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4.4.9 Update - Time Is Strange


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6 hours ago, Maxxius said:

@Chris027 does this still bother you? is that a real bug? I'm holding off the upgrade now.

Yeah, I'm not sure what's going on.



3 hours ago, Stuart Silvester said:

4.4.9 Did not contain any changes for Pages or related to time/dates. - 


I would recommend submitting a ticket if you are experiencing issues.

I looked through the release notes before upgrading and after and can't figure out what could be the issue. 

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10 minutes ago, opentype said:

There are lots of date fields for Pages databases. record_saved, record_updated, record_publish_date, record_last_comment, record_edit_time …
It’s easy to get confused, but it is probably working as intended. 

It can't be because something has changed and it doesn't make sense. 


Check the first article in the upper left. Published around 10am central time Monday. It says 22 hours ago and that's correct. 



I went into the article and changed nothing, looked at the published time that said 10:15 AM, but didn't change it or even put my cursor in the field. 10:15 is correct. I hit save.




Now the article says it was published at 4:15 am. That's UTC.





My server time is correct although in the eastern US time zone.


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43 minutes ago, Gabriel Torres said:

@Stuart Silvester The patch made available running the support tool fixed the default date fields, however the bug is still present in custom date fields. I opened a ticket explaining this in more detail.

The patch reverts the entire change for the Date field, the functionality of it will be identical to 4.4.8. Obviously, the issue it was attempting to fix will have been re-introduced however it was more of a niche issue than the fix was causing. We'll be revisiting the change for a future release and we'll also take a look at your ticket.

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