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    Balto got a reaction from FZ in Unread topics in topic feeds.   
    Then they can fix the bug and you have bold for unread posts, you click, read, go back to index and the topic will already be showed as read. The unread marker will be disappeared because the user has read the unread posts.
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    Balto reacted to Marc Stridgen in Calendar-Add similar event bug   
    Thank you for reporting. I have added a bug report for this so that we can get it fixed in a future release
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    Balto reacted to FZ in Unread topics in topic feeds.   
    Oh come on, Daniel. 
    How was this a bug? It worked perfectly for years and it gives the community an indication of what they have not yet read on the community. Removing it basically removes functionality that is (to my mind) critical for the user experience. 
    What if we decide that we should remove $10 from your license renewal fees because you removed something that we used and need? You wouldn't like that very much (if it was possible for your customers to do), would you? 
    Not happy with IPS and the response to this criticism. :( 
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    Balto got a reaction from FZ in Unread topics in topic feeds.   
    any news if this feature will be back?
    Thank you!
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    Balto reacted to Nathan Explosion in Large Database Updates   
    Yes, because...
    ...this is what will happen. It will provide you with the query, you run it, you continue.
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