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  1. And I look forward to a solution...
  2. I find a bug . If i delete some profile gifts the all gifts dissapear from topics ! Remain only the title profile gifts ! Maybe you can help with this @TheJackal84
  3. Someone know something about trophies and medals? We cant buy anymore !
  4. Happy new year ! how can i make to show me the menu of this application? Remain same, the menu doesn t appear . ty
  5. Hi, I bought the application, I installed it, I added from the ACP a first manager of a category, and the added manager, trying to add a manager in turn, receives the error below ... You can contact me in private, if you need more details on how I configured the application.
    An excellent theme for a gaming forum. Besides that, the support offered is an exceptional one. Congratulations on this creation!
  6. hi again . for example i want to acces only for : But he had acces to the entire forum , in all categories . I want to had acces only where is moderator this group. Can i make this with this hook?
  7. Hi, I bought this hook and now i have a little problem . When i give acces to a group for example manager server , that group have acces on the entire forum . Is there a solution to had this ban access only on the categories where it is selected as a moderator? Thanks a lot!
  8. if i use nulled and later i bought a license , i can use this tutorial for upgrade ?
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