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  1. dont mean to be that guy... but possible to make certain features toggleable? such as forced nicknames? did a sync after migrating from Ahmed's discord app and it changed all the nicknames on discord to whats on IPS.
  2. it doesnt sync roles (only login to IPS forums/suite)... this is also a support thread for @Ahmad E. not an advertising thread.
  3. that is by design from discord for nicknames. I've said that when the issues were hosted on github. As for role syncing, that should work fine as long as the bot's role is highest on the list (even above owner's role). They have and listed it as 'This file is not currently available for purchase.' Leaving it unavailable for new purchases. I am unsure if @Ahmad E. is aware of this status as this is not displayed to the publisher. namecalling really? Depending on what you are referring to... the private github repo I post issues to after testing from issues listed here, last update was 2 months ago which is for 4.3 compat,,, but has issues, which is why it is delayed.
  4. Thank you for the update @Ahmad E. ; hope to see the finished product soon ?
  5. while some people will have madman32395@domain.tld others may have John.Doe@domain.tld ; still results in the name being shown making example one a reality regardless. Overall either a forced username or leave it as enduser enters one. currently system works as intended.
  6. If you're looking for login only, anyone could do this without installing anything. Which is all this app appears to do. Basically takes most of the guess work out for you, just plug API keys in and go. What it was hyped up to be was full featured connection like ahmads with groups, calendar, forums pushing to discord.
  7. means they half finished their account and abandoned it.
  8. Because you were pre-existing add-on.
  9. Not exactly. The way login handlers changed, and Ahmed hasn't updated to reflect.
  10. CiC? Possibly, but doubtful. Just remove the apps that are pirated/don't own licenses for.
  11. Uninstall the apps, remove their ability to install applications. Problem solved.
  12. Save yourself (and ips) a headache and submit a ticket.
  13. I can't officially speak on the abandonment status... but the github has been quiet as well for both production and development channels. As for 4.3 readiness, I wouldn't update to 4.3 if Discord is a must. Or install Discord if upgrading to 4.3 is a must. *Currently until app is updated to fully support 4.3
  14. pretty much, its a bot hijack preventative from discord. If you want to change your own nickname on discord do so without the bot. the check should pass if it matches the forums.
  15. @stoo2000 afaik it should, since its using a webhook during initial setup (if you setup before 4.3 messed things up)... but stoo would be best to answer that one officially. When I started sending through Sparkpost; free and i dont use a dedicated IP from them. Yes, I was on a few blacklists because of their shared IP range, but after working with their support and getting all my ducks in a row. I am off blacklists and I still dont pay a dime. Instead I now have a broken integration, since the conversion to SMTP; which Tier 3 is trying to figure it out. It shouldnt be this way. I do agree with @PacmanDo, it should be where those integrations support is passed onto SparkPost or SendGrid support. Until the issue is deemed IPS caused. Then their support would inform the client to open a ticket with IPS. Exactly... this is a universal issue. So why not just drop support for all email services?
  16. exactly, my site cant send emails in the current state... worked perfect as i stated in previous post.
  17. At least you havnt been told by support to buy SendGrid to fix the issue of sparkpost not working after they did what they did.... What a slap in the face.
  18. If it's after what you did here... Probably the URI you gave Facebook still is http instead of https.
  19. Mine worked great until it was forced into smtp. Submitteda ticket and I'm blaimed for misconfigured/restricted. There's nothing to misconfigure if it's going from API to smtp automatically and the key has smtp access. Also there's nothing to restrict when you have full control of the box and a unrestricted connection in and out. Exactly, and steps that we're misconfigured or not setup. I was sent easy to understand guides on setup. Their customer service is pretty good. Even on free, they want to make sure you can use their service.
  20. Agreed, the free tier was awesome with Sparkpost, nice and quick... and it worked. now if i look at the alternative... 100/emails per DAY. that's too slow for something thats time limited for an email I would send (such as contests). The paid version imo is too much for how many emails I do send per month... which is little compared to when I do send a mass mailing.
  21. should do a test install of 4.3 to play around with the new features... you should be able to have a free sub, then mark it as costing for renewal period.
  22. Secondary group wanted to keep static that way it's a nod saying they've tossed money our way. But primary is used for in game perks/ranking. But wanted to use subscription manager to take advantage of the newer ui for active/expired. It just seemed cleaner that way. Even with the front showing subscriptions.
  23. For the usergroup changes, why is the Recurring payment option allow you to choose if you wish to revert Primary, Secondary, or both... but with 4.3's subscriptions you only get the option to revert both or not to revert at all? Ideally wouldn't it be a good idea to have the option for both? 4.3 Subscription Manager - pre 4.3 Recurring Item -
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