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  1. This almost looks like some sort of automated activity. It seems to be spaced out like clock work. - Is this a dedicated or shared server? (If it’s a VPS, are we sure there is not something stealing CPU and causing a lack of resources?) - Is there anything else that runs on the server outside of IPB? - When these spikes happen… we can absolutely see the disk IO increase but this does not describe what’s causing it. What processes are consuming the most disk/cpu/ram?
  2. As someone who has run servers for years, I've not once had this problem. Again... IPS only reports what it sees reported back to it. Use the tests I gave above. I'll bet you'll find either it's not really disabled, or it's disabled in a different version of PHP than what your IPB instance is actually using.
  3. Those are all normal and correct folders. Each has a specific purpose/use. css_build_* are for CSS files. javascript_* are for various JS used in the software (core, forums, etc) monthly_* are uploads/attachments uploaded by users (avatars, pictures, files, etc) organized by month of upload so you don't have a million files in one folder. set_resources_* are related to theme assets/images.
  4. There used to be access to the SQL tool in the Support area of the ACP. But that was removed awhile back. As @Muddy Bootsnoted... there is not any sort of direct access to the files or data. Think of it like working in Gmail.
  5. There is not a lot of white space to remove. You could either make all the fonts smaller or remove data. To be honest though I would just not sticky that area.
  6. CiC does not include direct database access. Your best bet would be to have some sort of plugin created or to leverage the REST API to script the work.
  7. Top is a good start. What is the biggest offender? (I’m guessing it’s either Apache or Mysql) Is it CPU or memory constrained? Have you looked at the server connections? (netstat -plant) Have you looked at traffic logs and did any sort of correlation of traffic to load?
  8. It was discussed at length in one of the Humpday updates. I don’t remember the exact date or even know if that thread is still around. Matt answered a lot of questions and let a lot of people deal with venting as you can imagine might happen. Originally renewals we’re going to be only done only annually. That decision was reversed and was left bi-annually.
  9. One thing for you to be aware of... it's possible to have multiple versions of PHP installed on a server, each with their own php.ini. It's possible your developer made a change to the PHP.ini file, but the question was it the RIGHT one. If you check your ACP's support section, there is a section for phpinfo which will show a lot of environmental data: www.yourdomain.com/admin/?app=core&module=support&controller=phpinfo In this case, look at "Loaded Configuration File". That's the version being used by your instance. You can also create a test PHP script that will output what your server is reporting as disabled... Create a file (like test.php) with the following contents: <?php echo ini_get('disable_functions'); ?> The output should list all of the disabled modules and should look something like: exec, system, passthru, popen, proc_open, shell_exec
  10. Icons pointing to the old domain SHOULD not be effected by the license. It should work even with NO license. Which icons are not working? Have you made sure to rebuild the system cache from the ACP to see if that resolve it?
  11. I went back and looked up my old email. It was received on Tuesday September 14, 2021. So your renewal happened about a week before the change!
  12. Marketplace is 100% standalone. It's used to pay the app developers, etc and is separate from the main IPS offering. There is no way to transfer credits from IPS to Marketplace or vice versa. With that being said... PayPal does support paying via credit card as well. It's generally how I purchase all of my add ons as I don't keep money inside of a PayPal account. It's essentially just a payment gateway for me.
  13. Hosting support is not something that is provided. IPS is a software company and as a result, they don't have unix support engineers available to assist you. They can only provide support for the software itself. They do offer a hosted version of their software where you don't have to worry about managing all of this and setting up the hosting environment to meet the requirements. With that being said... If you're running suexec for PHP, you won't be able to use 777 for folder permissions. It will block the request from executing. (Since you mention the error only happens after setting permissions to 777, that would lead me to think this is a good possibility!) If that is the case, you might need to try other permissions such as 755. Finally with a 500 error is being returned, I would recommend you also investigate the server error logs and see what errors are being logged. It might be able to point you in the right direction.
  14. Pricing for IPS products has not changed since last September for self-hosted licenses when an increase was announced. This was discussed HEAVILY on the forums and was communicated via email. There is not a new change since then.
  15. IPB does not officially publish dates for upcoming releases. They've generally moved to monthly updates... but that being said, it may not be in the "next" release. Once a problem is identified, it is added to their internal tracker. A developer needs to be assigned, have a fix created, AND included as part of the testing process. Once that's done, it's added into whatever the next release cycle is.
  16. You would need something that integrates IPB and Memberpress. I don’t see any plugins specifically designed for IPB 4.6.X so you would either need to develop it yourself or hire a 3rd party developer to do it for you. Once integrated, you would define an IPB member group for each membership level and map them to each other. However again, until you create an integration first… this is not possible. (It’s not a default/stock IPB feature.)
  17. You also gain the combined experience and brain trust of the community members itself! There are many times a normal everyday user can help answer more generic questions and provide additional recommendations of things to try in addition to the official support responses. 🙂 We’re a friendly bunch here!
  18. I've seen this happen a few times on the blog entry... in Unread Content, it says it's a new blog from Matt when it was really someone replying to the blog post. (In the case from below it was Rikki posting.) The full activity stream was correct... but unread content was not.
  19. There is not a WYSIWYG editor for the various email templates outside of the commerce app. So you would need to do it by hand for now. You can also make a request for it to be considered for a future release by making a post in the feature request forum. (Just realize it can take many months for something to come from that. So don't sit around expecting it in the next regular release. They would have to get around to reviewing it, deciding if its going to be prioritized, assigning the work, testing, etc. It's not a quick process by any means in many cases.)
  20. ACP > Customization > Appearance > Email You would want to select which email you want to edit. The general "Email Wrapper" might be a good place to start.
  21. I was able to patch this morning a few hours ago. (Not that it helps Adlago, but at least a data point!)
  22. I’m assuming this is for the community you are an admin for… Not receiving mails are typically one a couple of reasons: - Your server does not support sending mail via the default php mail method. (Self hosted issue.) - Your email was sent, but your mail provider is blocking the message. (Again self hosted issue typically.) - Your email was sent but flagged as spam. Check your spam folder in your email account. As a side hint… if you have access to the ACP still, create a new account with a password you know. Promote it to Admin. Then use that account to reset your own password.
  23. I believe you need an updated htaccess from your ACP. Since the path to redirect requests has changed, it needs to be updated within htaccess as well. And yes… the license needs to be updated to the correct path (now root). The good thing is it should not break your site until you can resolve it. Just an FYI until your license status is resolved, you can’t download/install things from the marketplace. Anything already installed is unaffected.
  24. I responded to your other post asking the same thing at: 🙂 🙂
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