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  1. 15 minutes ago, Paul E. said:

    How does one create multiple bookshelves? Is it just one bookshelf per member? If so, would you consider adding multiple bookshelves per member?

    No, it’s one per member and it’s not in my plans to change it. I don’t see much sense on it.

    15 minutes ago, Paul E. said:

    Also, depending on how this is set up, a book could, in theory, have multiple categories (non-fiction, mystery, politics, etc.). We were hoping to work around this by using bookshelves instead, yet it's not apparent how to add additional bookshelves.

    That’s not the goal. Bookshelf is personal. You are trying to use it as it wasn’t planned that’s why things doesn’t seem right to you. 

  2. Nope, I don’t have it. I keep the current version only. 

    Btw, this has nothing to do with this resource. It is “showing” the flag, I mean, it’s there, with the link to the popup. It isn’t showing the flag but this doesn’t depend on the resource. 

  3. On 11/21/2020 at 2:11 AM, Mike I said:

    e.g, In the US, I'd have a product for $10 USD monthly, in Russia, the product would be for $6 USD monthly.

    You can already do that, manually. You just need to have the languages installed and manually input the product price. 

    If you mean an automatic conversion of currencies, no. That was already requested before not a feature. 

  4. I know. You're probably on book view and clicked to create a bookshelf.


    $category = \IPS\books\Shelf::loadAndCheckPerms( 1 );

    Appears twice in that file: manage() and form().

    Your error points to the manage() in line 27. So I deleted the record from my table and I got the same error:


    So I wonder how it's failing to load an existing record, since you're saying it's there.

    Anyway, let's continue in a private message. I will need ACP access or will ask for information that won't fit here, like attach a file so you can upload via FTP, etc.

  5. 4 hours ago, Paul E. said:

    books_bookshelves is empty, with no records.

    The right table is books_shelf. Is it empty?

    It tries to load it:

    $category 	= \IPS\books\Shelf::loadAndCheckPerms( 1 );

    I didn't add a try/catch because it can't be deleted.


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