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  1. Hi The " Start New Topic " button is not working now :( Any idea, i am using " Global New Topic Button 1.1.0" by Michael, that hook is working fine but when i click on " Start New Topic " nothing happens :sad:
  2. was wondering if it is possible to reduce that header size on the top ? it kinda looks very big :(
  3. great. Also had a doubt, suppose if the ( Ajax Push Update ) is set to example 120 seconds, and i got a PM at 10 seconds, so it won't show, but what if i refresh the page ? Will it show, or i will have to wait for 120 seconds to show the update ? Also was wondering, will it create lot of load on server if we put it to 10 seconds and their are lot of members, so for every 10 seconds it will check via AJAX .!
  4. so, it will be like, even if we don't refresh a page and we get a new PM, that notification will get updated, right ?
  5. How do you enable it ? Not sure, its not showing up in my board. PS : I have 3.3.4 I just installed hook via XML and tried to edit settings, but did not seem to work.
  6. it would be great if you can see comments inside the ligthbox thing, similar to facebook.
  7. I had been using full IPB Suite with GoDaddy, and it sucks. Recently my friend's account got suspended, and guess what, they suspended as it was using more than 128 MB RAM. GoDaddy servers are slow and lot of problems, i wouldn't recommend to stay with them, shift to better providers.
  8. eNom reseller is too expensive. Well, their are more better well knowns of domain registars like name.com or namecheap.com and that would really benefit for resellers. You went with the registrar which is one of the most expensive.
  9. wow, nice, would expect name.com intergration in future versions :D
  10. Hi Was wondering that is it guaranteed that IP / email that it blocks are spammers ? I mean how exactly do you verify it ?
  11. also just to mention, you need an active license for IP.Chat, so even if you have purchased 20$ IP.Chat License for 1 year , you will have to renew your IPB license every 6 months or your IP.Chat won't work ;)
  12. yeah, sometimes when user gets disconnected they get message of " You Have been Kicked " and it does look bad :(
  13. darn, that is one of the many reasons it allows me to post more to stay on the top, i don't know why IPS is removing many of the v good features that encourages to post. Earlier it was top posters and now this :(
  14. i think it should be added in 3.3 considering its still in beta.
  15. i am not sure if IPS would consider going for such a technology with IP.Chat, their are many things which needs to be look at first.
  16. indeed, this type of functionality is present in vB, they use Ajax for " Recent Topics " + Chatbox above the forum. It looks awesome and leads to interactive community.
  17. well, i don't see many members coming to chat, even in this forum where their are like 800 members online at at a time, their are hardly any members in chat. The current IP.Chat does not have any features except private chat and general chat :huh: I would expect a new IP.Chat with much more features incl this come along with 3.3
  18. is it possible to let the standard description of forums be intact and let forum hover work on the sub-forums ?
  19. yeah, its working fine now. BTW, how can i remove " Shoutbox " from the above tab bar ?
  20. i have installed shoutbox, but when i type any message and click on shout, nothing happens. Yes, i have checked the permission masks in " Manage User Groups" and also shoutbox is online, i try re-installing it, but same problem :sad: Even if i try to click on any button of shoutbox (Smilies, BBCode) etc, nothing happens
  21. phew, many thanks Cyrem. The avatar in chat is such a horrible idea, takes up whole space, their can be hardly 4-5 messages max and than we have to scroll down, even most of my members hate it. Atleast IPS should give us an option to remove it.
  22. block permission already set to allow guest but still it doesn't, i guess its IPB issue.
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