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  1. It's the name of IPS's hosting service: Community in the Cloud.
  2. Not really. The setting may speed up things slightly based on the server configuration, but I found it causes problems more often than not. Personally, I suggest leaving it disabling.
  3. Yes, it skips the account. The code doesn't account for updating existing ones. Your only options are: Delete the imported members and re-import them with the proper field selected for the join date. If the accounts are only a few, manually update the unix timestamps directly in the database. (Always make a backup before any manual edits.) If you have a lot of accounts, create a script to automatically update the joined unix timestamp. Give up on updating the joined date. 😋
  4. Try disabling completely the template disk caching setting for now. Does that fix the issue?
  5. From which version are you upgrading? Also, which PHP version is the server using? I've never seen this error before. I've seen the session one plenty of times, but never together with the other about the return type not being compatible.
  6. This topic has been showing up as unread for the past ~10 days in the Unread Content stream. Can you do something about it @Matt? The new blog entry you just posted disappeared properly. 😅
  7. IPS always provides only the latest version for download. Unless you have the older version already downloaded on your computer (which doesn't seem to be the case since you just took over the forum), the only version available right now is 4.7.14 which requires PHP 8. Is your problem that the server doesn't have PHP 8 available yet? Or just that you're unsure of how to upgrade the forum to the latest version and change the PHP version at the same time? If it's the former, I would change hosting since PHP 8 has been available for a long while now. If it's the latter, there are ways to upgrade.
  8. Instead of the number of followers, it might just be the SMTP server being slow in its starting reply. Switch temporarily to PHP mail and try again to post something. Does the delay disappear?
  9. I think that notifications might be delaying the submission process. What Email method are you using to send out notifications? PHP mail, SMTP, Sendgrid?
  10. Does the topic you're replying to have a lot of followers? Or does it happen also for topics with few or zero followers?
  11. @DawPi It's the extension file in the core app: \applications\core\extensions\core\Sitemap\Content.php
  12. Only 1 task was changed in the 4.7.14 upgrade: https://invisioncommunity.com/release-notes/4714-r126/ The task was changed to run every hour instead of every 15 minutes like before, and the code to generate sitemaps was changed, too.
  13. The missing <li> elements issue is something I reported a few days ago:
  14. PHP 8.2 is not supported, and the upgrade script from 3.1 was never really tested using PHP 8. Even the 3.4 version was barely tested with it. Downgrade PHP to version 8.0 and try again. You'll still get a few errors most likely, but far less than using an unsupported PHP 8.2 version at least.
  15. You can find the SVG files inside this XML file in your ZIP: \applications\core\data\achievements\ranks.xml In the same folder, you can also find the Badges in badges.xml. Both files have the images encoded with base_64.
  16. Version 4.7.14 adds 1 new setting and removes 2 others: { "added": [ "x_hashtag" ], "edited": [], "removed": [ "mp_onboard_complete", "twitter_hashtag" ] } The mp_onboard_complete setting is removed in the \applications\core\setup\upg_107720\queries.json file: "8": { "method": "delete", "params": [ "core_sys_conf_settings", [ "conf_app=? AND conf_key=?", "core", "mp_onboard_complete" ] ] }, The twitter_hashtag setting is instead left so that the upgrade.php script in the same folder can copy the value into the new x_hashtag one (step2). However, once the copy is done, the old twitter_hashtag setting is not deleted from the database.
  17. On a fresh install, both Twitter and X share links are inserted in the core_share_links table. This happens because the file \applications\core\data\schema.json was updated in 4.7.14 to insert a new row (ID 10), but the old one (ID 0) was not removed: "inserts": { "0": { "share_id": 1, "share_title": "Twitter", "share_key": "twitter", "share_enabled": 1, "share_position": 1, "share_groups": "*" }, [...] "10": { "share_id": "13", "share_title": "X", "share_key": "x", "share_enabled": "1", "share_position": "13", "share_canonical": "1", "share_groups": "*", "share_autoshare": "0" } },
  18. In the latest 4.7.14 version, the template core > front > global > siteSocialProfiles was changed to add support for X (former Twitter) share link, but the <LI> element was mistakenly changed to an <A> element instead. 4.7.13 version: <li class='cUserNav_icon'> 4.7.14 version: <a class='cUserNav_icon'> You can easily compare it in the Theme Differences tool, too: https://invisioncommunity.com/index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=plugins&do=diff
  19. Ah, yes. If the forum is in a folder the .htaccess above won't work (the one he posted didn't have a folder, either). It's best if you download the file again directly from the ACP.
  20. What kind of custom changes exactly? It's possible that IPS simply applied patches for bugs they investigated, which aren't exactly "custom changes". However, based on Jim's reply, rather than IPS doing something for you, it seems you hired a 3rd party provider.
  21. Is there some kind of error code, file, or row number together with that error? With just that alone, it's hard to understand where the issue could be.
  22. You're missing a couple of rows. The latest .htaccess for 4.7 is this one: <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> Options -MultiViews RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteRule \.(js|css|jpeg|jpg|gif|png|ico|map|webp)(\?|$) /404error.php [L,NC] RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteRule . /index.php [L] </IfModule> Re-download the file from your ACP, or use paste the content above in it.
  23. The tables look fine. Just to double-check, is the warning message in ACP the same as before? The warning might have changed from the tables being MyISAM to the InnoDB tables using a COMPACT row format instead of DYNAMIC.
  24. Does it work in incognito mode or with another browser? Sometimes Chrome is too aggressive in caching pages, and it might have cached that error page.
  25. Some language keys are empty on purpose. They're needed because the framework expects them to exist and would throw errors while developing otherwise. If you find an empty string just ignore it. 🙂
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