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  1. Hi, Is this file updated for 4.4 : I would be great is this file give the minimum configuration and the recommanded configuration If it can't, could anyone give me these informations ? I would like to have an optimized server before updating IPS suite Thank you !
  2. 4.1.19 on february 4.1.20 on march 4.2.0 on april or may with this kind of features (only my forecast)
  3. Hi, No icon app for me too : How can I create an advert ? I can't see a New button or Add button on ACP Could you help me ? Thank you
  4. I use this on my custom.css : .ipsThumb_tiny { max-width: 120px; max-height: 120px; } .ipsThumb_bg.ipsThumb_tiny { width: 120px; height: 120px; } .ipsThumb_small { max-width: 80px; max-height: 80px; } .ipsThumb_bg.ipsThumb_small { width: 80px; height: 80px; } It is breaking on mobile, but I am going to use different sizes for mobile and desktop to resolve this problem
  5. Now it doesn't work at all : nothing is added on the copy content
  6. @A Zayed Do you have an idea how to resolve this problem ? Thank you
  7. Didn't think about this possibility. But yes it is much better with a whitelist.
  8. Yes technically, but very less with this plugin Any chance about this : ?
  9. But it does ! The PM content is truncated in the email, so the user will click on the link to see the full content and then reply on the site. So this plugin will probably resolve 95% of these problems
  10. There is a little problem on my board about the copy/paste function : If I paste on the microsoft bloc note (only text editor), here a result example : If I paste it on a rich editor (like ckeditor or Microsoft Word), I get this :
  11. Suggestion : Give the ability to avoid external links on email content Two reasons : - avoid spam & dangerous links on emails - avoid the sparkpost problem : if a link from their blacklist is in the email content, your account is suspended. I can sponsor this feature
    I was waiting this for a long time ! Lots of my members are reading new content on their mail so they don't visit the site --> this is bad for advertisement and user engagement With this plugin, I will get more views and community interactions Thanks you !
  12. In my concern, I have no issue. The EXIF function is working well But lots of my user do scans, or take photos like this : And sometimes, the coin si like this one : They don't know where is the head and where is the foot So a moderator comes and rotate the picture. But for now it is complicated : edit the message, download the photo, open photoshop, rotate, save, upload the new photo A built in % rotate function would be a very nice addon and it is complementary than the Exif function
  13. A % rotation feature would be very useful too
  14. On my community, this mistake is very frequent for new users too... I am going to change the sentence popup to prevent the user
  15. Any news about this feature ? I would like to translate words in the friendly apps url because it is very important for SEO. I want to use french keywords. Thank you
  16. I have just upgrade to and still not working. Only : domain.com/encheres for domain.com/classifieds But after if I tried : domain.com/encheres/submit, it saves : domain.com/classifieds/encheres/submit I didn't try with others application this time
  17. @Daniel F Is there any ETA for this issue ? Why this issue is not anymore on the bug tracker ? Thank you
  18. The app should work with Facebook/Twitter signups ?
    I was waiting for this app for a long time ! This app is a must have for my community. There are lots of great features, and I am sure it will fit for many use cases. And like always, an app developed by Adriano means : Quality & great support !!
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