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  1. Just now, ahc said:

    Quick report,

    With this enabled, we can't merge member accounts.  We receive an error halfway through and some information will have been merged while some won't, and both accounts will still exist with duplicated information.

    Merging works fine when we temporarily disable it.

    Thanks, I know what it is. Will submit a fix. 👍

  2. 1 minute ago, Jim said:

    Hi @Adriano Faria,

    Thanks for the application. Is there a way or consideration for this to be displayed on just the members post rather than everywhere in the forums please?


    Go to the app settings and uncheck the Display flags everywhere or something then you’ll see all the apps you have. Choose the ones you want the flags to show.

  3. Are you sure you disabled it? The error is exactly the same and my plugin doesn’t extend the file mentioned in the error.

    I’ll test again tomorrow. 

  4. Just now, LittleFang said:

    Would running it again change the winner?

    Of course.

    Then it seems you have a winner and only the post is wrong? If that's the case, edit the post and add the winner name there.

    I'll take a look when I have to update it again.

  5. Version 1.5.2, released 14 days ago, and not in 2 months, fix this. It wasn't picking winners correctly, Your image seems to be the post created with winners. If it is, once is created, there's nothing you can do... delete the post, reactive the giveaway and let it run again.

  6. On 5/3/2021 at 7:27 AM, francesca2015 said:

    when I activate your Pay What You Want. I have a blank page with Downloads  .I have no errors in the logs

    The problem happens when the DOWNLOADS PLUS is enabled. Disabling it, my works as shown in the video. I have no idea what this other resource does so I can't help you with it.

  7. On 5/1/2021 at 7:11 PM, SC36DC said:

    After I reset the quiz, I, the admin was able to edit the questions.  Could you please in a future update allow ADMINS to always edit the questions, even after someone has taken the quiz. So we could fix spelling or other errors. 

    I just tested and it's really missing... weird. I should have removed it by mistake. It was there as you can read somewhere in this topic.

    I'll put it back in next version.

  8. 1 minute ago, francesca2015 said:

    hello too bad. I just bought it . and I have a blank page conflict with download

    Can you clarify?

    See what’s showing up in your logs.

  9. 43 minutes ago, SC36DC said:

    My mods were approving and unhiding quizzes that weren't ready yet.

    I can improve this in next version, I guess. A moderator will be able to approve only if it’s ready. 

  10. 1 hour ago, Adriano Faria said:

    You will be able to use Commerce in the application (charge for job opportunity submission).

    Commerce integration.

    - Packages:



    - Submitting a job opportunity if Commerce integration is enabled:


    The job opportunity will remain hidden until the payment is done.

  11. Ok, let me talk about this a bit more. I abandoned the development a couple of months ago because it was very difficult to try to reconcile the interest of all the people who were participating with suggestions. Too hard. Everyone wanted the app to work according to what was best for their forums. This makes development impractical. So I quit. But I continued developing it as a marketplace resource and it will be available on marketplace soon.

    Here goes some screens of the app (please bear in mind that this is still in development and things can change, especially layout):

    - Job Opportunity view:



    - You will be able to create multiple application forms in the ACP:




    - You can add as many fields as you want per application form:



    - Each form has its own permission:





    - So users who are creating a job opportunity will be able to use only forms available to their groups:



    - The application form when the user clicks in APPLY!, based in the application form chosen when creating the job opportunity:



    - Adding a job opportunity:



    You will be able to use Commerce in the application (charge for job opportunity submission).

    Should be available soon!

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