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  1. Thanks Rhett. Reinstalled to root but now hit license issues! Have submitted a support ticket.
  2. Hi All, Haven't been running an IPB site for a few years now, but have a new project I'm working on. I've installed the software into a "forum" directory, and I recall there used to be some configuration required to get it to play nicely. When I currently visit my domain (eg.www.domain.com) I get an IPB error page: Sorry, there is a problem The page you requested does not exist Error code: 1S160/2 How do I get to redirect to the forum directory? (eg, www,domain.com/forum). Many Thanks!
  3. Whilst I wait for you to come back to me about the sidebar issue, here is the bug I mentioned. Dropdown box doesn't show the advert name. I have to count in Nexus which advert I wish to use, and count down in the dropdown box.
  4. I think I may have been wrong. At the top of the permissions list is a global tick box (it's unlabelled). Untick that and it appears to be working fine. Easy thing to miss!
  5. Is anyone else having problems with the permissions of this app? I create a custom block, and then set the permissions for it to display only to certain groups. It's ignoring this though, and keeps displaying to everyone. Upon double checking the permissions of the block, it shows all groups as ticked. It's as if it's not saving the correct permissions selected.
  6. Hi Dawpi, Good news - I finally resolved my issue with incorrect adverts being displayed (see previous page), but there is a bug, of which I'll come to at a later date. At the moment though, everytime I enable this mod on my website, no matter what I set things at, it never, ever displays a sidebar on the main board index. It removes the sidebar completely and the page expands out. Any ideas? Thanks
  7. Sorry, wrong issue I bumped up. It's actually the type/size of advert being displayed is the issue: http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/332000-dp34-global-sidebars/page-46#entry2465546 In a nutshell, the global sidebars mod is over-riding / ignoring what I tell it to display.
  8. Any updates to getting this fixed? It's bugging some of my members who have paid a premium to view the site advert free, and they in turn are bugging me!
  9. Hi Rob, The "Synch Topic" functionality has partially ceased to work for me. I altered the permissions of the forum that my wordpress articles were synching (making them invisible to guests basically), and then noticed that it then said "0 Comments" on my wordpress homepage. Upon reading the full article, the comments are synching as they are there, but it's not saying they are on the homepage. You should be able to see exactly what I mean here: http://www.smartwatchforum.com/ , you'll notice they are all "0 comments" apart from 1, but there are actually loads of synched comments. Thanks
  10. Smashing, thanks. I've installed this on another site now to check, and it's working fine there, and there is an upload video button :)
  11. Not in the latest set of docs they don't: http://marchertech.com/documentation/media/ I'm a bit confused now actually. Can I just use these templates/blocks etc with the existing Media demo database, or do I need to create a new one?
  12. I don't suppose you know the name of the templates that should be set for the database? I've got so many fricking templates installed, I can't see the trees for the wood! (Categories template, listing template and display template).
  13. Installed and have been playing around with this for the last hour now, but I cannot for the life of me find a way to upload videos. Obviously a permission error somewhere, but I can't track it down. I've got the groups selected in the "MT Media System Settings" hook, and also within the database. Is there anywhere else I should be looking? I've got no "Add media" button anywhere.
  14. Jinkler


    Thanks Esther. Would this be an easy addition to include? Would be willing to pay for this, as when used with mandrill and stoo2000's bouncer app, it'd also deal with bounces and spam issues. From my experience, people would sooner flag as spam than Unsubscribe.
  15. Jinkler


    Is anyone able to confirm something for me? This is a theoretical questions that I'm pondering. I setup the newsletter app, and set it so all groups are sent the newsletter. What happens if: 1) A member has set his notifications to NOT receive any emails from admin. Will they still receive this email or not? 2) A member currently has his notifications set to receive email from admin. Upon receiving the latest newsletter, the member then decides that he doesn't want to, and instead of unsubscribing, he just unticks the box that allows admin notifications. Will this member then receive the next newsletter? What I'm trying to figure out is does this app honour existing notification defaults, or does it over-ride it? (Especially when used in conjunction with Stoo2000's >Mandrill bouncer app, which deals with bounced emails and unsubscribes them from all board emails)
  16. Any news? I've still got the issue.
  17. Is there a way to make it honour the teaser paragraph? Currently, if you hover over one of the blocks, the pop-up text is taken from the main body, rather than the teaser paragraph. EG, just hover over one of the boxes: http://www.smartwatchforum.com/page/index.html
  18. Jinkler

    IPC Slider

    A couple of improvements I'd like to suggest: 1) Ability to fix the position of the "Read More" box to the bottom right hand corner of the slider 2) Can an 'indicator' be added to the bottom middle of the slider to indicate which number slide you are on. At the moment, AFAIK, the only other option within the slider is to have the indicator beneath the actual slider, which ruins my layout. Thanks!
  19. Hi Rob, Just installing this on one of my sites right now, and when importing the hook, I get this error: Warning: fopen(/home/dacia/public_html/public/ipc_blocks/compiled.js) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/dacia/public_html/admin/applications_addon/ips/ccs/sources/acpFunctions.php on line315 Any ideas? Cheers
  20. Jinkler

    IPC Slider

    Cheers Grant, that's fixed it. I've one other styling issue I can't seem to fix, and that is the ghastly shadowing that I've got on the text. Can it be disabled somewhere?
  21. Jinkler

    IPC Slider

    Hi, I'm having some alignment issues with the text (see attachments). Any clues on how to fix this? Thanks
  22. Got this happening on another one of my sites now. Just setup a series of internal adverts in Nexus, and then parsing the advertisement using this code: {parse advertisement="sidebar_internal_300x250"} in the global sidebars, it firstly started showing a 320x50 adsense advert which was in Nexus, which I then deleted from Nexus, and now it's showing a 728x90 Adsense advert instead.
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