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  1. @AlexJ you can now mention groups by simply typing @! Please download the new version 😛 @liquidfractal it should now also work for blogs since it hooks into the user mentions (so everywhere you can do user mentions you can do groups)
  2. Should be somewhere within the next 1-2 months most likely , i'm finishing some work for a client and then during my summer holidays i'll look into updating this
  3. Hey, you have to use the select box. by typing @ it will not work (I will be adding this as well in the future) I can only see 1 screenshot in your post but this is where the selectbox is: If you can't get it to work could you pm me your site and an account I could test with so I can take a closer look?
  4. compatitble with 4.4
  5. Should be, will do a full test tomorrow and let you know the result
  6. Hey, Make sure you are using the latest version, secondary group support was added there. If that is already the case this could be the reason why you didn't receive it: If you are the author of the post, you won't receive a notification (since you made the post yourself, you already know about it, so there is no need to send a notification to yourself) Ie: if you as admin mention @coaches in your post and you are also part of the coaches group, you won't receive the notification (you are author) but all the others who have coaches as primary or secondary will.
  7. Hey sorry for a late answer, apparantly I wasn't following this topic so I didn't get a notification 😞 I'll look into including this with the next update!
  8. Could you pm me your website + acp? Then I can take a look
  9. Which IPB version are you running? Also could you try it on the default theme and disabling other apps/plugins to see if that helps?
  10. Hey Liquid, unfortunately I don't have the blog system in my license with IPB ? If I do have it in the future, I will definitely look into adding it. But I would expect it to work already because the code is hooked into each editor box of a content item
  11. Hey, Thanks a lot for the detailed report. I personally haven't tested it myself with over 1000 members in 1 group. Currently it uses the same system as with regular mentions. I was planning on doing some updates to this app soon such as hooking it into the @Function and I will also look into this issue to see if I can improve it for a large amount of members. In the meantime you could try to increase your timeout time and see if that helps anything?
  12. Version 1.0.0


    This plugins allows you to require members to have 2FA setup to view specific forums. Secure your important forum sections so only members who have setup 2FA can see. Installation To install this app, log in to your Admin Panel, go to System->Plugins, click the upload plugin button and import the xml file. Configuration You can find the configuration under System-> Plugins -> Forums 2FA -> Edit Features Require members to have 2FA setup to view a specific forum Customise the error message


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