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  1. Correct. As you express yours. Of course I know nothing about you, and never claimed to. That is normal for a site I have not visited: I fail to see how you find my lack is humorous.
  2. On "your forum" it is none of their business,and that is your prerogative. On my forum I usually make it everyone's business, and that is my prerogative. Your making a lot of unnecessary work for yourself, but again your prerogative. On my forum, rude behavior, spam, harassment draws a ban for first offense. Whether permanent or time period is tailored to each situation. Warning points or verbal warnings point you out as a softie IMHO.
  3. If you have to coddle poor behavior on your forum so as not to offend others, your member base is not one I would care to have. Whenever I reprimand, or ban someone, it is always done publically, along with the reason. Mostly the other members cheer.
  4. I don't recall, but it it comes with any it would only be a handful, maybe half dozen.
  5. The ibProArcade v4.2.3c now available. http://www.ibparcade.com/index.php?/files/file/2078-ibproarcade/
  6. The v4.0.4 is old and a bit buggy. Please use v4.1.0 or later. http://www.ibparcade.com/index.php?/files/file/2077-ibproarcade-v410/
  7. NP, ibProArcade works well with V2 and V32 games. Current version is V4.2.
  8. It looks like an intended design flaw. :unsure: :rofl:
  9. It boggles my mind why those complaining about no downloads for older versions didn't think ahead and save a backup of each zipped download. I have every board version archived back to v2.2. It is just common sense to archive important files. It is your obligation to archive them, not IPS.
  10. That would be my guess from the code. I never made the edit on my dev install because I only need to see if the games show after conversion. Once converted they won't use that code unless you play a V2 game. I would assume from the post on IBP Arcade that the edit keeps V2 game scores from being saved on the ibProArcade. Wondering if that edit is for an older version of iArcade, as I don't see any instruction for it in my iArcade download files.
  11. Ya forgot that iArcade had an edit. If you want to keep your games though, don't uninstall the iArcade tables. I am almost finished coding a page for ibProArcade ACP that will convert iArcade game cats, games and game scores to ibProArcade. I did the same for ibcoding Arcade.
  12. I run three sites. Two have 3.4.2 and one has 2.3.6. There are security issues with 2.3.6, but it is a mole hill, not the mountain it is being blown into in this thread. Nor do I expect security updates for it.
  13. Royzee

    iArcade 1.2

    Well I have seen Leon and a few knowledgeable others help with arcade mod problems there, which is nice of them, but they have no obligation for support, other than their own downloads ( games ). Looks like you will have to wait for Colin on support, or install the other arcade.
  14. Royzee

    iArcade 1.2

    Ok, that is ibpdownloads.com, not ibparcade.com, and I don't do any work for them. As far as I know they don't distribute any arcade mods, so not obligated to give support for either.
  15. Royzee

    iArcade 1.2

    Well, you have me confused now Broni :huh: I assumed you were using iArcade, as you posted in the support for iArcade, and your errror is an iArcade error. Nor can I find a post on ibparcade. I only code ibProBattle and iBProCasino there, but do help out on the arcade when I can. If you want to PM me your username there and/or a link to your post, I will see what I can do there, or make sure someone does help you. As for your iArcade error(s), it sounds like all of the iArcade did not uninstall. These tables should have been deleted. ibf_iarcade_champs ibf_iarcade_comments ibf_iarcade_favs ibf_iarcade_gamecats ibf_iarcade_games ibf_iarcade_massimport ibf_iarcade_scores ibf_iarcade_scores_verify ibf_iarcade_tars
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