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  1. Looks like it's back working again. 🙂 Though I got a weird little spike when it wasn't.
  2. Matt said that 5 months ago @Rikki Issue has been around for 2 years. Not holding my breath for this change.
  3. @All Astronauts The alexa box stopped working when I upgraded to 4.4.8. It was working fine before the upgrade.
  4. When you upgrade, during the upgrade the upgrader will give you a notice about templates that have changed. But yes, they'll be overwritten. Also, I'd advice that all your banners be called something like 87384747.jpg using ad, banner, etc in the names of the images will also flag the adblocker. I always rename all of my advertisers banners.
  5. Exactly 2 years and 1 day... and nothing to help users make money. It's not even a hard change but falls on deaf ears. You're going to have to change it yourself. IPS is obviously, not going to make the change. Maybe they're waiting for version 5. 🙄
  6. Thanks! Just purchased it. 🙂
  7. That would work for me. I can't see me having any more than 5 pins for any forum. So, a global setting would work for me. 🙂
  8. @Adriano Faria I was thinking about getting this on your black Friday deal. Any chance getting a setting to limit the number of pins per forum? Right now, the way it is, certain forums on my site I'll have members pinning 20 topics and then people will complain that there is an entire page of pinned topics. Just checking if this was something you'd want to add to this app or not?
    Great plugin, has multiple options. Responsive developer.
  9. Works perfect. Issue was on my end. Conflicted with another plugin.
  10. I didn't have it installed. I think I had it installed at one point in the past, but I didn't have it installed currently. I just uninstalled it and tried it again, same issue.
  11. Just uploaded this, no matter which column I choose, it only shows 1 column which is only on the left side of the page.
  12. When you set posting > links to moderate, the link button goes missing from the editor for groups which aren't mod level. Lindy said this was an internal decision. Bad decision, IMO. I submitted a support ticket because I thought a 3rd party mod by @Adriano Faria was to blame. Instead, it was a decision made internally. Let me choose who can use that button or not. I can set the permissions on the button for what group can use it already. That should be the end of discussion there. I bet there are people who don't even realize that the link button is missing (if they are moderating links and no one complains).
  13. Please don't remove the link button from the editor when I choose to moderate links. I have the ability to set the button permissions in the editor settings if I want to choose which groups can use the link button or not. There is no reason for you to think for me. I'm paying $$$ for this software for it to work. Links are, well, let's say IMPORTANT on my site or any site for that matter. PLEASE REVERSE THIS CHOICE NOW!!!! @Matt @Charles @Lindy It's created quite a pain the ass for me since I have group promotions and levels where a user can posts links or not, thanks to spammers. Users have to earn the right for their links not to be moderated. Since the link button is VERY IMPORTANT I've had to make a choice to moderate all content from new users. This has created more work for me. You don't even know how many complaints I get from users who can't select text and set a link. WOW. Authors love to have links in their articles, instead of selecting text and adding a link. 🙄
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