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  1. I don't see the forum ever being dead. It fills a different role compared to social media
  2. Glumbo

    Ip Board Hosting requirements

    This page has everything you need http://www.invisionpower.com/suite/requirements.php
  3. I hate the MyBB admin panel. I've already looked at Xenforo but at its current stage I think IPB is better
  4. Glumbo

    Windows 8 Pre-Beta released

    I actually like the interface
  5. Glumbo

    My first ever Mac

    I'm so sorry
  6. Glumbo

    IP Content worth it?

    Even if you use Drupal, IP.Content may be worth it to embed ipb blocks into Drupal
  7. Glumbo

    [IPBSkinning.com] Sylo Pro

    How hard would it be to change the whole color scheme?
  8. Glumbo

    IP Content worth it?

    I think Drupal would be a better option if you want a full cms. The site you posted seems to need a full cms
  9. Glumbo

    Thank You Jason

    Why is my support not so awesome :(
  10. Glumbo

    CentOS 6

    What are the benefits? Upgrading sounds like a lot of work
  11. Does converge work with beta 3?

    1. teraßyte


      Yes, we use it on here just fine.

  12. Glumbo

    Need new FTP Client

    Filezilla, dont try anything else
  13. Visual skin editor is awesome

    1. zbahadir
    2. tAPir


      Apparently. I can't use it though as I only have access to 1Perpetual and 1 Life license :(

  14. Great! beta 2

  15. Is it just me or is the forum really slow for posting?

    1. .Ian


      goes slow around 07.00GMT due to backups