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  1. As noted above, disabling copying is very easily bypassed by someone who wants to copy data. They could grab it from the browser developer tools, taking screenshots, or another dozen methods. Anything you do will simply make things more difficult for legitimate users without stopping determined bad actors.
  2. The API would be something to engage a developer to assist with. If this is for students, I assume you have some sort of roster with user accounts. You could have a developer write a script that would take a list of accounts and create a club for that user, make them the admin of that club, do some basic setup, etc. Otherwise, you could manually do it.... but when you're talking about hundreds of students, that's a LOT of work to create by hand.
  3. The Downloads module is $100, and then $15 every 6 months. Priority Support is still a valid offering. It's description is: If you don't have Priority Support, you simply need to post in this forum for assistance instead of reaching out via email. Priority Support also gives you that same business day response time, but again here on the forums that generally happens as well. So it depends on what you need and what makes sense for you if you want that extra level of access or if you don't want others seeing what questions you might be asking, etc.
  4. It simply means it's not there now. Who knows what tomorrow might bring, haha! 🙂 If you would like for it to be considered in a future release, you can make a suggestion in the Feature Suggestions forum below: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/forum/499-feature-suggestions/
  5. It's technically possible to do. The software itself has no problem handling it. The biggest challenge I see would be once you have hundreds/thousands of clubs is organization. If they're open, public, or even closed... that's a BIG list to scroll through. Instead I would suggest you set each club to "Private" based on the use case you described where that club does not show up in the list at all. The club owner would need to invite anyone who needs access into it. (Such as a parent who has their own login separate from the student.) If you're going to have that many clubs... I would also think about creating them programmatically via the REST API. https://invisioncommunity.com/developers/rest-api?endpoint=core/clubs/GETindex Anytime you're doing something hundreds of times... doing it manually will suck! 😄
  6. Most modern firewall systems can whitelist based on hostname. This would be the RECOMMENDED method. However you mention government here, so I totally get that it might not be a "modern" system! You have two ways of applying updates if you cannot whitelist the hostname: Update manually by logging into the Client Center and downloading the latest version. You can upload them manually and run the update at your convenience. Just before running an update, ping the hostname from the same instance. In MOST cases, the IP is not going to change once assigned for several hours because of session affinity (sticky sessions). Whitelist that IP address and then run the update as soon as possible after it is added.
  7. In a BIG share of cases when there are problems, a plugin is the culprit. That's part of the reason it's recommended to disable all plugins and test without them to confirm if it's part of the issue. 🙂 I'm glad you were able to get it squared away.
  8. If a hot fix is ever available, it would show up in the Support section of your ACP. Where it says: It would note than an optional patch is available. With that being said, all that has happened so far is that the issue has been confirmed and added to their internal bug tracker. It does not mean a fix has been made and it does not note when the fix would be released (if it would make it into the next release or later). The best thing you can do is watch the Hump Day updates by @Jordan Miller as he frequently posts the changes/fixes that have been made recently and due to be added to the next scheduled release.
  9. This is more for you to answer than IPS.... it's about how you're going to be using access to Twitter. In a nutshell, you're posting promoted content from your website to your Twitter feed. To promote content from your website to your site's Twitter feed. Not applicable. You're simply posting tweets. Content posted by members of your website can be highlighted by site staff and promoted via it's Twitter feed. It is simply a feed of promoted content. Not applicable. You're not importing data from Twitter. You're posting data to Twitter.
  10. I would suggest something like being able to right click the message to choose a reaction. You could even extend the right click functionality to add features such as quote.
  11. You might want to check the CHMOD permissions on your datastore folder. IPB needs to be able to write files there, so it should have write permission (typically 777).
  12. Nope. You don’t need it when using IPB. You might if you were using something else!
  13. That’s a perfect use case for the Site Online feature. When you access the editor to enter your message, you can add images and such just like making a forum post. When you’re ready for the public to see your work, just go back to the same area and turn the board back on.
