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  1. Linked Accounts - Post As

    I don't have a 4.2 version online. I have to wait for a template update before I can update to v4.2. I do have another license which isn't used on a site, I can test it there.
  2. Linked Accounts - Post As

    Is this working with v4.2? I use this plugin all the time w/ v4.1
  3. Personal Photo on Sign Up Form

    Does this work with v4.2?
  4. User Reputation

    Does this work in v4.2?
  5. Forums moderators

    Does this work with v4.2?
  6. Message on Signup Screen

    Is this working for v4.2?
  7. Clear Cache

    Would be great to have this working for 4.2.
  8. (NB41) Enhanced Advertisements

    I haven't tested it yet, but will this work with 4.2?
  9. Links Directory

    @Adriano Faria Looks like is changing to Things seem to be working ok, but wanted to let you know incase you missed it or need to switch something in the API.
  10. Links Directory

    Anyone having issues with It was working a day ago, now every link I add it gives me a blank white image as the thumbnail. When I click on the thumbnail to enlarge, it's a broken image. Opening that broken image in a new window I get: { "message": "Internal server error" } Looks like the error has cleared up. Working again.
  11. Not sure if someone has come across this or not, or if I should submit as a bug. Chinese spammer posted 11 threads today. Saw an email with the 11 threads. Went into the member page and flagged as spammer. Now I see this on my main board: Doing a mouse over it reads "-11 queued topics" When I click on it I get "There are no topics in this forum yet".
  12. Spam Prevention Suite

    This works like a charm. Thanks for this wonderful app!
  13. Thanks! I have the same Chinese problem, but also Korean and Indian "Healers". It would be great to be able to flag Korean also and maybe selected phrases. The Indian "healer" posts tend to have some phrases that are the same in every post or reference some Hindu God. I would be great to have a phrases option.
  14. Will this be available / updated for v4.2?
  15. Videos Support

    What I've found is that if you set the max video width to XXX and then want to change that width on all the videos after uploading them, all you have to do is clear the cache (at least on youtube videos). This will only work on videos which were added with a max width. Videos added while the setting were unlimited will not be affected by a change in the video width and a cache clear. It would also be great to have an option to center the video when not using "unlimited".