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  1. Would it be a nightmare to upgrade to the latest version? It's using MariaDB and PHP 5.
  2. I am running on version 3.3.4. My shared host has Cpanel/WHM has SSL certificates for my domain. How do I enable SSL for entire forum? Thanks.
  3. I don't think my host enabled that option. All I see is this: Account Backups You do not have any automatically generated backups that are currently available. Your server administrator or server owner must enable this feature.
  4. I have a reseller account with WHM/Cpanel access. How do you guys set it to automatically backup your database daily? Is there a script that I can enable and have it automatically download to another remote ftp server or another location?
  5. I paid $40 to renew support last week. After entering the license key, it shows an error: There was an error contacting the license server, please try again later I've tried everyday for the past 5 days. I suspect the activation server address in the code have changed since my board is quite old.
  6. Hi. I recently migrated from a dedicated to a shared server. The forum sends a lot of emails to members for various notifications, such as new topics replies, New creates topics, etc. and many of them are to invalid addresses. As a result, mailchannela, he 3rd party mail server that the host uses, deferred/blocked the forum from sending emails. Support said that based on the volume of emails, I should be using a transactional email service. Any recommendations?
  7. Not really a fix but workaround. The new member always receives an email regardless of which setting previously.
  8. In the setting under Security and Privacy > New registration email validation I changed it from Admin Validation to User then Admin Validation and the emails are sent out to new members. This is strange, it would always send an email when it was previously set to Admin Validation on my old host.
  9. It seems the email was never sent as it does not show up in "Track Delivery" in Cpanel. The emails for new PM does show up there though.
  10. My board is on 3.3.4. Emails for new PMs and PM replies are sent but none for new member registrations. I have tested by using a few email addresses. Is there a different email setting for new registration emails?
  11. That worked! 🙂 Thanks so much, the community support is excellent.
  12. I have no control over the database version as it's a shared host. 99% of the forum works. Heck, can't even get into ACP to perform any admin tasks and it would likely have issues with the new MySQL versions. It would be a major pita at this point. I just want a functioning forum, the version is fine the way it is. Hope someone can tell me how to modify the code.
  13. Would support login to my server if needed? I thought I have to submit Email support ticket for that but it's not allowing me to in the Client Area. I wasn't planning on upgrading the forum as it's using some hooks that haven't been updated in many years. Well, my web host replied with this message: This is another issue with your code being very old unfortunately, new versions of MySQL/MariaDB reserve the "rows" keyword and it cannot be used as an identifier in queries unless the keyword is quoted(https://mariadb.com/kb/en/reserved-words/). That query would need to be modified to SELECT count(*) as "rows" FROM ibf_sessions WHERE running_time > 1696555169 to work correctly. I'm afraid there isn't anything we can do on our end to fix this, you will need to modify the code for your site. I also wanted to add that recovery mode doesn't work after adding this to constants.php file. <?php define('RECOVERY_MODE',True);
  14. Ok, I found sql error log in the cache folder. Date: Fri, 06 Oct 2023 02:19:29 +0000 Error: 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near 'rows FROM ibf_sessions WHERE running_time > 1696555169' at line 1 IP Address: - /admin/index.php?adsess=e7a8276df23be0cc48516f61f108852c& ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- mySQL query error: SELECT count(*) as rows FROM ibf_sessions WHERE running_time > 1696555169 .--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. | File | Function | Line No. | |----------------------------------------------------------------------------+-------------------------------------------------------------------------------+-------------------| | admin/sources/base/ipsController.php | [admin_core_mycp_dashboard].doExecute | 306 |
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