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  1. If you read the marketplace description which includes what I quoted, you wouldn't be asking, "could you please add this domain in the blacklist." Actually you can do it yourself in the ban settings (where you ban ips, email address, etc) by adding domain *@mydomainname.com
  2. "Trying to keep up and block these manually is not practical. That’s where Indisposable comes in. Indisposable uses Kickbox’s industry leading e-mail validation services to instantly identify and reject disposable e-mail addresses, requiring no additional work on your end."
  3. Maybe these are a stupid ideas IDK/ MOD APPROVAL 3RD BUTTON When approving content via site moderation, have a third button: Approve but don't notify. Maybe the content is spammy but not spammy enough to delete. So the content is approved but none of the followers get a notification. As the admin, you've determined that the content is on the borderline of being acceptable and you'll approve it, but not send a notification. Reply in the thread still get notified of replies if they follow the topic. Just people who follow the forum wouldn't get notified on that initial thread creation. It can still be promoted via the promotions button. MEMBER NOTIFY OPTION Maybe a step further, have an option for when a member creates a thread to allow them to decide to notify people or not. The thread owner would be able to decide if they wanted people to be notified about their thread or not. I know some members who would love be stealth and not notify people about their new thread - to reduce the amount of instant trolling the thread would receive. Giving supporters to make a few posts at the top of the thread, before the haters. With notification they know right away when any thread is created, if they are following the forum. This could also be used if you were running a giveaway or something that you didn't want people notified about. They'd only see the content if they physically came to the site. Just throwing it out there.
    Works so well you forget it's installed. A must have in my book. Temp email addresses are a real pain for admins.
  4. Didn't you add a button to turn off duplicate checking? If that was there @fix3r could just turn off duplicate checking and moderate each link added. Depending on the subject of the directory, moderation is a good idea IMO.
  5. Probably. Someone would just need to create it.
  6. Would it be possible to get: points for reactions in the points integration options?
  7. Looks like it's back working again. 🙂 Though I got a weird little spike when it wasn't.
  8. Matt said that 5 months ago @Rikki Issue has been around for 2 years. Not holding my breath for this change.
  9. @All Astronauts The alexa box stopped working when I upgraded to 4.4.8. It was working fine before the upgrade.
  10. When you upgrade, during the upgrade the upgrader will give you a notice about templates that have changed. But yes, they'll be overwritten. Also, I'd advice that all your banners be called something like 87384747.jpg using ad, banner, etc in the names of the images will also flag the adblocker. I always rename all of my advertisers banners.
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