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  1. Classifieds licence ? I thought I should only pay the renewal licence (20$). I have to buy again the whole licence ?
  2. Oh my god (and in french : oh purée c'est vraiment pourri !) : I got it What I can say : it is not very easy to find this feature... But thank you for help
  3. @Paul E. Thank you for your help Now I can see the first step to do But When I see all members and then I click Spammers box, i see only spammers, but I don't see any links with Prune keywords. 😔
  4. Maybe I am on my bad day, or maybe I am tired, but now I promise you I am not joking So, there is two solutions : - we will stay in like this - you will help a silly boy telling how to find the f...ing prune button :) Ok I have just see your last post, I am going to try what you show in I click on member then SPAMMERS then I search for keyword PRUNE then I click on Prune members found and then :
  5. So I should do a search on what ? google ? Invision community ? this topic? My admin panel ?
  6. Thanks for help it is very useful @Nathan Explosion Maybe you do that all days, or maybe english is your first language, but it is not case about me So I ask for help. If you don't want to help me, no problem for me
  7. Hi, Where is the prune button ? Thank you
  8. Hi, I have just updated to 4.5 My Classifieds apps version is 2.02 I understand the new classified version is not yet approved by IPS, but why I have to pay again, not just renew ? I am back after a few years off from IPS community, so sorry if I miss something that is clear for everyone. Thank you 🙂
  9. Hi @InvisionHQ I set Classifieds app as default app, so now the index of classifieds is on my root domain name mydomain.com/ When I click on the icon of a category to "Mark category as read", it redirects to mydomain.com/?controller=browse But it is an empty page. Why it doesn't redirect to mydomain.com/ (for example) ? How could I fix that ? Thank you !
  10. Hi, I don't know where is the best place to post the issue about Keywords Tooltip (here or on your site) So I post it to both. 🙂 On all post there is spaces added around all punctuation When the app Keywords Tooltip is deactivated, the issue disapear Could you fix this issue ? Thank you
  11. Hi, This issue is caused by the Keywords Tooltip application I deactived the app, and the issue disapeared.
  12. it happen for all posts (mine and others) and with all themes
  13. This is happening only on user post only on the forum. (both old post and new post) Others apps are ok, and language system is ok too
  14. Hi, On my forum topic messages - with official theme or others themes - there are spaces around punctuation since I upgrade my invision cms to the latest version. If I edit the text, the spaces are not present. How could I fix this problem ? Thank you
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