  14. Are you wanting visitors to see the under construction while you're able to work on your forum itself setting everything up? If so, all you need to do is turn the board offline. To do this, goto: ACP > System > Settings > General Configuration UNCHECK the option for "Site Online". When you uncheck it, a box will appear to let you control what is shown to non-admins. Save your change and presto! To test this, pull up a different browser not currently logged in. It should show the offline message you've configured. Only if you're logged in as an Admin will you see your work in progress!
  15. home/customer/www/buffalorange.com/public_html/system/Application/Application.php(236): IPS\Patterns\_ActiveRecord::load('bimchatbox', 'app_directory', NULL) The hint is the part that I bolded. This looks to be related to chat box. You might need to remove or update the plugin.
  16. I actually saw this behavior when you shared your link to ask about the mobile hamburger menu. (I was at first going to say your site did not even work on mobile, but saw you fixed it.) While I could not load it at all on my phone, on my laptop I was able to grab the console output by turning on developer mode. In the console, it was showing: Try disabling chatbox and then turning on HTTPS mode. If that works, most likely your chatbox is calling something incorrectly over http and forcing the loop. Also... once you turn on HTTPS, you might need to rebuild your system cache in the Admin CP. Click on the support link inside of your ACP and then find the clear cache option on the right hand side of the page. Finally... I see you're using GCP for hosting. Are you by any chance using their CDN as well? If so, you need to clear the cache in ACP and then clear it also on the Google side.
  17. I think this may be a minor display bug. If your AdminCP uses Dark Mode and you add the Commerce Overview widget to your dashboard, when hovering over a choice, it's not updated to reflect dark mode colors.
  18. To add priority support, click on the "Manage Your Community" tab. Once you click on it, you'll see all of the modules your current license has. Under that will be a section called "Your Support". You'll see an option to add Priority Support to your license.
  19. This looks to be a problem with your theme. Try testing with a default theme, which should confirm if it's a global problem.
  20. One idea might be to make a link to the messenger appear like a forum. To show how this might look... I made a sample forum called Insider Talk. If you click on that link, it takes you into the private messenger. (yourdomain.com/messenger) Once there, you would simply click "Compose New", type in who you want to receive the message, the subject, and the message itself. You could include multiple people, embed images, etc. To set this up, you would create a new forum and choose "Redirect" as the type of forum. One of the options would be where do you want it to redirect to. Paste in the address of the Messenger system. From what you're saying above... you don't feel the PM system would work because it's hidden and buried inside of menus. So the fix to that is to put it in the place you're asking for it to be... in the main forum list itself, which is possible with the existing tools/features.
  21. Not trying to discount your idea, but doesn’t that go against the idea of a COMMUNITY? Shouldn’t a community be about meeting new people and sharing ideas as a group? This essentially would be like interacting via email. You have to know someone to interact with them. If this is super important, why not look at ways to make the PM system stand out more. For example add it as a link within the forum list below (just like you can make a forum link to an external site). Making a new feature that does 95% of what already exists while possible would most likely be a tough sell. Instead I would propose considering ways of making the existing system work more to what you need.
  22. No. It should automatically show up as an available file format when a user attempts to upload a picture. It won’t convert existing images but it will support a webp image being added.
  23. This sounds like club like functionality. Create a space that is only accessible to specific people and allow them to communicate.
  24. Damn he's good... it's like he's a wizard or something...
  25. You're core_sessions mySQL table is crashed. You need to repair it using something like phpMyAdmin )or contact your host for assistance). Once it's repaired, it should start working again. And this is the correct spot to post for help. While you're welcome to purchase email support, posting here in many cases can be faster and allow for more assistance. If it's something private, just say so and an IPS staff member can open a ticket on your behalf. In the mean time, people like me (just another customer) can offer help for things as well that don't require us playing around in your instance.
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