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  1. I was just hoping to get the url, wildcard would be a total bonus. I was just asking because I was curious. Honestly, I really can't think of a time when I'd need to make sure a specific url wasn't embedded. Maybe in the most extreme case. Anyway, thanks again for the addition! 👍
  2. Thanks for the exclude urls! Can I enter specific urls like https://goo.gl/somethinghere or just the root url https://goo.gl?
  3. I assume both, it's allowing the spammers to post (chinese title and content - all chinese thread). There are some test post they make before they actually post spam. The titles are chinese and the content is 'dgfg" etc. testing text.
  4. @fosters Hi. Not sure the plugin is moderating chinese content. Spammers have been posting whatever chinese content they want without moderation. I'm getting posts with thread titles: Any idea why this is getting past the filter? I'm on v4.3.5 Adding the Korean would really help out. Thanks!
  5. Bluto

    Links Directory

    Thank You!
  6. Bluto

    Links Directory

    Thank You. No rush. Whenever you get a chance.
  7. Bluto

    Links Directory

    Sure, I'd love the code. Thanks for adding the setting. 👍
  8. Bluto

    Links Directory

    In a future release, would it be possible to have an option to turn off the duplicate link protection? I'm working on a project which duplicate links isn't an issue. I couldn't find any settings to turn that protection off. If there is a setting, please let me know. Thanks!
  9. Bluto

    Links Directory

    Works perfect. Thanks @Adriano Faria For anyone else looking to use link directory extra fields in other places / templates (inside the links app). {{$fields = $link->customFields();}} {{foreach $fields as $k => $v}} {lang="links_{$k}"} {$v|raw} {{endforeach}} Can also access: // field_1 being your first extra field you created. {{$fields = $link->customFields();}} {$fields['field_1']}
  10. Bluto


    Plugin works on v4.3.5. Make sure if you're using Chrome that you are NOT blocking 3rd party cookies. You'll need to login into Sur.ly in the ACP. If 3rd party cookies are disabled, you won't be able to login.
  11. Bluto

    Links Directory

    For the view template you have $cfields available as a variable, so you're not using $link-> to call the custom fields. {{foreach $cfields as $k => $v}} <li class="ipsDataItem"> <span class="ipsDataItem_generic ipsDataItem_size3"><strong>{lang="links_{$k}"}</strong></span> <div class="ipsDataItem_generic ipsType_break cLinkInfoData"> {$v|raw} </div> </li> {{endforeach}}
  12. Bluto

    Links Directory

    Is there a way to call the custom fields from the indexBlock template?
  13. That's a good idea. Never considered coming soon, makes a lot of sense. That might be a good short term fix.
  14. @steve00 yes I can hide a product from public view. But I can't hide the category. I have 5 options: 1. Create a category with an obscure name so that visitors have no idea what is in the category. Though, this results in a sloppy appearance with rando category names. Not professional looking at all. 2. Use code to hide the category in the template(s) which for me involves multiple templates over 5 themes. 3. Setting everything up on a dev server and when finished copy all the info over to the live site - which is a real pain akin to a circa 1600 monk in an remote European town copying transcripts by candlelight. No very cutting edge management of a industry caliber ecommerce solution. 4. Place products in another active category and hide the products from view. But then I have to move everything back to their real categories when finished. When you have a lot of products, this can be very confusing. 5. Hide the entire store from public view.
  15. It would be great if I could hide the store categories so I don't expose store items which aren't online yet. Considering the fact that each product needs to be in a category and categories can't be hidden - there are NO, NADA, ZERO surprises for visitors to the store. They see everything regardless if it's ready or not. I've resorted to using my own code (which is a pain in the A$$) to hide categories for products I'm still working on. Maybe I'm missing someone. A little slow. If that happens to be the case, please enlighten me as to how to hide the categories in the store. Thanks!