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  1. Bluto

    Forms Support

    @Mike John do you have a list of the rules / conditions / actions for use with the Rules App?
  2. You're missing my point. I wasn't asking about integration of this into the theme. Theme + Internal Slider + Slider App = Development x 3 Theme + Slider App = Development x 2 If you remove the slider in the themes and include this slider app, you won't have to worry about updating the slider app in the themes.
  3. No worries. I just thought it would be easier to include this mod with each template instead of the slider being integrated with the template. Ok. I wasn't sure if PHP could be used in this mod.
  4. I wasn't talking about being able to use the slider with your existing templates. I was mentioning it because it might be easier for your from a development standpoint. If you removed the slider code from your templates and just give people this slider you wouldn't ever have to worry about managing the slider code in your templates. Just a thought. In the templates slider I can't use advertising code {advertisement='ad_key}. This prohibits me from selling advertising space in the slider without manually adding the advert image. Can I use ad code in this mod?
  5. Thanks! I own one of your themes with this slider. Would it be easier to remove the slider from the template and include this mod when purchasing the template. Then you wouldn't have to worry about updating the slider in the template because this mod will replace it.
  6. Nice mod. Could you release a clone of this but it could be used above content as a widget? That slider would be so useful as a widget. I could put anywhere on the site.
  7. Bluto


    Hey. VideoBox possible bug and suggestions. 1. For some reason I have 1 user that keeps adding videos without any video (doesn't enter the video link in the external url / video url). Shouldn't there be a 'required' on the external url / video url unless the 'is livestream' button is activated? Most people enter a url. But having a bunch of videos which don't actually have any video has led to a bunch of reports. 2. Is it possible to make the Paid Video apply to only certain categories? Right now it's all or nothing. Links Directory has a nice ability to make only certain categories paid. This would allow the video section to have both free and paid sections. 3. Would it be possible to be able to charge for featured videos? An ability for the user to go to the store, purchase a featured listing product, and enter the link to the video they want featured. Once they pay, the video will be flagged as a featured video based on the settings in commerce.
  8. Bluto

    Links Directory

    Sure, I'll try it out. Just send via PM. Thanks!
  9. Bluto

    Links Directory

    @Adriano Faria Thanks! Just some other thoughts and ideas... 1. Links Feed Slider Widget You might also want to consider adding a (Block Manager) widget which uses the same scroller at the Links Directory index page (What's New and Random Links). None of the existing widgets look like the scrolling widget on the LD index page. The reason I mention this is that an admin can't add a "featured" or "pinned" widget to the LD index page featuring only "featured" or "pinned" links and have that widget match the existing widgets on the page. I created a widget in Pages which does exactly this. I used the LD "Links Feed" plugin and the code below. Some people might not have pages, so having this as a widget might give admins more options for how they display and list their content. <div class='ipsBox'> <h2 class='ipsType_sectionTitle ipsType_reset'>{$title}</h2> <div class='ipsAreaBackground ipsPad_half'> {{if count( $links )}} <div class='ipsCarousel ipsClearfix' data-ipsCarousel data-ipsCarousel-showDots> <ul class='cDownloadsCarousel' data-role="carouselItems"> {{foreach $links as $idx => $link}} {template="indexBlock" group="browse" app="links" params="$link"} {{endforeach}} </ul> <span class='ipsCarousel_shadow ipsCarousel_shadowLeft'></span> <span class='ipsCarousel_shadow ipsCarousel_shadowRight'></span> <a href='#' class='ipsCarousel_nav ipsHide' data-action='prev'><i class='fa fa-chevron-left'></i></a> <a href='#' class='ipsCarousel_nav ipsHide' data-action='next'><i class='fa fa-chevron-right'></i></a> </div> {{else}} <p class='ipsType_reset ipsType_light ipsPad'>{lang="no_top_links"}</p> {{endif}} </div> </div> <br> 2. Index Page Sorting Looking at the LD template index page, I can see the blocks of code for the various sections / blocks - (What's New, Random Links, Affiliates, and the Categories). It would be great if these were sortable in the ACP. Currently, I'd have to manually move the code around in the template. It would be great if there was an option of how to arrange the blocks on the LD index page. 3. Thumbnail Experience Just my experience with the thumbnails: I've had some issues with webthumbnail is the past. None of the current services offered have I had a 100% success rate. Either the thumbnail stops showing or the service grabs a bad thumbnail. Right now I have the thumbnails on manual upload. It's easier for me to do a screenshot and I actually find people upload better links when they're required to upload a thumbnail (I made the upload required). There were some other services offered which might offer better options (note: I haven't tried a lot of the services below) https://screenshotlayer.com/ http://www.page2images.com/ Urlbox - Best Automated Screenshot API | Urlbox.io Cross Browser Testing - 1500+ Real Browsers & Devices Shrink The Web - shrinktheweb.com ScreenshotsCloud - High quality real browser screenshot API Url2png - Screenshots as a Service Screenshot Layer - screenshotlayer.com Screenshot Machine - Website capturing service that REALLY works! Browshot - Service for real time website screenshots Capture - Convert HTML to PNG, PDF and Images to GIF Restpack - Screenshot API WhoAPI - Screenshot API RoboThumb - Générateur automatique de screenshots Webshots Pro - webshotspro.com Screen.rip - Programmable screenshot API (10,000 shots for $7) ScreenshotAPI - API To Convert Screenshot with 30,000 free credits ApiLeap - Chrome Based Screenshot API Thumbalizr - thumbalizr.com Snapito - snapito.com GeoScreenshot - GeoScreenshot Grabzit - Convert Webpages, URL's or HTML into PDF's, images or data SiteSnapr - screenshots as a service Sneak.pw - SNEAK PREVIEWS | Professional Web Thumbnails Page2Images - Website Screenshot Generator & API Linkpeek - Website Screenshot - Webpage Snapshot - Screenshot Service Pagelr - pagelr.com Web-Capture - Online full length web site screenshots for free
  10. Bluto

