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  1. Spacious ACP

    Must have mod for every community! Support is great. Highly recommend.
  2. It would be great if there was a way to have multiple social accounts so that I could promote certain content to specific social accounts. I have a few different Twitter accounts for different content: General Content News Content Off-topic Content It would be great if I when I click promote it would go to the specific social account. Options: Multiple Social Accounts Assign specific social accounts to specific forums. Adjust permissions for each social account. Off-topic anyone could promote where as the general content only Admin and Mod could promote. Just a suggestion. Maybe a developer would want to create a mod to do this.
  3. New Topic Rules

    Sounds good. Let me know if they fix it. I can't access the dev forum and the release notes are well - not so informative.
  4. New Topic Rules

    Thanks for the info! I can't read the thread, but it's good to know it's on IPSs end - well maybe it's not that good to know - I'll disable this for now. Let me know if IPS ends up fixing the issue and I'll re-enable it after that. I'm afraid I'd wipe the caches and forget to add back the cookie settings.
  5. New Topic Rules

    @Adriano Faria Just an FYI. Wiping the cache will delete all the settings for the plugin (cooke expire after and cookie prefix) and result in an error on the front end. I have Spacious ACP and just wiped the cache and got an error trying to add something in the forum I set this up for.
  6. New Topic Rules

    Sure, it's a dark customized theme, but here it is. Someone might want to try it out on the default theme. Though, all the classes are ips classes.
  7. New Topic Rules

    I made some modifications to the plugin. Here they are if you want them and you know what you're modifying. Obviously, if you change stuff, make sure you change things back if there is an update. Normal Message instead of warning: Template: core/global/plugins/newTopicRulesForm <!--- MODIFICATION START ---> <div class='ipsType_normal ipsType_richText ipsSpacer_bottom'> <div class="ipsAreaBackground ipsPad ipsPad_double"> {$msg|raw} </div> </div> <div class='ipsType_normal ipsType_richText'> <div class="ipsAreaBackground ipsPad"> {$form|raw} </div> </div> <!--- MODIFICATION END ---> Tip: Always include the Modification(s) so you can search your template for modifications you made. You might also have to remove / delete the css file for the plugin. Use at your own risk and all that fun stuff.
  8. Videobox

    Thanks! Since I have the YT importer and switch out the featured videos every day, it's hard to upload thumbs for each video.
  9. Videobox

    Ok. Is it possible to get a larger thumbnail from YT? I saw in their API that they have different versions (larger versions).
  10. Videobox

    On larger screens the Image in the Featured Video Widget looks very bad. Looking at the settings I see Thumbnail Size and Featured Image size. My Thumbnail size is 320x180 and my Featured Images Size is 1280x720. If I increase the thumbnail size to 1280x780 will the image in the Featured Video Widget look better?
  11. Videobox

    Would it be possible to have a total (overall) video views which would be included in the Video Statistics block? I want to sell banner ads on the video page and I've had some advertisers ask how many views the section gets.
  12. Spacious ACP/Widgets

    Nice additions.
  13. Black Friday Sale!

    @Lindy Only valid for 1 purchase? Tried to buy a second license, coupon button is grayed out????
  14. Remove ipsAdvertisement Class

    I would leave the ipsAdvertisement_medium and ipsAdvertisement_large. I believe those have to do with what customers upload as smaller versions in commerce - if you use commerce. I found that using ipsAdvertisement_medium and ipsAdvertisement_large isn't picked up by the Adblocker.
  15. Remove ipsAdvertisement Class

    I just removed ipsAdvertisement and left ipsAdvertisment_xxx. Adblocker doesn't seem to pick up on ipsAdvertisment_xxx. Really anything even remotely close to the advertising world wording should be removed. I've had images flagged when I use 728x90 in the name. I stopped using any wording like banner, ad, dimensions, etc. Ad blockers are getting smarter and smarter.