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Prevent topic titles in ALL CAPS

Gabriel Torres

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Nice work @Adriano Faria - the problem (for me) with the setting in IPB 3.4 (and earlier) was that the title conversion was from all upper case to proper case:

"THIS IS A TEST" became "This Is A Test"

I wanted it to be sentence case - so "This is a test", which is what you've done above. And I know that some people prefer Proper over Sentence case.

Maybe an additional setting to allow people to choose which case the title is changed to? Could even add in a lower case option to convert everything to all lower case.

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4 hours ago, Gabriel Torres said:

Bump. @Adriano Faria


Not trying to sound rude. But why does he post closed source and be too busy to fix apps that are always seeming to be broken. Yet continue to post new stuff?  Is it because he hides behind the unsupported tag? If he's so busy, he should focus on one thing instead of flooding the marketplace with half finished broken apps.

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