    Links Directory

    Right now a user can purchase a link in a category and once they purchase that link, it remains in the links directory forever (one time cost). I'm using the paid links option for 1 category called "Sponsored". Users have the option to purchase a link in the sponsored category or add a link for free in one of the other categories. Currently, if they purchase a link in the sponsored category it will remain in that category forever - unless a mod moves it. Would it be possible to add to a future release - few ideas, not all apply to my idea above. A. The ability to attach a time limit on the paid links. I could sell a paid link for X number of days. After the X number of days expires, the link would auto-hide OR automatically be moved to a free category in the directory (a category determined by the user when he adds the link). B. The ability for the user to have an option to list a link for free or paid per category. A category would have the option of having paid and free links. If the user decides to go with the paid link, their link would be a sponsored link. C. The ability to only sell X number of paid links per category. Really popular categories can attract a lot of people who want their link featured (paid). Being able to limit the number of paid links per category would result in competition between users for the paid exposure (sponsored link). If I had 10 categories and I offered 2 paid links for each category, those 20 videos I could feature in a widget I created for the index page. Having the ability to set a time limit on the paid links (time, clicks, or CPM) would allow me to have good turnover of paying customers versus someone who pays one-time for the link and it's featured forever. Just a suggestion.
  11. Bluto

    Links Directory

    It would be great if I could charge to feature or pin a link. After the user enters their free link, they'd be prompted to "upgrade their listing to a featured listing or pin their link".
  12. Bluto

    Spacious ACP

    Must have mod for every community! Support is great. Highly recommend.
  13. It would be great if there was a way to have multiple social accounts so that I could promote certain content to specific social accounts. I have a few different Twitter accounts for different content: General Content News Content Off-topic Content It would be great if I when I click promote it would go to the specific social account. Options: Multiple Social Accounts Assign specific social accounts to specific forums. Adjust permissions for each social account. Off-topic anyone could promote where as the general content only Admin and Mod could promote. Just a suggestion. Maybe a developer would want to create a mod to do this.
  14. Bluto

    New Topic Rules

    Sounds good. Let me know if they fix it. I can't access the dev forum and the release notes are well - not so informative.
  15. Bluto

    New Topic Rules

    Thanks for the info! I can't read the thread, but it's good to know it's on IPSs end - well maybe it's not that good to know - I'll disable this for now. Let me know if IPS ends up fixing the issue and I'll re-enable it after that. I'm afraid I'd wipe the caches and forget to add back the cookie settings.