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  1. We got that but it’s weird. If I search for RAFFLES SYSTEM, for example, in Downloads only, I’ll see it in the 8th place of results. That doesn’t make much sense. Maybe add theses options (AND & OR) in the form because the way it is I need to use search twice to get what I want: one with OR which results in 8th place and click on a link to rum the search again to use AND.

  2. No, because it’s PRETTY clear that this is a content viewer for POST BEFORE REGISTERING feature. 

    Once the account is created, the record is deleted from the proper table and then a record is added on members table. 

    This plugin was designed to work until the moment the user creates the content. After he creates the account, it’s not my problem anymore. 

  3. Sorry, AtariAge, I already replied 3 times your PM and won’t reply a bunch more here the same things over and over. 

    Pay attention to the feature name: POST BEFORE REGISTERING. That clearly says that a “post” was made BEFORE registration process. So tell how can an account exists? You don’t have to answer. Just think about it.

    IF and only IF the user comes back and fill the form, the account will be created. 

    That’s all! Doubt? Ticket to IPS!

  4. 17 minutes ago, annadaa said:
    I wrote the sentence in English to be understood but really the problem is only when the language of the forum is French.

    I have the translation for IPB 4.3 and I also translated the expression changes on 4.4 as:



    _date_this_week _c

    I think I'm missing expressions to translate from or the problem that the event is given as past while not

    Are you using Calendar Enhancements?

  5. 1 hour ago, Cyrem said:

    Why exactly do you need permission to add such a feature? It's not like this isn't already possible via the DB. :huh: Waiting for IPS5 for such a simple feature is crazy.

    Well, I was asked by someone from Management team and I agreed that was better to have it as a VIEWER than simply not have it. All marketplace submissions are reviewed/tested so if there’s something that they doesn’t agree, they don’t approve it. Simple like that. 

    I don’t recommend deleting content via DB because there are some caches and other stuff to update but if you’re willing to, go ahead. 👍

  6. They’re able to do it if they want to share. They can export and attach it here so all you need to do is import but I don’t remember anyone doing this, unfortunately. 

  7. I can’t guess what type of questions and answers you, John Doe and Mary Doe wants, that’s why it doesn’t has a “bank” of Q&A and that’s why there’s a import tool.

    Requests like this seems like install a new forum with a lot of topics and posts with the content you think suits your needs. That’s not possible. 

  8. 11 minutes ago, BankFodder said:

    firstly, I suppose that it can be set to be used in only one particular sub- forum?

    Not sure I follow. Forum is one app. Quizzes is another. It has nothing to do with the other. 

    12 minutes ago, BankFodder said:

    Are there sources of quizzes available – either for free or for payment?

    You can find a plenty of questions and answers in Google. 

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