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  1. @Matt just got 3 emails with Dangerous on them, they all seem to have an image in the content of the email. If you want me to send you info from the emails like @sudo suggested shoot me a PM.
  2. Would it be possible to get the video posted in the approval queue? Right now it just shows the title and the description in the Site Moderation > Approval Queue. Without being able to see the video it's hard to know if the video is spam or not. Often times I have to click on the title and open it in a new window, watch the video, and then go back to the approval queue and approve the video. If the video (example youtube video) was available in the queue, I'd be able to approve videos without leaving the Approval Queue. Maybe something like this could be added in the future because I have a lot of videos categories which posting videos must be approved. Thanks!
  3. Thanks. I was curious since is was disabled. Just tested this again w/ 4.4.x version and it's not promoting my RSS feeds posts and adding 3x the same feed post (duplicates). Not sure what's happening but it's not working w/ RSS posts.
  4. If they request that, that's what I'll do. I'm just reporting it, since it's not really an issue for me and I'm slammed with work, I'm not spending any time troubleshooting this internal IPS issue.
  5. @puffysticks. hey I saw that the purchasing was disabled in the marketplace. Was everything ok with this plugin or was it IPS that disabled it?
  6. Another one for topic. @Andy Millne
  7. Looks like it happens with comments too. Maybe it's the images... Here is the next email, response to the email above but not dangerous and no images.
  8. Not sure, didn't really keep track of the first few. This morning I realized I probably should report it. I'll keep my eye out next time to see if it's just file notifications.
  9. Started getting some emails from IPS flagged as dangerous. I've gotten a few in the last couple of days. Just wanted to let you know. I use gsuite.
  10. Thanks for creating this for the community. Looks great!
  11. Are you sure you're calling up the right award category in your rule? I would check that because (I'm not a programming guru or anything) it appears that something is happening where the award category id isn't being found I assume ie NULL. Maybe something changed with the Rules app and the category needs to be updated in a rule you created? hth
  12. I'm going to upgrade to 4.4.x, hopefully that'll clear up the issue.
  13. I think something might not be right. A trusted RSS feed which has been running since I started doing RSS feeds on the site, now it is posting the same thing 3+ times. In one case, it posted the same article at 3:06, 3:36, and 4:06 pm. I guess the task is every 30 min. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Decided to remove the plugin and reinstall to see if that cleared up the issue. I removed the plugin and re-installed, now it won't save anything. No matter what I do, the plugin disables itself. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Uninstalled again and reinstalled. Now it's saving again, but no promotions and multiple posting of the same results. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Not sure what is happening or this is just because of 4.3.6, IDK. I'm going to have to disable this plugin because, for me, it's causing issues.
  14. You might be right about the issue being with the feed. I'll let it run for awhile and see if it keeps happening. Otherwise, working great! 😀
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