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Community Answers

  1. I couldn't live without a bug tracker if I was managing a site. You have to know what has been reported and what is causing issues. The Release notes is not enough, you don't get all the issues you need and like to know about.
  2. I found b-210 on my localhost test site without using any search options. MariaDB 10.1 and InnoDB.
  3. Do you have 'Share via Email' enabled for guests? 'Share via Email' was abused in the old IPB3 before it got fixed in that version many years ago, so I would investigate if this might be the case now in IPS4. The below topic link is from 2013.
  4. I did test this and it did work. I found the topic right here on this IPS site you found easily on Google but not here on this site: "Add option for usingEmojis instead of Emoticons to the ACP" This is what I did: Search term: instead of emoticons use emojis Content Type: Topics Find results in: Content titles only Find results that: Contain any of my search term words Last Updated: Last Year Screenshot of results:
  5. There is currently no option to search for member posts in topic, so I would like to request that this feature be added. It would be nice to have this when you want to find your own or other users posts in a large topic.
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong, this topic, which was started in July 2015, is about the Push web technology support which was not available in IPS4 until version 4.1 came out in October the same year, but it's still tagged as 'Not Planned'? I know that the topic starter @RevengeFNF posted a reply in March this year, as can be seen in the below quote, asking about push notifications that support closed browser too.
  7. I find the autosave feature useful. If the connection to the server get lost while you are making or editing a post, you will be able to recover the content when you open the editor in the same topic. If it was a new topic you were creating, then you just have to start a new topic to recover the content for the topic that you were working on before the connection got lost. In both cases this should usually work, but there can be exceptions to this. You just have to clear the editor content if you don't want to submit it, instead of just leaving it, so it doesn't resurface. Clearing the content can of course be a problem if there is elements there that can't be easily removed like on mobile phones. But the New Page ckeditor plugin is very helpful in such cases.
  8. I've relied on the bug tracker to get updates on the current bug status. It has been the only way for me to be informed about bugs that have been making troubles for the communities. This information is not provided in the release notes, and I'm speaking of course of the more important issues. If this information is not provided by the IPS in the release notes, and the bug tracker will be more restricted now, where should I find this information? I have used the bug tracker information to report back to the community. It's important for the members and other users to have knowledge about the issues they have been facing. Like when they get resolved they need to know that so they can start using the feature again, or even come back when they know the issues have been solved.
  9. Yes. The screenshot below shows the profile photos settings as it is now in 4.1.15
  10. That option is not available in IPS4 as I said, but there is Attachments restrictions in the Posting settings which can be used to disallow the gif file extension, but that seems to be only for posting.
  11. There is no animated gif avatar ACP setting in IPS4.
  12. Guests need to reload custom Activity Stream page to get new results when they change the stream filters. I tested this on 4.1.15 Beta version. I hope this will be improved so they don't need to reload the page when changing filters. I created custom stream to get rid of the All Activity Stream for guests so they would get list of topics with new posts, instead of all new posts from the same topics, and it's working, except for this need to reload the page when changing the filters.
  13. If you use this plugin on your site, you are making the editor much easier to use for your mobile users if they need to remove some post elements they can't remove or have difficulties removing. The quote boxes for example seems to be impossible to remove when I use the default browser.on my old Samsung Galaxy II, but this plugin enables me and other users on similar devices to get rid of the boxes and other problem elements too, like video players. There is probably another mobile browser that could do this more easily without the need to empty the editor content but I haven't tried that.
  14. You can use the CKEditor New Page plugin to empty the post content. It's very useful on mobile devices.
  15. I'm hoping this will be an option in the next releases. You can of course create predefined colors to choose from, and choose 'Select box' instead as field type to make it searchable on the member search page, but I'm not sure if the values your members choose will be kept intact if you choose other field types later on, that are more practical, like 'Checkbox set'.
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