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  1. I don't have the download app running currently, so I can't look at the page.
  2. @InvisionHQ it would be awesome if you combined your Improved Clubs plugin with this and charged more. Having the features of your block manager for the clubs, plus this plugin would be great. Are you still supporting Improved Clubs? The last release was for 4.3 and the support link is dead. I was thinking about purchasing it, but there is no support thread that I can look at to see if people were having issues.
  3. Thanks @Adriano Faria I must have missed that one.
  4. Would it be possible to get a mods to the Saved Actions: Ability to sort them. It gets really confusing when you have a lot of saved actions and they are all over the place on the list. Let's say I have a forum which has multiple Saved Actions. It's hard for my moderators to go though the entire list to find the Saved Actions which only moves the thread vs. the one which moves the thread and leaves a message. Right now it's sorted in the order that I add them. I can't even tell you how many times I've heard complaints from my mods about this. Right now I'm re-doing all the saved actions so that they are organized... which is a real pain in the posterior. Thanks!
  5. @Pete T there is an issue with this when using featured clubs. When you have featured clubs you have the activity under both the featured clubs and the regular clubs. Basically it's duplicated. I'd make an exception for the featured clubs, don't have the activity feed under the featured clubs. Doing it this way, you'll have featured clubs, all clubs, and then the activity feed in the club directory.
  6. If you want to change the badge colors. /* IPS Badge Color */ .ipsBadge_positive {background: your color here};
  7. Look in the theme zip file you downloaded, you'll see the theme and an editor zip file. Go into themes -> night mode -> editors tab and upload the zip file. That will provide the skins for the editor.
  8. Thumbnails in my video section had a horrible white line around them. I'm assuming this is site-wide since the class is ipsThumb. /* Thumbnail */ .ipsThumb {border: 1px solid #191b21 !important;}
  9. Add to buttons. Buttons in Gallery have basically a white outline. /* Buttons */ .elGalleryImage .ipsButton.ipsButton_link {border: 1px solid #191b21 !important;}
  10. Gallery pop-up selection box. Box that pops-up when you want to add an image. /* Gallery Popup Selection Box */ .cGalleryChooseAlbum_listItem { background: #191b21; border: 1px solid #0e0f12; } .cGalleryChooseAlbum_listItem:not([data-disabled]):hover { border-color: (add you own color here this is the border when you hover a selection); }
  11. Yea, widgets is what I meant. I don't think I'm going to have LD in the clubs, but I figured I'd ask. Thanks!
  12. Is it possible to remove the blocks which are being used on the LD app main page so they don't show up in the Clubs? All the other apps / features I'm using in the club (forum, videobox, gallery, blog) don't have the blocks I use in the respected apps. LD is the only one which has all the blocks from main LD app page. If I remove any of the blocks from the LD clubs page, it removes them from the main LD page. Is there a setting or template I could modify so that the blocks from the main LD page won't show up in clubs? Thanks!
  13. Clubs icon has a white border which doesn't look too good. /* Club Icon Border */ .cClubIcon {border: 2px solid #191b21 !important;} or if you like it darker: /* Club Icon Border */ .cClubIcon {border: 2px solid #0a0b0d !important;}
  14. @MIXOH There was an issue with this plugin when I tried to react to one of @onlyME VideoBox app videos. It would give an error. @onlyME found the issue and gave me the fix below. Big thanks to @onlyME for finding it and providing a fix. 💪
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