purchase it anymore, though. It doesn't seem this developer has set up a place somewhere else to sell his mods yet, but try posting in the support topic or contacting him directly.
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