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Where do most of you host your forums?

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Just wondering. I don't like my host for forums, but the cost for IPB seems kind of high. I have already purchased most applications. Plan to buy a couple more soon. (Content and Nexus) If you use IPB hosting... why?


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I am with IPS hosting and I do so because it is less time to worry about the site screwing up and more time on the content and promoting it!

The price of the lower packages are very fair against shared hosting by other hosts I have been with in the past for other sites. I am paying maybe a dollar more a month but I also know with regards the "online users at one time" I am actually getting better service than some shared hosts. One host that I wont name but is one of the bigger hosts, has an "account executions" limit now that when using a forum, limits how many page views you can have over a 2 hour period. All it takes is 3 or 4 members online viewing 50 so threads in that 2 hour window and you are hitting the account limits! Compare that to IPB Hosting who allow full access for an AVERAGE 10 users online at once time for their lowest package and you can see which is the better option.

Not to mention I am receiving almost all of the suite of products (excluding nexus) AND a bigger IP Chat allowance all included, and all updated for me for free at my request when new versions come out. When you work out how much each licence costs and divide that cost over 12 months including your current hosting costs, I bet that is far more than the price of Basic 10 hosting here.

Plus there is the advantage of knowing that these guys are experts with IPB and if there is a problem anywhere they will fix it because they are not trying to help you with one of a million different scripts, but they are trying to help with just one that they created themselves and know what the servers are that need to be used to run it! Again, it is just plug in and play and getting on with the content and promoting your site rather than the back end running off it! That alone is worth a dollar or two more a month than doing all that time and hard work yourself elsewhere (remember you may get upgrades free in a licence but you spend time manually upgrading where as I don't).

However, there are a couple of small things to consider that may not be as good as other hosts which for me are not an issue right now but may one day.....

First is ticket support (which I point out is free and very, very helpful) is slightly longer than other hosts. I am seeing some tickets take between 3 hours and 12 hours to get a response. Other hosts I have been with offer basic ticket support (on shared hosting) responses within 3 hours (usually 15 mins) plus options of premium ticket supprt. It is only a small niggle and I cant fault the excellent customer service, but maybe in the future they could look at ways of reducing the times to a guaranteed maximum of say 3 hours?

Secondly is something I brought up elsewhere, and that is media storage space is limited and fixed. Which I feel is a shame as the IPGallery for example is included with the hosting packages as low as Basic 10, but the storage space allowance is so small that around 15% of my space is used up on posts and profile pictures with the gallery turned off because of the limitations.
I have asked if there is a way to upgrade the storage for a price but there is none other than upgrading full packages.
That is my only main issue with hosting here rather than another host.... but there are ways around this small issue and it is still a fairly generous allowance for a forum. Maybe if they can have options to increase storage space for either a fixed larger amount, or a smaller monthly amount for those sites which require the option of image/video uploading that would make hosting here even better!

As it is, the reason I do is ease, convenience and the suite they throw in for free! If they didn't offer so much for the small price then I wouldn't have hosted two sites with them!

Is it ideal for large sites? I don't know, we will have to see, but for new sites, or ones that have smaller memberships I see very little difference with going with any other host! So why not save yourself time and hassle and just host here and get on with the fun part of developing your site :)

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I use both, Ip Hosting for my Community Hosting package that is all inclusive. I also have a different hosting company for my licensed software. I did this because I could not afford to buy all the software and applications for second forum so I use the community hosting for that and I have no problem with either hosting I am using. I will be respectful to IP wishes and not mention the other hosting company. If I were to do it all over again I probably would go for the community hosting because in the long run, I am saving money.

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Just curious, but why can't we mention specific hosts? I presume there's a very good reason?

I would expect hosting to be an absolute for anyone wanting to run an online community and it seems a bit one-sided to allow people to sing the praises of IPS all-in-one hosting but not offer comparisons with other specific providers (I agree with others that IPS offer a very good value for money package).

Personally I'm on a dedicated server - but it is still owned by a very good quality hosting company who offers me excellent backup and support and whom I would recommend if people asked (see how I cleverly didn't mention their name!! :wink:).

A good, supportive, knowledgeable host can make all the difference to your experience when building online communities!! :thumbsup:

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Well we were on Invision Power hosting for almost 8 years. They always kept us up and running and were very helpful.

For the last 2 years (about 2009 and onward) we've gone from budget VPS's to our own Dedicated Server with XEN VPS's. It's definitely not a painless process to move to VPS's and its even more painful to first move to Dedicated servers, but once you get to them, and have everything running its a great experience.

My vote is if you want a carefree hosting experience InvisionPower definitely does best there, if you want to learn more about server architecture, tweaking and tuning, then start playing with VPS's and work you way up to a full dedi if you ever need it.

I've used rackspace cloud servers (VPS's) as a temporary server and it works well, but the cloud is a little pricey especially once you start getting above the 2gb Ram point.

I'm not going to say the name on our current dedicated hosting provider, things are great, prices are good. But dedi management can be a headache unless you've done it before, especially if its you first time setting up Xen. But once its all setup correctly, if your using it for multiple projects, games, etc or have a massive community its a good path to take.

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Managed lite dedicated server.

Shared hosting is fine starting out. You would then move to a VPS as your forum grows and then finally on to a dedicated server. Problem with shared hosting and in fact all other hosting is you're often catering for more guests than actual members, many of those guests being search engines. So while you may have say 1000 members and 10 or so on-line at any one time you could have 50 or more guests. Your shared hosting provider may start bleating about you using too many resources. I sometimes get over 300 guests plus 100 - 150 members online at once.


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I used to run my two forums on a high-end VPS, but just moved them to a cloud server a few days ago that uses SSD's instead of hard drives. Much to my surprise, the cloud server's RAM usage hasn't gone over 900 MB yet, even when several hundred people come online at once; the whole thing runs absolutely blazing fast; and it's a completely stock cPanel setup that has not been optimized in any way. On my old VPS, memory and CPU load issues were not uncommon; and on paper, it has much more impressive specs than my new cloud server.

In any case, I'm quite satisfied with my new host. They're a very small company, but their support is incredible, their servers scream with speed, and the company's owner registered on one of my forums!

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