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    abobader reacted to Nathan Explosion in CMS (Pages) - Sidebar block separated from articles   
    I'm not confused - I'm clarifying your request to move from the general ("the blocks") to the specific ("the Recent Status Update block"), and your response confirms that it is the default blocks that you are asking about.
    The 'fix' is to use custom blocks instead, as follows (note: I am not providing what you put in to every field, I am providing the specific things that need to be done...the rest is up to you)
    ACP Pages -> Blocks -> Create Block In the second field ('Plugin') select the block you want to use ('Recent Status Updates') Give it a name (example: myBlock) Save this Pages -> Blocks -> Create Block This time, choose 'Custom' -> 'Manual HTML' On the first tab, name your custom block On the 'Content' tab, insert the code below On the same tab, DO NOT enable 'Cache this block' Save the new custom block Now, on the front-end you put that custom block in place, instead of the 'Recent Status Updates' block {{if \IPS\Request::i()->controller==='page' AND !isset(\IPS\Request::i()->id)}} {block="myBlock"} {{endif}} Why do it this way? The 'Recent Status Updates' block is cached, so adding the {{if....}} statement in its content will end up with strange caching results.
    Result (there may be some finesse needed, but there is your starting point):


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    abobader reacted to Nathan Explosion in (NE) HTML5 Audio/Video Player   
    Haha...the classic slopey shoulder from support 
    Give me ACP access then.
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    abobader reacted to Linux-Is-Best in CKEditor 4 end of life - alternative editor consideration   
    CKEditor 4 is reaching the end of life (source). Instead of jumping onto the CKEditor 5 bandwagon, I propose Invision consider an alternative editor. There are many well-established modern editors such as, for example, TinyMCE, Froala, Quill, and Redactor, to name a few. Any of these would make satisfactory alternatives.
    CKEditor may be 'old school,' but it has become bloated, larger in file size and load time.  Most of the issues it encounters often have to do with responsive layouts on a mobile device and excessive load time. As mobile continues to dominate the landscape, I feel it may be prudent to focus on an editor development that has kept up successfully with the times with the least issues.
    Changing the editor should not be expected in the next release. But a roadmap should be considered for a future transition.  Thank you for your time and consideration. 😀
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    abobader got a reaction from Jordan Invision in Better badge look in Topic   
    I also like the current one.
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    abobader got a reaction from SeNioR- in Better badge look in Topic   
    I also like the current one.
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    abobader reacted to Daniel F in IPS 4.6 News - Round 2   
    Few months have passed since our last post here, so let's get ready to rumble🙂
    Supported PHP & MySQL Versions:
    The PHP min version was increased to PHP 7.2 in IPS 4.6, this means that your marketplace submissions are required to work with this version, but keep in mind that few clients are going to use php8, so I would really suggest to try to get your code working with both versions, which means that you'll need to implement some changes to avoid some BC breaks in PHP8.
    Here's a great list https://www.php.net/manual/en/migration80.incompatible.php
    Security Improvements:
    I have mentioned this change in another topic today, so let's recap it here too:)
    We have a new IN_DEV code check similar to the slash check, which will inform you about any outputs containing the CSRF key in the URL.
    This is a bad practice allowing attackers and 3rd parties to obtain the users CSRF key, so please try avoid this at any cost!
    We're not going to reject MP submissions because of this, but please try to avoid this as much as much as possible.
    Withdrawal Requests:
    Please keep in mind that you're permitted to have only one payout request per week;) Since this didn't work out that great and to avoid any drama about canceled requests, this is going to be handled now automatically. As long as there's an open request, you won't be able to submit any new requests! But don't worry, you'll still be able to cancel it and create a new request!
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    abobader reacted to Adriano Faria in Landing Page ( Support Topic )   
    Waiting. It’s been 8 days:

    I hope it happens before:

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    abobader reacted to Nathan Explosion in Can I increase admin area login period for dev installation?   
    Or change the value of session.gc_maxlifetime in your PHP configuration.
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    abobader reacted to Sonya* in Can I increase admin area login period for dev installation?   
    Add this to your constant.php
  10. Haha
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    abobader reacted to Linux-Is-Best in Images with link inside the post, open in new tab   
    Hello @Karina Harumi
    To have a clickable image:
    Upload the image of your choice, then insert the photo in your post (you can do that but clicking on your attachment, which will add it into the post). Highlight your image the same way you would highlight text in the editor. While your photo is highlighted, click on the link icon in the editor, and add the URL of your choice.  At the end of your URL, add the following, which will ensure that a new tab window will always be used /"target="_blank  

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    abobader reacted to Jordan Invision in Please restore the choice of reactions here at IPS!   
    Appreciate you taking the time to write this @The Old Man!
    My logic for removing the "sad" and "confused" reactions was two-fold. For one, they were extremely underutilized according to the reports. More importantly (imo), if someone feels confused or sad, we want to encourage you guys to write out a response. Those are more fragile emotions, so I felt, and still feel, that if someone is sad or confused about something, that it's important they take the time to respond why they feel that way. If they're confused, it gives them an opportunity to seek clarification from someone in a reply. And if they are sad, it allows them the freedom to explain why. 
    Most platforms stopped offering a "dislike" option because it causes unnecessary conflict. I can attest to this personally on my own community. A few members were using it non-stop to essentially start fights - especially if their posting was restricted (they can still use reactions as a form of communication). We removed the option to "dislike" replies and it created a friendlier environment. 
    YouTube is one of the only places left where you can dislike, and this past week they've started quietly testing out what their platform would be like if they removed it.
    Ultimately, I am aiming for our community to feel more high vibe. 😅
    Would love to hear what the rest of the community has to say about this! If the majority want the ability to express negative emotion with reactions, if that will really elevate this community and your day, I'm open to hearing that and making a change. It just has to be for the overall betterment of our community 🙂 🙏 
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    abobader reacted to Marc Stridgen in Please restore the choice of reactions here at IPS!   
    So happy there was a reaction for that

