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  1. Honestly probably not, I tend to only develop things that I need then release them on the off-chance somebody has the same needs. If/when SparkPost stops working I will complete your requests 🙂 Sorry.
  2. Version 1.0.2


    This application will allow you to integrate seamlessly with Nolt.io, with the option of having a modal dialog. Includes Single Sign On integration so your users can post feedback and reports without having to make a new account at Nolt.io. Nolt.io is a modern user feedback & suggestions app with: Issue down and up voting A roadmap Markdown support Single Sign On Custom branding Board privacy Duplication detection Email reports Installation: Make an account at Nolt.io and create your SSO key Install the app in admincp Visit the Nolt Integration settings and enter your SSO key, and your board name (for e.g. if your board is https://awesomeboard.nolt.io then enter awesomeboard) Enter the menu manager in admincp and create a Nolt.io Link and place it wherever you want in your menu. There is also a basic widget if you'd prefer to use that.


    This app has a presumably accidental line of code left in it that simultaneously prevents any payment from succeeding and also leaks your payssion api & private keys to anybody who tries to make a purchase!! Do NOT purchase this in its current state. Have contacted the dev about this, if he resolves it I will change my review.
    Doesn't work, shows the original 'pages' icon next to whatever you set so app is useless in its current state.
  3. I created a little application to do just this, if it helps
  4. Version 1.0.0


    I personally really like the support ticket system in Commerce, however one thing that has always annoyed me is that users don't get notifications when a staff member replies to their ticket. This application will notify the user (either by inline notification or email, depending on their settings (defaults to inline)) that their ticket has had a reply and will take them to it if clicked.


  5. I just asked them to increase my monthly allowance and they did
  6. You are currently sending via SMTP, rather than over REST API. There are, in my opinion two major drawbacks to using SMTP rather than SparkPost's REST API: SMTP is up to 2000 times slower than sending via SparkPost's REST API. SMTP allows sending one email per request, whereas SparkPost recommend sending 2000 per request with their REST API. Sending via SMTP will show the server IP from which you sent the message in the 'Recieved' email header, whereas with REST API your server IP is hidden. For people who are the target of DDoS attacks, this is a major problem as all it would take for an attacker to get your server IP would be to make an account and get a registration email - after which they can DDoS your server. This of course is quite specific to my needs but the concept applies to anybody in theory.
  7. The problem with sending via SMTP directly is that your server IP gets leaked in the email headers. Even SendGrid do this via their REST API for some reason. Fortunately SparkPost do not so I'll stick with my app as I prefer not to expose my server IP as its a major security risk. Also SMTP sending is slow as hell. I prefer sending 2k mails per request rather than one.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    This application will re-enable SparkPost emails over REST API. Installation: Install the .tar application via the admincp Setup the SparkPost API Key via admincp -> Settings -> Email Settings Send a test email to make sure its working and off you go!


  9. Since Invision in their infinite wisdom decided to remove support for SparkPost, this forced me (and many others) to use an alternative method to send emails. I, for one, found this to be a huge problem. The only real solution for me was SendGrid so I switched to it, I was immediately blocked for "spam" and after a talk with their support I got unblocked. Furthermore, the cheapest package on SendGrid is $20 per month for 40k emails. With SparkPost I got 100k FREE per month. Also my emails are edited by SendGrid, they change the links to point to their own servers, apparently this is because of "click tracking", but I have this option turned off -- this makes all my images not display correctly in the emails. Anyway, I decided to make an application to add SparkPost support back in which I have released on the marketplace:
  10. Income reports are broken in 4.3. The once nice tabular display of monthly income has been replaced by a list of users for some reason. Please bring it back or fix it as I use it for importing directly into Excel for some accounting.
  11. I believe the text warning about anti fraud rules to be incorrect. For example when I create some rules i get this message: It says the the last rule that matches all conditions will be used. However, this is simply not true. If I have a rule called 'refuse' that blocks all transactions with a maxmind score of over 30, and another rule that holds for approval any transaction that has a maxmind score of over 3. If I order them so that refuse is after the approve rule (aka, it is the LAST rule, it never gets hit even with transactions with a 99% maxmind score). I went ahead and checked the code, and indeed it doesn't pick the last rule, it will use end the rule lookup when it finds the first matching one: foreach ( \IPS\nexus\Fraud\Rule::roots() as $rule ) { if ( $rule->matches( $this ) ) { $this->fraud_blocked = $rule; $this->save(); return $rule->action; <---- matching rule found, end the loop here?!?! } } I'm just pointing this out because the fraud rules have confused me for such a long time, so now I know why I'm posting here. Regards
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