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  1. Support topic for the hashtags app.
  2. Version 1.0.7


    This app looks for hashtags used by members across your board. ( Only searchable content is being looked for hashtags so things like Personal Messages aren't included ). This app doesn't support ElasticSearch yet.
  3. Love the hashtag app.... and the trending.... 

    Is there a way to see a list of all hashtags created somewhere after they disappear from trending?

  4. Yeah, that was the initial way the search was done as I didn't the right functions to hook into 🙂 It has been updated since and a new search system that is similar to the tagging system has been implemented. Still working to improve it to allow users to makes searches based on both a search term and hashtags like the tagging system works.
  5. I see some have followed this topic so I just want to let you know something is in development. Check this out.
  6. Maybe someone asked this already... But does IPS 4.5 come with fontawesome5 by any chance?
  7. The plugin will be supported by another developer from now on once I find someone to take on it and the time to pass dev files on. I'll do my best to ensure current customers will get their rightful support afterwards 😉
  8. What IPS version are you using? I have not updated anything of mine on the market for 4.4.3 yet but will do in the following days. What is the data you entered in the settings? ( send them in a PM )
  9. Well, the plugin updates have been made on 4.4, so that might be the issue. But as I mentioned before I have not altered the way RSS feeds are posted. I'll setup the plugin and let it run a bit see if I can replicate issue but until then I can't do anything.
  10. I haven't altered how RSS feeds work at it's core. I've just moved the promotion algorithm from a topic creation method to another. I neither do have much experience with RSS feeds but I think when they push a "notice" as new it will be posted even it's the same, so it could be something from that specific feed.
  11. Solved. Update available. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  12. Yeah, that seems to be from my plugin. I have no idea why so far as I'm not even touching anything related to delete functions, some troubleshooting must be done. Thanks for your feedback, working on it right now.
  13. Solved, sorry it took so long. New update on the market. Also worth mentioning that I didn't forget some of you requested for the posts / topics to be shared after leaving moderation, this will be coming in a later update... For now when you unhide a file, just go ahead an promote the topic / re-promote it in the case of a new post and all done ( yeah I know that's quite more few clicks, yikes ).
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