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    abobader reacted to Charles in Silly stuff what I noticed with IPS 4.6.0 CA1.1 - part 1   
    We added bug tracker for reporting 4.6 alpha issues on our site here: https://invisioncommunity.com/4bugtrack/
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    abobader reacted to Stuart Silvester in Silly stuff what I noticed with IPS 4.6.0 CA1.1 - part 1   
    Oh go on, we'll let you post bugs now 😝
    The issue is fixed.
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    abobader reacted to christopher-w in Radical Tags   
    Edit to the above.  The CSS only worked for those with permission to edit tags.
    This css appears to work for other groups and should also work in topic lists too.
     .cForumTopicTable .ipsDataItem_title{     display: inline-block; } .ipsType_pageTitle, .ipsDataItem_title {   position: relative; } .suffix .ipsTag_prefix {     position: absolute;     left: calc(100%); } Needs more work for other areas and for other content types.
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    abobader reacted to christopher-w in Radical Tags   
    I think you can achieve this without any code mods. Try this, although I've not tested it in all scenarios. 
    1/ Go to Radical Tags > customize > add tag > advanced, and wrap the target tag(s) in a span and add a class, in this case I've called it suffix. (you could also just add the class to the anchor tag, although I did not test this).

    Here's the markup for you to cut and paste.
    <span class="suffix"><a href="{tagUrl}" title="{tagTitle}" class="ipsTag_prefix" rel="tag"><span>{tag}</span></a></span>  
    2/ Add some CSS.
    Note I've overridden the ipsType_pageTitle class to relative. This sets it as the parent container for subsequent absolutely positioned elements. (More testing needed here to see what the impact is on the title element).
    And then instruct the tag suffix container to position itself to the right of the ipsType_pageTitle bounding box. Note the data-editableprefix attribute in the selector to restrict changes to prefixes.
    .ipsType_pageTitle {   position: relative; } [data-editableprefix] .suffix{     position: absolute;     left: calc(100%); } 3/ Here's where it started:

    4/ And here's the result:

    Seems to work ok in forums. I just created this tonight, so it's not tested on other content types or beyond my laptop and phone.
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    abobader reacted to Makoto in Radical Tags   
    Thanks for the report; I'll get this fixed in the next release!
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    abobader reacted to Daniel F in Radical Tags   
    @Makoto an issue was identified in your app.
    Once the app is installed and you create a database it doesn't set the title and content fields with in pages records appropriately.
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    abobader reacted to Adriano Faria in Resources from the TheJackal84 (https://flashmodding.com/)   
    As some of you may already know, I'm supporting  @TheJackal84's file since March, 19. We started to talk about this deal on Feb, 21. So in this regard, I would like to state publicity that I am not getting the expected return/attention from TheJackal84, which has not:
    given me the list of purchasers of the resources in his website. So what it has to do you with you? I'm not able to add a purchase here on IPS so you can keep downloading updates, if you purchased it there. Why I can't? Because I can't simply trust in words from everyone that requests files. I need to make sure you purchased and when they will expire. Just checked his website and his community doesn't exists anymore: https://flashmodding.com/. If it was there yet you would just need to take a screenshot from the Manage Purchases page. So you can still prove your purchase by sending a PM with the PayPal purchase, etc. In sign of good faith, I will add a full year of support to the proven resources, without take the renewal date in consideration. provided the XML from the plugins, which we can't download from the new marketplace (4.5), so there's no way for me to support these resources now. I will try to get them with IPS (I will speak directly to Lindy). I would also like to inform you that there are other pending issues that are not relevant for this matter but they definitely exists.
    Thank you.
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    abobader reacted to BankFodder in (NE) Custom Field Placeholders   
    Thank you very much for this information. That's very helpful.

    Can you please stop shaking your head around. I don't know about you but it is making me very dizzy!
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    abobader reacted to CoffeeCake in Changing the admin path   
    Please don't deprecate this. Hide in the docs, put up big warnings if you must, warn people that there is no additional security by doing this by itself, but please leave the option intact. Security through obscurity is the reliance of hiding things on security and is bad news bears. However, having the admin control panel in a non-standard place is one of many layers of protection, upon which moving it is not relied upon for security.
    Consider Magento: https://docs.magento.com/user-guide/stores/store-urls-custom-admin.html
    Capturing and mitigating against attempts to access the default URL serves a honeypot of sorts (we identify and isolate attempts to hit /admin which would be coming from no one up to any good), helps protect against scripted attacks, and layered with other protections, serves as a multi-layered approach to security. We secure administrative things on multiple fronts, including moving the ACP address, protecting access behind zero trust authentication, and having separate accounts for elevated administrative functions. We monitor and block traffic attempting to access known paths that no legitimate user would have any business accessing (i.e. example.com/wp-admin/, /admin, etc.), but we protect the actual administrative things as if the URLs were known to all.
    The option to change the ACP path absolutely should come with a big "do not tamper with unless you know what you're doing" sticker. But please don't take it away.
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    abobader reacted to Stuart Silvester in Changing the admin path   
    I don't think we've said anywhere that we're removing it, it's even documented: 
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    abobader reacted to Nathan Explosion in (NE) HTML5 Audio/Video Player   
    v2.1.1 has been submitted for approval
    FIXES Minor language changes on 'Suite locations' of Permissions form CHANGES Added ability to apply settings to the Pages "WYSIWYG Editor" block
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    abobader got a reaction from Adriano Faria in User Posts in Topic   
    Thanks, I just purchased it.
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