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  1. I don't see the forum ever being dead. It fills a different role compared to social media
  2. How hard would it be to change the whole color scheme?
  3. Why is my support not so awesome :(
  4. Does converge work with beta 3?

    1. teraßyte


      Yes, we use it on here just fine.

  5. Visual skin editor is awesome

    1. zbahadir
    2. tAPir


      Apparently. I can't use it though as I only have access to 1Perpetual and 1 Life license :(

  6. Great! beta 2

  7. Is it just me or is the forum really slow for posting?

    1. .Ian


      goes slow around 07.00GMT due to backups

  8. IPS really only supports IPB. Anything else they don't care as much about
  9. Where my marketplace gallery access at

  10. I just installed it. Such a nice looking skin
  11. Anyone here use Blesta or have a hosting billing license (WHMCS etc.) for sale?

  12. You're right. I don't think I'll be able to sleep properly until this is fixed
  13. How do I have so many profile views

    1. Chito


      If you were active in the 3.2 testing forum, perhaps they merged your profile views from there to here?

  14. Making good progress on Drupal converge module

    1. Jinkler


      Really? Drupal 7? I'm VERY interested in this as I'm rolling out Drupal 7 on the front-end of my site soon, keep me updated pls!

    2. Glumbo


      It's for drupal 6 but it probably wouldn't be hard to adapt it for 7

  15. Is IP tracker available for download for users with an active license?

    1. AndyF


      Yes. Its in the Marketplace under 'Extras'

    2. SinaMiandashti
    3. Glumbo


      Thanks I see it now

  16. Statuses are back!

    1. .Ian


      Never went away :)

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