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  1. There's no setting to remove the profile tab. If you want to remove in your install, download via FTP and open /applications/invite/extensions/core/Profile/Invitees.php and find the showTab() method. Change it to:

    	public function showTab()
    		return FALSE;

    Save and upload to the same folder.

  2. Just now, hopp said:

    Anyway to disable the profile field "INVITEES" that gets displayed on members profiles, tried to see if it was in the custom fields or in the plugin settings but no luck. Any help? @Adriano Faria

    This app doesn’t add any profile field. 

    Show a screenshot of what you’re saying. 

  3. Not sure how. My dev copy here shows TRUE, which will make it enable attachments regardless group settings. NULL will make it use the group settings. 

    Double check it.

    You should have downloaded Link.php rather than Links.php. Link.php will be removed in next version. 

  4. I guess the rule is about RE-INTRODUCE removed features by IPS, like the Members Title. The CHAT type resource wasn't created by IPS initially and it isn't exclusive. None of the chat apps available reintroduce what IP.Chat was, AFAIK. That would make absolutely no sense.

    And you can still hire somone to make a resource to you, not to the marketplace.

  5. 1 hour ago, Kenneth Baker said:

    i found out that member groups who have no permission to add attachments in their group settings can still upload files thru the submit links page, is this some loophole or am i missing some setting?

    Yes, just checked and my mistake. If you have access to FTP in your server and want to fix by yourself, open applications/links/extensions/core/EditorLocations/Links.php and find:

    	public function canAttach( $member, $field )
    		return TRUE;

    Change to:

    	public function canAttach( $member, $field )
    		return NULL;

    I'll fix in next version.

  6. Mate, you chose to leave. You left. You were refunded. You were moved from the Jobs group to Members, then obviously you won’t have access to it anymore. I have absolutely nothing else to talk to you. The content is there, not deleted, which I could have done. Ask someone else to copy it to you.

    That’s all.

  7. I’ve made this a while back but it works well if there was only 2 users in the conversation or if everybody else left and now there’s only you:

    Make it like a topic moderation “logs” between the posts will make it get lost too because you rarely read it all again; you usually go straight to the new post. Maybe make it more prominent in the current place, like with a red background in “user block” or something. 

  8. 53 minutes ago, Durango said:

    Actually you deleted the job board forum 2 years before i asked my 50$ back (very recently)

    Not sure what you mean. The forums was always there and still is. The post from January is the one I asked PayPal from everyone via message, which you did.


    55 minutes ago, Durango said:

    but i can pay you back 50$ to see this forum again, please send me payment link thanks

    No, thanks. There are still a few users there that will get the new version. Save your money. Ask they to copy your stuff: ADKGamers, BomAle, Steve Bullman and YDSOA.

  9. 2 minutes ago, Unlucky said:

    Are you going to give job seekers opportinity to upload & promote their CV's or just keep it to the job opportunities?

    Yes, not sure if in 1.00 final but it will be there.

  10. Just now, ahc said:

    Quick report,

    With this enabled, we can't merge member accounts.  We receive an error halfway through and some information will have been merged while some won't, and both accounts will still exist with duplicated information.

    Merging works fine when we temporarily disable it.

    Thanks, I know what it is. Will submit a fix. 👍

  11. 1 minute ago, Jim said:

    Hi @Adriano Faria,

    Thanks for the application. Is there a way or consideration for this to be displayed on just the members post rather than everywhere in the forums please?


    Go to the app settings and uncheck the Display flags everywhere or something then you’ll see all the apps you have. Choose the ones you want the flags to show.

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